Real Food Milk Chocolate Mousse

Milk Chocolate Mousse

I remember as a young child ordering chocolate mousse at every restaurant that had it. It almost became a tradition to me. But in the past few years, I have seen this delicious dessert show up less and less on menus – which prompted me to want to make it at home. Plus, I thought, I could make it at home with nutrient-dense ingredients that will not only nourish my body but also hit that sweet spot!

This recipe for Real Food Milk Chocolate Mousse is super easy and will yield you an incredibly fancy dessert that will “wow” all your guest this holiday season!

Real Food Milk Chocolate Mousse F

Real Food Milk Chocolate Mousse

The Players

The How-To

  1. In a small saucepan, mix together the egg yolks, 2 tablespoons maple syrup, 2 tablespoons coffee, and 3/4 heavy cream until well-combined.
  2. Place the pan on medium-low heat, whisking continuously for 5 to 10 minutes until heated through but not simmering or boiling (you will see whisps of steam coming off the top of the cream). The mixture will be liquidy.
  3. Remove the pan from the heat and mix in the shaved dark chocolate, chocolate chips, and vanilla extract until smooth. Pour the mixture into a large glass bowl and place into the fridge until chilled through.
  4. Once the chocolate mixture is chilled, you can start the next step. Take the remaining 1 and 1/3 cups whipped cream and 3 tablespoons of maple syrup and whip in a chilled bowl until stiff peaks form.
  5. Fold the whipped cream into the chocolate mixture until well-incorporated. Once mixed, scoop into glasses and top with more whipped cream. Enjoy!


  1. Paula B says

    Looks delicious! Once it is all mixed and whipped, about how much volume is there? I.e. about how many servings would this make if you used, say…1/2 cup flutes or dessert glasses?

  2. Amy says

    Have you ever tried using coconut cream instead of the heavy cream? This looks super yummy but my son has a severe dairy allergy! I usually just try and see what happens with subbing coconut but thought I would ask!

    • says

      My children have the same problem and so I started making something similar to this using avocado instead of cream (and one of them can’t tolerate coconut either. I also make it raw and with carob instead of chocolate. (Actually, the recipe’s on my blog if you want to take a peek… hope that’s ok!)

  3. Joli says

    I would also love to know if anyone has tried subbing with coconut milk. I’ve made “whipped cream” from coconut milk using the seperated cream on top so wondering if it would work in this recipe. I might just have to try it. :)

  4. Karen says

    Wondering if you have tried incorporating the egg whites when mixing the cream, instead of omitting them? Wouldn’t the whites add some nice fluffiness to the texture?

  5. Jennifer says

    This is fantastic! So easy and delicious! Very filling so the servings can be small. I’d say we got about 6 servings from this recipe.

  6. Mary Light via Facebook says

    A real chocolate mousse would require skill. A fake would require additives. Your recipe looks good!

  7. Peggyann Veach via Facebook says

    does it taste maple-y at all? because the taste of maple is an automatic “I won’t eat that” from me

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