Scholarship Winner, FREE Lesson, AND Last Day To Save $50

First, let me say this. I was overwhelmed by your stories! To everyone who took the time to nominate a loved one for a scholarship to Jenny’s How To Cook Real Food online cooking class, I say “Thank you!” Each of you shared your need, your desire, your hope. I was quite affected.

Needless to say, there are a lot of reasons to take Jenny’s course. Whether you’re new to the world of cooking Real Food or not, there are a lot of benefits to taking her course. New cooking techniques. Menu planning. Budgeting. Creating your own recipes. Eating seasonally, locally, and ethically. Most of you had health issues which served as wake up calls to healthier, cleaner eating. Many of you simply wanted to get the extra push you needed to make the next few important steps in your journey to eating Real Food all the time. Regardless of your reasons, thanks for sharing your stories.

The Scholarship Winner

The winner of the scholarship is Diana and her husband. Diana, please contact me and I will send you the information you need to register for the course. Congratulations!

HURRY and SAVE $50!

For the rest of you, I’d like to remind you that today is the LAST DAY to save $50 on the e-course enrollment. Tomorrow, the price will go up to $199.

Granted, you’ll be getting more than 9 full hours of video lessons, coupled with 100+ recipes, tons of reading materials, helpful charts, and more. So, this 12 week course is definitely worth the $199 price tag. But, if you’re trying to save (and who isn’t?), now’s the time to register!

Click here to enroll in the How To Cook Real Food online course.

Check Out This FREE Sneak Preview Lesson

Curious about what a lesson will be like? Jenny has provided a Sneak Preview mini-lesson on cultured dairy.

The sneak preview lesson comes complete with:


  • Bulgarian & Greek (Thermophilic) Yogurt
  • Making Farm Cheese
  • Milk Kefir
  • Making Fresh Whey/Yogurt Cheese


  • How to make raw milk yogurt
  • how to make pasteurized milk yogurt
  • making yogurt without a yogurt maker


  • Yogurt (Raw & Pasteurized)
  • Milk Kefir
  • Farm Cheese
  • Kefir Sherbet
  • Yogurt Cheese/Fresh Whey

Click here to check out the Sneak Preview Mini-Lesson


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