Review: Primal Moms Look Good Naked

primal moms look good naked

As a mom, particularly a mother of multiple children, I sometimes feel like my body may never be my own again. It’s easy to feel this way when you’ve spent so much time growing little people inside you, providing nourishment and comfort for those little people during an era of breastfeeding and interrupted sleep, and then countless hours interrupting your life to see to the emotional and physical needs of your growing children.

Things we women never experienced before are suddenly considered the norm — varicose veins, stretch marks, saggy boobs, droopy abdominal skin, extra pounds glued to our hips. These are the bodily signs of motherhood, and our culture gives us a mixed message about them.

They’re both ugly and badges of honor, unavoidable yet somehow our responsibility to hide.

In her recent book Primal Moms Look Good Naked, blogger Peggy Emch of The Primal Parent unpacks exactly what causes these and other mommy complaints, how to prevent them, and how to eliminate or minimize their effect after the fact.

You guys!

I love this book!

It’s compact and super-informative. It’s organized like a self-help manual, with chapters arranged by pregnancy complaint.

But first, it leads off with a brief introduction to the concept of ancestral nutrition and traditional fertility diets. In this regard, it overlaps some of the content of my book, Beautiful Babies.

Here’s a sneak peek at that section:

Part 1: The Wisdom of Our Ancestors

Chapter 1 — What it Means to be Primal.
Chapter 2 — My story: PCOS, Celiac, and a New Beginning
Chapter 3 — Fertility, Conception, and Child Spacing
Chapter 4 — Eating for the Primal Pregnancy
Chapter 5 — The Importance of Diet on Baby’s Gene Expression
Chapter 6 — Exercise During and After Pregnancy

primal moms look good nakedBut then Peggy Emch takes the book in an entirely new direction, with individual chapters discussing each major mommy malady — delving into the research on what causes each, how to prevent them with nutrition, or how to FIX or reverse them after the fact!

Part 2: The Collagen Collection

Chapter 7 — Stretch Marks
Chapter 8 — Cellulite
Chapter 9 — Varicose Veins and Hemorrhoids
Chapter 10 — Split Abdominal Muscles (Diastasis Recti)
Chapter 11 — Sagging Breasts and Vaginal Dryness
Chapter 12 — Foods and Supplements to Support Connective Tissue

Part 3: The Hormone Connection

Chapter 13 — Protruding, Sagging Belly
Chapter 14 — Weight Gain
Chapter 15 — Hair Loss, Hair Growth, and Your Skin
Chapter 16 — Depression
Chapter 17 — Strategies and Supplements for Hormone Balance

LADIES! You will want to read this book. I’ve never seen all this research compiled together in a single place before, and never by anyone who shares our ancestral, 100% real food perspective.

And, as if all these goodies aren’t enough, Peggy rounds out the book with some concluding thoughts to help put it all in perspective — a thoroughly positive and encouraging perspective.

Part 4: Loving Your New Body

Chapter 18 — Desirable Physical Effects of Pregnancy
Chapter 19 — Your New Look as a New Mom

What are you waiting for? Go snag a copy and read it today!

Moms of all ages and stations in life should read this book.

It will make you feel good about yourself, feel like you can conquer the world, and feel empowered to reclaim your body in a healthy way — using real food, natural movement, and age-old wisdom.

(Click here to buy the book.)

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    • KristenM says

      You bet! The author is herself a mom, so that’s the perspective she’s coming from.

      But honestly a lot of this is just associated with premature aging, too, and almost all of her research and suggestions applies equally as well to that.

  1. Christin says


    Does this book take more of a WAPF stance on eating during pregnancy or a Paleo stance. I wonder this because I know the big difference is dairy and WAPF recommends a lot of dairy during pregnancy and I would assume Paleo would recommend none at all. What are your thoughts? Also, does it go into exercise at all?


    • KristenM says

      Well, the author is a Primal dieter (not Paleo), and — like WAPF — they happily allow raw & fermented dairy for those who can tolerate it.

      And yes, she has whole sections on exercise, complete with photo tutorials. Very useful for post partum recovery AND improving/reversing post-pregnancy complaints.

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