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Texas Style Crustless Quiche

Here in Texas, we love food with “kick” — that appealing blend of savory, spice, and sweet that comes from mixing Southern comfort food with the flavors of northern Mexico. This Texas Style Crustless Quiche has plenty of kick. The lack of crust gives the quiche a frittata-like feel, but with a bit a more height. So, if you’re looking for ways to get more extremely tasty and nutrient-rich eggs from pastured hens into your diet, this crustless quiche may be just what you’re looking for!

In this crustless quiche recipe, the savory flavor of bacon blends seamlessly with the spicy heat of chipotle pepper. The accents of Texas Vidalia sweet onions and sweet red bell peppers round out the dish and give it that famous Texas “kick.”

Texas Style Crustless Quiche

The Players

The How-To
1. In a cast iron skillet, grill bacon over medium heat until cooked. Remove bacon from skillet and add onions & red bell peppers. Cook until onion becomes translucent. Add spinach and stir until wilted. Remove pan from heat, stir bacon back into mix.

2. In the meantime, mix cheese, eggs, milk, and chipotle pepper in a medium mixing bowl. Add vegetable and bacon mix and stir until blended.

3. Grease a 9-in pie shell with your fat of choice. (I use coconut oil.) Pour quiche mixture into pie shell. Bake at 375F for 40-45minutes or until filling is set. Let rest for 10 minutes before serving. ENJOY your Texas Style crustless quiche!

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22 Responses to Texas Style Crustless Quiche
  1. Amanda Kate Donovan via Facebook
    April 19, 2011 | 1:37 pm

    there you go!

  2. YUM! Thats quite a quiche. Love all the southwestern flavors with all the yummy health properties!

  3. Nicole Brown via Facebook
    April 19, 2011 | 1:44 pm

    OMG, that sounds amazing!!!

  4. Food Renegade via Facebook
    April 19, 2011 | 2:08 pm

    @The Truffled Pig — Yes. I *love* any way I can find to get pastured eggs into my diet. They’re such an inexpensive source of complete protein compared to grass-fed meats.

  5. Kristine Dice via Facebook
    April 19, 2011 | 2:25 pm

    I have just subscribed to your email updates! This recipe sounds perfect for a Texas summer evening meal! Thanks!

  6. Vivian R Palmer Harvey via Facebook
    April 19, 2011 | 4:06 pm


  7. Tasha @ Voracious
    April 20, 2011 | 1:51 am

    This looks and sounds AMAZING. You’ve combined all of my favorite things into one dish. As soon as I can get my hands on some free range organic eggs (next week – we have to leave the country to purchase them!) I will be making this for sure. Thank you!

  8. Catherine
    April 20, 2011 | 7:14 am

    This sounds great. I think I will make it with a tortilla as a crust though! I’ve used tortillas before as crust for quiche and it’s quite good, and really easy!

    • Katie
      November 23, 2012 | 10:14 pm

      @ Catherine…Can you explain how you use tortillas to make a quiche crust? Thanks!

  9. Naomi Devlin
    April 20, 2011 | 8:52 am

    Yum! I love me a frittata, tortilla or crustless quiche. Spicy, cheesy and pasture raised? Yeeha!
    x x x

  10. Laura
    April 20, 2011 | 10:31 am

    This looks delicious! Might have to try it out for breakfast this weekend :)

  11. hellaD
    April 22, 2011 | 1:28 am

    Yum! This quiche looks so tasty! Something that would work well for the GAPS diet as well, I’m gonna have to try it. Good for Easter weekend with all the eggs too. Maybe you would like to add it to our Easter Rebirth Bloghop?

  12. M.E. Anders
    April 27, 2011 | 12:13 pm

    Just what I needed – hubby loves quiche, but I don’t like making the crust. Perfectomundo! :)

  13. Heather
    June 24, 2011 | 5:56 am

    Can’t wait to try this! The eggs from our backyard flock are starting to overflow so I’ve been looking for some new egg-dense recipes!

  14. Signa
    November 22, 2012 | 9:24 am

    Isn’t this technically a Fritatta? Our household is gluten free, so I’m always looking for new ways to make old favorites. I make something like this as a simpler “omelet” option, but always called it a Fritatta.

  15. Katie
    November 23, 2012 | 10:17 pm

    Could you dice up 1 chipotle pepper en adobo instead of using ground chipotle?

  16. Plexus Slim Products via Facebook
    January 5, 2014 | 5:23 pm

    This looks amazing :)

  17. Dawn -
    January 6, 2014 | 9:38 pm

    Thanks for this recipe. It’s very similar to mine though I almost always add nutmeg to quiche. =)

    I set my husband to make this when I sprained my ankle tonight. His first time following a recipe and he did great except he got confused about the bacon. No mention if it should be cut up before mixing in? I had him do it so we didn’t have long pieces of bacon for my son to fuss with.

    Was this an omission or am I missing something? =)



  18. Dawn -
    January 8, 2014 | 11:34 pm

    Turned out pretty good but watery. My husband made it so I don’t think he cooked the onions quite enough – I’m teaching him. =)

    I make quiche all the time but he enjoyed taking your recipe to work with on his own. Thanks!!

  19. Ginny
    February 20, 2014 | 11:33 pm

    Oh I am drooling, this sounds sooo good. What a great way to get some crab in! I wonder if anyone has a good source for online seafood? PS- I have to correct you on one thing, Vidalia onions only grow in and around the soil of Vidalia, Georgia (my home state) so there’s no such thing as a Texas Vidalia onion. I sure do miss them!

  20. Ginny
    February 21, 2014 | 12:22 am

    Oops, I am getting this one mixed up with the crustless crab quiche from your book. They both look awesome and are in my queue!

  21. Cynthia Santoro via Facebook
    October 6, 2014 | 12:34 pm


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