Real Food Nutrition & Health Textbook

I abhor textbooks. So, you may ask, why did I write one? Mostly because there is literally nothing out there for those of us who want to teach (or learn!) the basics of Nutrition from a pointedly Real Food perspective. If you’re trying to teach your kids to love Real Food (food that is traditional, old, sustainably and ethically grown or raised, etc.), you won’t find a textbook to support your view.

I gave you a heads up a couple of months ago, and now I’m pleased to announce the arrival of the finished textbook. I’ve decided to make the e-Course available to students and teachers in the Fall, to correspond more closely with the school year. But in the meantime, I know many of you want to dive right in — maybe to prepare your exiting Seniors for college, or perhaps to prepare your own lesson plans for the coming school year, or maybe just because you have personally been longing to wrap your head around the basics of Nutrition and this seems like the ideal way to do it.

What makes this Real Food Nutrition & Health textbook unique?

  • Its perspective. Inspired by the cookbook Nourishing Traditions, the work of researcher Weston A. Price, and the love wholesome, organic, sustainable, & traditional foods that you find in the Slow Food movement and farmer’s markets everywhere, this textbook has no qualms bucking the sub-par Nutrition guidelines put out by the USDA.
  • Its quality. As I said earlier, I abhor textbooks. So, rather than write a traditional textbook, I’ve written what the educator Charlotte Mason would call a “Living Book.”  You might say it’s the antithesis of a typical textbook. By definition, “living books” are usually written by a single, educated author who is passionate about their material. The idea is that the best teachers are passionate, and their enthusiasm is contagious.
  • Its accessibility. Written in a casual and easy-to-understand voice (my own!), this book is perfect for high school aged students and possibly even the mature middle schooler. And it covers all the basics of Nutrition!

How To Buy Real Food Nutrition & Health

The book is available for sale here. It comes in two formats. The first is a downloadable e-book (a PDF file) which will be instantly delivered to your email address for just $19.95.

The second is a 203 page coil-bound paperback printed on quality, durable paper. It will be shipped out to you within 4-7 business days and arrive in your mailbox for just $29.95 plus shipping.

Click here to buy your copy of Real Food Nutrition & Health!

Want More Details?

Easily done! I’ve got a whole page set up with the book’s specifics, including:

  • a table of contents with chapter summaries,
  • a complimentary review chapter of the book which you can instantly download and view as a PDF, and even
  • testimonials from a select few who’ve previewed the book.

Click here for the whole scoop on the Real Food Nutrition & Health textbook.


  1. Lucy says

    Just ordered a copy! Please consider posting your e-Course earlier than the fall! I would start my middle- schoolers on it today if it were available. At the very least let us have it by August. Thanks!
    I also have elementary aged homeschoolers and we need some fun “texts” on this subject for them! Anyone up for the task?!

    • says

      Lucy — I *wish* I could have it available sooner than the Fall, but it’s not really feasible. One, membership would definitely be lower in the Summer. And Two (and most importantly), I have a third baby coming in July!

      As for fun texts on this subject, I *definitely* plan on adapting this for younger audiences! So, stay tuned!


  2. says

    This is awesome. My sister took a nutrition class at our local community college and kept the textbook. I became much more interested in nutrition at the end of last year and therefore borrowed my sisters textbook. It has been sitting on my shelf for 5 months…

    Why? Because I do not believe it all. I know a lot about nutrition and like you said, the nutrition textbooks just are not right.

    I will buy a copy of the book soon. Not sure if its going to be the e-book version or the spiral bound. It would be nice to have a hard copy but it is much more expensive. Of course with an e-book you have the cost of printing and paper… I’ll have to think about it.

    But, nonetheless, I will without a doubt pick up a copy.

    Kristen – Is there an affiliate program for the textbook? Feel free to e-mail me the details…
    .-= Primal Toad´s last blog post …Are You Lacking Motivation to Change? Watch The Best Motivational Video Now =-.

  3. says

    Thank you so much for writing this! I look forward to purchasing it soon (once I talk with my husband about it). I am especially thankful for the style which you selected for the book. I am an avid devotee of Charlotte Mason, and our children are receiving a living education. I have been seeking out living books lately for tricky subjects–science, health, etc. There are very few books out there which even begin to be written in such a way that a child would actually remember anything they read! So I really appreciate you doing this, and not just for the content, though of course I appreciate that as well.

    This would be wonderful in middle school! I plan to have my high schoolers read Dr. Price’s work not just for health, but for geography/anthropology as well. His descriptions of the tribes he encounters are just wonderful!
    .-= Brandy Afterthoughts´s last blog post …The Trouble with Job =-.

    • says

      Brandy — It’s always good to spread the Charlotte Mason love, isn’t it? I really feel like this book is filling a HUGE gap for homeschoolers. So please, keep spreading the word!


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