Parmesan Crisps — An Alternative To Chips

Parmesan crisps are the answer to one of my prayers. If you’ve ever searched for a healthy alternative to potato chips, you know just how hard they can be to find. It is extraordinarily rare for a store-bought chip to be fried in anything other than an industrially-processed, modern, highly-refined vegetable oil. Homemade chips can be made using healthy fats, but they’re so much work! As such, they’re relegated to ultra-rare treats in our home.

That is, until I discovered Parmesan Crisps! They’re so ridiculously easy. Granted, the Parmesan Crisp won’t act exactly like your favorite tortilla or potato chip. But as a vehicle for moving delectable dips from a bowl into your mouth, they’re pretty yummy and far better than a boring old spoon.

Parmesan Crisp Recipe

The Players

  • Parmesan Cheese, grated (please use REAL Parmesan and not the funky, powdered fake stuff)

The How-To

Simply spoon the grated Parmesan cheese into chip-sized, relatively thin dollops on a hot griddle. (I use this stainless steel griddle on my stove top for those of you who choose to avoid non-stick coating.) The cheese will melt, then turn crispy. At this point, use a spatula to flip the crisps over and lightly brown the other side. Then remove from the griddle onto a plate.

The end.

If you don’t have a griddle, you can spoon the Parmesan cheese into chip-sized, relatively thin dollops on a cookie sheet or two. Place the cookie sheets in your oven under the broiler and watch them melt and lightly brown. At this point, remove them from the oven and use a spatula to transfer them onto a plate.

The end, again.

When they cool, the Parmesan Crisps will be … crispy. Perfect for dipping or for using as the base of an appetizer. Enjoy.

(photo by jimnicholas)


  1. Lisa G says

    OOHHH! you could press these in a muffin pan while they are still hot and make “cups” and think of something really cool to fill them with. YUM!

  2. Amy says

    I love these! I like to make them a little larger and drape them over a small drinking glass to cool. Then fill the bowl with your favorite mixed greens for a lovely salad!

  3. Gayle says

    My mom and I have made these for years. We call them cheese laces. I’m not sure where she originally got the idea. We actually bake or broil them in the oven, and that works quite well too. Sometimes we add a little bit of sharp cheddar, ground pecans, and thyme, which is really good.

    • Lauren says

      Sounds great. You have given me an idea to play around with different herbs and crushed nuts. Thanks!

  4. says

    Happiness! I also miss chips on occasion (mostly whenever I’m around finger roods & dips) and I LOVE the taste of Parmesan, so these will be perfect. Thanks for sharing!!

  5. Don in Arkansas says

    Works in the microwave as well. Put dollops of grated parmesan on parchment paper and microwave until crisp. Keep close watch on them. There is a very fine line between crisp and burned. (voice of experience)

  6. Susan says

    We use Asiago cheese and sometimes do what Amy suggested – make little bowls. We did the food for a bridal shower and stuffed the little cups w/ chicken salad – a treat for the eye and the palette…

  7. Sara says

    We just tried making kale chips, and those were super tasty. They’re not strong enough to dip anything, but they’re crisp and did not last long. These look fun too!

  8. says

    I saw Giada make these once, tried them myself and became hooked. Especially since I don’t eat carbs a lot, yet I love to make dips and salsas – and let’s face it, there’s only so much a carrot can do.
    These things are rad.

  9. says

    Yum! I have made parmesan crisps for garnish before (and always snuck a few as I made them), but never made them with the intention of eating them as chips. This is a great idea.

  10. says

    I make mine with cheddar in the oven, which results in a slightly chunkier cheese cracker. You can sprinkle chilli flakes, cumin or caraway seeds or black pepper in to spice them up a bit. They’re also great with a bowl of squash soup!

    x x x

  11. MindyK says

    One of the advantages (or hazards) of living in Central Pennsylvania is that it’s really easy to get potato chips made with lard. And they are fabulous–but I try to keep them to a treat. I look forward to trying these cheese chips as an alternative.

    • says

      There is nothing wrong with lard or tallow, as long as it is not from CAFO pigs or cows. Otherwise, from healthy naturally raised pigs/cows it is filled with CLA and good Omega 3s.

  12. Lisa says

    Can’t wait to try the recipe. We buy chips by Good Health Naturals- they have several olive oil versions as well as an avacado version. They are soo good and no added junk. Not all of their products have bad-oil free.

  13. Linda Kleinhans says

    I love Parm so I ran right out into the kitchen and tried this. Works perfectly and are they good!

    Thank You!!!

  14. Angie says

    These sound fantastic! My daughter is a cheese lover. This would make a handy snack on the run. Thanks for sharing!

  15. says

    these are AMAZING but a bit bland (we are going to try mixing in some zesty italian seasoning next time). We make them with Sargento’s finely shredded extra sharp cheddar and mix in some spicy ranch dressing mix. They are HEAVENLY. We make them on our presto pizzazz with a sheet of non-stick foil wrapped over it. Were in Florida so preheating for this plus the cooking gets the house so hot. We try to avoid carbs as often as possible so these fulfill our need for “chips”.

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