5 Quick Handmade Gifts

This year, my Christmas is going to be almost entirely handmade. Since I’m not that creative a person, it’s meant that I’ve spent a lot of time browsing Etsy and visiting local artisans. I’m doing a few quick, small projects myself (which I won’t reveal to you all lest the surprise be spoiled!).

If you share my predilection for all things handmade, I’ve gathered together some of the most popular tutorials posted here at Food Renegade in years past to create a list of quick, handmade gift ideas you can pull together here at the last minute. (It really is the last minute now isn’t it?)

Homemade Bath Salts

Give the gift of relaxation! With a base of magnesium-rich epsom salts, these bath salts help restore depleted magnesium stores in the body while soothing the spirit and smoothing the skin. Present in a pretty muslin bag tied with ribbon so it can go straight in the bath without clogging the drain.

Homemade Taco Seasoning

Present in a re-purposed small glass jar with a homemade gift tag. Everyone loves “from my kitchen to yours” gifts.

Homemade Calendula Salve

More effective than triple-antibiotic ointments, this homemade salve can be presented in cute little round tins or recycled baby food jars.

Homemade Apple Mint Skin Toner

A homemade skin toner you could eat. Present in a cute glass bottle.

Homemade Chapped Lip Balm

Made with nurturing, healing oils instead of petroleum-based jellies, this homemade chapped lip balm soothes dry winter lips while spelling I-L-O-V-E-Y-O-U.

(top photo by erica_g)


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    Another good “why” for homemade herbal remedies: Oregano and Calendula (there are a few others as well) don’t create superbugs, and most bugs (like MRSA) don’t survive their application! We quit using triple antibiotic ointment when the doctor who did a biopsy on my hubby said, “Whatever you choose to put on it, don’t use the triple antibiotic ointment in the store. It’s an open invitation to MRSA.” YIKES!

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