Spread The Real Food Love

I haven’t shared a Link Love post in quite a while, so I figured you guys were due! Once again, I hope you find these tantalizing tid bits of research, recipes, and articles as interesting as I do.

First up, Dr. Stephan Guyenet at Whole Health Source asks Does Red Wine Protect The Cardiovascular System?

Next, author Michael Pollan writes a review of 5 books for the New York Review of Books called The Food Movement, Rising. Fascinating ruminations, seriously good book recommendations.

Elise at Simply Recipes shares a divine looking recipe for Savory Cherry Compote. Serve it with pork chops or tenderloin for an amazing, in season meal.

Jenny at Nourished Kitchen shared a recipe for a homemade Spiced Apple Sauce with Red Wine that will knock your socks off. NEVER buy store bought apple sauce again! This is so easy; you have no excuse!

And finally, for the cow lovers among us, Shreve Stockton at Honey Rock Dawn gives us Five Reasons To Have A Cow (and none of them have anything at all to do with food!)

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