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It’s time! Time to share a roundup of some of my favorite Real Food lovin’ links from around the web. Most of these are recipes or are related to cooking somehow, so dig in! Hope you enjoy them all as much as I did.

First up, Kelly The Kitchen Kop shares one of my ultimate favorites, a Texas Caviar Recipe. If you’re not from around these parts (HELLO FELLOW TEXANS!!), “Texas Caviar” is just another way of describing a bean salsa featuring black eyed peas and black beans. Soooo yummy. One of my favorite local restaurants features a seasonal “Texas Caviar” on their menu as a side dish, and I’ve been looking for a way to duplicate it in my own kitchen. Well, folks, here it is. We never eat as a “dip.” We just dig in with a spoon and call it a salad. While the recipe calls for canned beans (good in a pinch), I’ve successfully made this from raw, freshly sprouted beans and really enjoyed it, too. ENJOY!

Second up, Cheeseslave steals the show with a Texas-inspired use for Brisket — Brisket Tacos. You cook the brisket it in blend of cumin, cayenne, and oregano instead of the usual spices, then shred it for a superb taco meat.

Third up, The Nourished Life shares the ins and outs of Safe Cookware. While sourcing good food is all-important, so is reducing the use of toxic cookware in our kitchens. Elizabeth gives us the scoop.

And finally, Elana’s Pantry delivers the ultimate in Paleo Bread. It’s completely grain and dairy free! And you want to know the best thing about paleo bread? It’s so easy!! No yeasty doughs. No rising times and temperatures to get just right. You just thoroughly mix all the ingredients and then bake it! (It’s perfect for me, since I’ve become increasingly lazy and time conscious in my kitchen since having 3 little ones.) Thank you, Elana, you are a life saver.

(photos by: photostilltheend, and elanaspantry)


  1. says

    Did you see the dr. oz episode on apple juice & concentrate? Significant, I think, when it comes to our commercial food supply and the fact that many perishable ingredients are prepped thousands of miles away, wtih toxins not alllowed in the US. Will the FDA require “toxin facts” on food labels, and country of origin for all ingredients?? That could be interesting.

  2. Sheree Northcutt via Facebook says

    oh how i wish i could come across a paleo bread that did not contain nut flours. sadly we cant eat them and most of the lovely yummy breads have almond flour :(

  3. Sheree Northcutt via Facebook says

    we use coconut flour alot but we just can’t seem to get that lovely bread texture that I see with the almond flour. We are also gluten free so we use quite a few of the various flours but getting that “sandwich” loaf just hasn’t happened.

  4. says

    Well, you don’t really get a “sandwich” loaf from almond flour either. You can get a nice texture, but it’s not like traditional yeasty sandwich bread at all. So, maybe you’re not missing out on much! Without gluten and yeast, any bread will either be flat, biscuit-like, or cake-like. You can sometimes get cake-like breads (like the one I linked to) to perform kinda like a sandwich bread under some circumstances, but it’s really not the same at all.

  5. says

    There’s a site called that has a *broad* selection of flours and some recipes too. They may be able to help with a more bread-like bread, they have a gluten free bread mix if I remember. Everything from coconut to quinoa to garbanzo bean flours and a ton more. Very cool stuff, and a lot of allergen free options.

  6. says

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Paleo Bread recipe! I’ve made it twice now since it was posted on Elana’s site…I love how simple all her recipes are AND I’ve never had anything I tried from her site or cookbooks not turn out (and in the gluten, grain and refined sugar free world that’s a REALLY big deal!).

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