Wardeh’s E-Course Frequently Asked Questions

Time flies. There are just 4 more days to take the plunge and sign up for Wardeh’s new eCourse in the Fundamentals of Traditional Food Preparation methods. Enrollment closes on February 22nd, and class begins on the 23rd.

Today Wardeh published a new page of Frequently Asked Questions (and their answers, duh!) that may help you make a decision if you’ve been sitting on the fence about whether or not to sign up.

I read through them, and I think a few of them are worth mentioning here:

Q: What can I expect with regard to time commitment – both to reviewing lesson materials and implementing the lessons?

A: This really depends on the lesson. But here’s a general idea. Most videos are less than 10 minutes – and there are one or two per lesson. (Here’s a sneak peak.) The audios are 10 to 15 minutes, and again, one or two per lesson. Then add 10 minutes to read any print material (which also can be done while listening to the corresponding audio). The actual hands on time depends on the recipe. Most things I make are easy – but need daily attention, for 5 to 10 minutes each day. Those are just averages, some things need more, some need less. At the most, lets say a total of 2 hours in one week. So… add that all up. During this typical week: 20 minutes of video, 20 minutes of audio, 10 minutes of reading, and 2 hours of hands-on time. That is 2 hours and fifty minutes.

Q: What if I miss a lesson? Will I be able to catch up?

A: One lesson is released each week, with the exception of 4 lessons that take 2 weeks to complete. As a lesson is released, it remains available in the eCourse Member Area for the duration of the eCourse. You may watch videos as many times as you like. Print and audio materials may be downloaded and stored on your computer for the future.

Q: Do I need to be at my computer at a certain time to see a lesson?

A: No. The lessons are not live. One lesson (or so) will be released each week on Tuesday morning, by 8 am PST. You may watch, listen and review the lesson materials whenever it is convenient for you.

There are 19 total Questions, and I’ve only shared 3. So, if you’ve had a question about the eCourse, or are just wanting more details about how it will all work, go check out the new Frequently Asked Questions page.

Also, you should know that I’m so excited about this class that I’ve actually partnered with Wardeh to help her boost enrollment. As such, I do earn a commission whenever one of you signs up for the e-course. So, if you’re interested in Wardeh’s class, and you’re interested in helping to support Food Renegade, why not go read her FAQs and learn more about it?


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