WINNER: Nourished Baby E-Book PLUS Coupon

Nourished Baby E-book

If you’ve been holding your breath, waiting to find out if you are a lucky winner of last month’s giveaway of the popular e-book Nourished Baby, the wait is over! I’m pleased to be announcing two winners, and to let you know that today is the LAST DAY to use coupon code SUPERMAMA to get 20% off the regular e-book price.

First, let me congratulate our winners.

Congratulations, Sasha M. and Lyl Rose. I’ll be emailing you information on how to collect your e-books soon at the email addresses you provided.

Now, let’s think about why you shouldn’t hesitate to use the coupon SUPERMAMA to save 20% on Nourished Baby.

1. The discount ends today.

I meant to get this post up a few days ago to give you fair warning, but I didn’t. For that, I’m sorry.

2. It’s an excellent value for the price.

Because e-books have almost no overhead for production, their price is based on the value of the information they contain rather than production costs. With that in mind, I’ve seen e-book prices range from $5 for a short little 25 page tutorial on how to maintain a saltwater aquarium to $95 for a 200 page e-book that teaches you how to pass your LSAT, complete with practice tests. Based on the informative content as well as the number of recipes, I think Heather’s asking price of $18.99 is very reasonable. If you use coupon code SUPERMAMA, you’ll drop that price down to just $15.

3. Your little one deserves the best.

Did you know that what you feed your baby as an infant can have life-long consequences on their cravings, gut health, moods, eyesight, dental health, and more? Heather explains the connections between what we feed our babies and how our children develop, lays out the nutrient-dense superfoods we should include in their diet, and even provides recipes for how to incorporate these healing foods in the family meals. She makes it so simple!

Click here to buy Nourished Baby or just find out more.


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