Well Fed 2: Review & Giveaway

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Remember the best-selling, totally kick ass cookbook Well Fed by my favorite fashionista and fellow Austin food blogger, Melissa Joulwan?

GOOD NEWS. Melissa’s back with an all-new cookbook, Well Fed 2: More Paleo Recipes for People Who Love to Eat.

You will want this book, even if you’re not a Paleo eater. AND I’m also giving away two copies this week to a couple lucky readers.

I didn’t think it’d be possible to actually improve upon Mel’s first book, Well Fed. But she knocked this out of the park!

Why Well Fed 2 Is Pure Awesomesauce

Not only is it packed with mouthwatering and exciting flavor combinations in fabulously simple recipes, but it’s sassy.

You’ll want to read it cover to cover just to enjoy Melissa’s writing.

well-fed-2-reviewShe begins the book by sharing how she’s organized her own kitchen and meal planning. You’ll be amazed by her super-efficient system that saves you time and energy.

But perhaps even more importantly, she starts the book by giving you recipe ideas for all the basics — without the recipes. You’ll learn a variety of ways to dress up your eggs or your burgers or your meatballs.

Her goal?

To get your creative juices flowing!

She’s teaching you how to think about food, how to think about combining flavors, how to think about organizing your meals in a way that saves you time and energy.

All while making you smile as her personality shines through each page.

And the recipes!

Say hello to creative goodies like Plantain Nachos and Pina Colada Chicken.

Each recipe ends with a “You Know How You Could Do That” section that highlights ways to transform the recipe with a few simple ingredient changes.

This not only multiplies the value of the book (by multiplying the number of recipes shared), but it also fosters your own unique culinary creativity.

This week, I’m giving away 2 copies of Well Fed 2!

Here’s how to enter:

1. Click on this link to read some other amazing reviews for the book.

2. Use the Raffelcopter widget below to verify your entry!

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  1. Olivia Modern says

    Omg!! I’m so pumped about this! I adore the first book. The cauliflower rice pilaf and meatballs is an absolute favorite!

  2. Terry Ryan says

    Me! Me! Pick me! Love the first book and use those recipes all the time.
    Can’t wait to dig into the next one. Free would be so much sweeter!

  3. Melanie Goss says

    Well Fed is probably my favorite cook book ever. I bet Well Fed 2 will be another favorite. Thanks! Hope I win!!

  4. says

    This is on my wishlist! I absolutely LOVE the first one and use it at least a couple times a week… have you tried the chocolate chili? Even my teenage son LOVED it and wants more!

  5. Ann says

    Thanks for offering this delightful book. I’ve collected many recipes off the internet, but love having the actual books in hand while being in the kitchen. This sounds like a real treasure and hoping I’ll win one.

  6. Kat says

    I have the first book on ebook and love it. I spent the money to get it printed so I could have it in my cookbook collection!

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