Win A Trip to Colorado With Me ($2600 Value)


If you could spend two minutes of your life to do something to make it easier for you to support your local farmers, would you? If you could donate money to a well-managed fund that helps provide small farmers with the legal counsel they need to respond to overzealous government regulators, would you?

I would. And I do. My absolute favorite non-profit to support is the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund.

They’re the guys defending food freedom heroes like Alvin Schlangen, Dan Brown, Vernon Hershberger, and Mark Baker.

And because I wholeheartedly support their cause, I am co-sponsoring a fundraiser for the Fund from now to December 16th. It’s a raffle.

The prize? An all-expenses paid trip for you to attend Chef Monica Corrado’s cooking school with me at Sunrise Ranch, CO this coming February.

Why “The Fund”?

Because no one else is doing what they do.

No one.


The Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund is a grassroots organization that protects the rights of the nation’s family farms, artisan food producers, consumers and affiliate communities to engage in direct commerce free of harassment by federal, state and local government interference.

They fight the battle on two fronts. First, the Fund protects the rights of farmers and artisanal producers to make their products available. And second, the Fund protects the rights of consumers to access the foods of their choice from the source of their choice.

I can’t think of a more worthy cause.

Support The Fund and Enter for Your Chance To Win!

Monica-CorradoYOU GUYS.

This is exciting!

Chef Monica Corrado is a hero, a bridge-builder, and an all around fun person.

From her website:

Monica Corrado, MA, CNC, is a traditional food chef, holistic Certified Nutritional Consultant, member of the Honorary Board of the Weston A. Price Foundation, and a professional member of the American Association of Nutritional Consultants.

Monica is an adjunct professor teaching traditional foods preparation in the Masters of Science in Nutrition and Integrated Health at Maryland University of Integrative Health in Columbia, MD. She is also teaching traditional foods at the Farm-to-Table Culinary Academy at Sunrise Ranch in Loveland, CO.

Want to learn from this culinary diva?

Me too! That’s why I enrolled in her upcoming Learn to Cook Level I course to become a Certified Traditional Foods Cook.

It’s an intense, four day cooking school held at the Sunrise Ranch Retreat & Conference Center in Loveland, CO. Nestled into the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, the ranch is an ideal location for an escape.


Attend Classes with Me This February!

kristen-michaelisSo here’s the scoop.

I am going to Monica’s cooking school this coming February. And I’m going to bring one of you with me.

If you’re a long-time reader of Food Renegade, you already know a bit about me. I’m a passionate advocate for Real Food, a mother of three, an author & teacher, and a compassionate friend. I practice radical kindness, enjoy a good foot massage, and love curling up with a good book and a shot of Coal Isla Scotch.

Think of this as your chance to get to know me even better — all while supporting a fabulous cause that’s dear to my heart.

How to Enter the Raffle

This trip to Colorado?

It’s a $2600 prize, donated by Monica Corrado and myself in order to help raise money for the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund.

It works just like every other fundraising raffle out there.

You buy tickets. Each ticket is one raffle entry. It takes two minutes to enter this raffle.

Two minutes! Can you spare two minutes to help the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund?

And remember, even if you’re not the lucky winner, at least you know your money is going to a cause I’m passionate about.

(Click here to enter for your chance to win!)

HURRY! The deadline for raffle entries is December 16, 2013. The drawing will take place (and the winner will be announced) on December 25th! (Now is that the world’s best Christmas present, or what?)

Click here to learn more.


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