Chinese Tomato and Eggs

chinese tomato and eggs

Chinese Tomato and Eggs have long been one of my favorite, simple, hearty dishes. I grew up in the China Town of Houston, in and out of my friends’ kitchens, watching hunched over Chinese mothers and grandmothers make everything from simple stir fries to egg rolls to steamed biscuits. Chinese Tomato and Eggs have always struck me as humble, almost peasant fare. But boy are they tasty!

Not only do Chinese Tomato and Eggs cook up in less than 10 minutes, but they taste like summer. Kids love them. I love them. I think you will, too. As with any ethnic dish, there are as many versions for preparing this as there are people making it. This is my way. Do with it what you will.

Chinese Tomato and Eggs

The Players

The How-To

1. Heat butter in a skillet or wok over medium heat. Mix eggs, sesame oil, salt & pepper in a bowl, then pour into hot skillet. Spread the eggs well with a spatula. Cook as you would scrambled eggs, then remove the eggs into a bowl.

2. Add more butter to the wok or skillet. When melted, stir in tomatoes and green onion. If the tomatoes are juicy, just cover them and cook for about 30 seconds. If they’re not a particularly juicy variety, sprinkle a tablespoon or so of water on the tomatoes before covering and cooking for about 30 seconds. Remove the cover, add the scrambled eggs, and cook for an additional 30 seconds or a minute until the tomatoes are hot and tender but not overly cooked.

3. Serve your Chinese Tomato and Eggs immediately. Enjoy!

(photo by laurelfan)


  1. says

    Great recipe. I spent a summer in China once and I had this dish at someone’s house. It was delicious. I used to make it all the time when I was single, but I don’t think I’ve made it since I got married many moons ago. Thanks for the reminder. I’ll definitely be putting this dish into my meal rotation.
    .-= Lovelyn´s last blog post …Isle of Wight =-.

  2. says

    Yum! I had to comment on the rice china plate in the picture, too. My mom got a set very similar, if not the same, when we lived in Guam when I was young and they are still the everyday plates on my parents’ table.

  3. Marilyn says

    Totally LOVED this recipe! YUM. Next time, I might add more tomatoes and scallions, and add in some sliced mushrooms–I like a lot of veggies. Would love it if you shared some more quick and easy Asian rcipes!

  4. Charlotte says

    This reminds me of ‘egg stew’ which is a popular breakfast dish in W Africa. the only real difference is it would be cooked in palm oil and chilli (fresh or powder) added and they would use red or white onion not the green.

  5. says

    This dish reminds me of my student days in Scotland. A lovely Taiwanese girl taught this dish. She served it with Chinese fried rice. It was so simple. Yet so tasty.

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