GIVEAWAY: The Town That Food Saved

The Town That Food Saved initially sounds like some pie-in-the-sky, feel-good movie airing on a local television station during a nap-filled Sunday afternoon. Local food is the hero, sweeping in to rescue some down-in-the-dumps town full of aging subsistence-level farms and boarded-up granite mines. Inspiring? Sure. Realistic? No. Thankfully, that’s not the story the book actually portrays.

Instead we see a complex narrative unfold concerning the small town, Hardwick, Vermont — a narrative not fraught with easy answers, but which explores the real life ins-and-outs of a growing local food economy.

The author, Ben Hewitt, sets out to document the emerging local food movement in Hardwick. Unlike many small towns, Hardwick has the makings of an entirely self-sufficient food system in their local community. But in the middle of attempting to document the quirky and visionary locals who are making it all happen, he’s caught up in the tension between these sustainable food heroes and the townsfolk who are quite skeptical of all that’s going on and the claims being made. Hewitt does an excellent job giving all these people a voice.

He also attempts to tackle, on a minor scale, the problems with the industrialized food model while simultaneously holding up Hardwick as an example of the kind of alternative that might just work (or at least is well on its way to working). Perhaps the best thing about Hewitt’s treatment of the subject is that he isn’t looking at it with rose-colored glasses. He asks the hard questions about the scalability and accessibility of local foods that many enthusiasts dismiss or ignore. And he doesn’t have answers. I appreciate that.

Win A Copy Of The Town That Food Saved

Every so often, publishers send me books to review. This time, the publisher sent me not one, but two copies of the book. Needless to say, I’m keeping one for myself! But the rest of you are welcome to vie for a chance to win the other copy.

How To Enter

The first step, which everyone must do, is to leave a comment below saying “I want a copy of The Town That Food Saved!”. If you don’t do this, you will not be entered in the contest!

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There are a total of 6 possible entries!

Questions? Comment below.

This contest will end Sunday, June 6th at 11:59 PM CST. The winner will be chosen via, and will be announced on Monday, June 7th. The lucky winner will have 48 hours to contact me with his or her full name and email address.

Good luck, everybody!


  1. says

    I want a copy of “The Town That Food Saved.” I am subscribing to your blog to increase my chances of winning. I recently discovered your blog and have been enjoying “catching up” with your posts!


  2. Lisa says

    I want a copy of The Town that Food Saved!
    This has been on one of my to read lists, so glad to see you reviewing it.

  3. maryanne says

    oh i would love a copy of The town that food saved

    will subscribe to ur rss feed…just found are fab…wonderful distillatin of some comoplex/new WAP concepts to ez to understand

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