The Paleo Sweet Tooth: Review

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In the world of “clean eating,” it’s hard to satisfy your sweet tooth while steering clear of common allergens like dairy, gluten, and eggs.

Recipes are often *too* sweet, trying to make up for the lack of refined sugar with excessive amounts of natural sweeteners like honey or maple syrup.

They often try to imitate cake-like favorites with alternative flours like coconut flour or almond flour, but end up falling flat for the truly picky palate.

In her latest e-book, The Paleo Sweet Tooth, nutrition consultant Alison Russo overcomes these obstacles to bring you — I kid you not — Paleo candy recipes.

Paleo candy? Isn’t that an oxymoron?

Perhaps. But she does it!


And, unlike other decadent, sweet-treat Paleo recipe books, you won’t find overly-sweetened, crumbly or brick-like desserts that fall flat.

Instead, you’ll find recipes for homemade Marzipan, Cashew Butter Cups that put Reese’s to shame, and Mexican Hot Cocoa Truffles.

Stunningly Beautiful Photography

I’ll cut to the chase. This e-book is short.

But it’s so full of eye-candy (complete with recipes for real candy) that it’s worth buying.

Check out how this recipe is formatted:


When I see food photography like this, my first instinct is to wish that screens were edible.

Fun, Fun, Fun

Like me, Alison is a wordsmith.

Reading her cookbook was a pleasure, if only to discover how a glass can be “flirtatious,” a dessert “euphoria inducing,” and a set of flavors a “diabolical combination.”


Thankfully, the recipes do live up to the promises made. The Nanaimo Bars “satiate your unyielding curiosity for a sweet delectable.”

And the fudge (which she names Devil’s Seduction)? Really does “OWN you.”

Hurry! Lock in your 40% off savings with coupon code YUMMY40.

For the month of January only, you can get The Paleo Sweet Tooth for a whopping 40% off, bringing the price down to just $12.

If you think this e-book is your cup of tea, I highly recommend grabbing your copy today.

(Click here to buy The Paleo Sweet Tooth.)

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PHOTO CREDITS: Photos by Alison Russo.


  1. Julie Drigot says

    Wow this looks like a great candy book. Thanks for the coupon code. I’m hoping to be able to purchase this before the end of the month.

  2. Steven says

    OMG these look amazingly mouth watering! I like the idea that i can control the amount of sweetener. And of course, I love anything chocolate. Only $12!? I’m buying this right now.

  3. Crystal says

    Hello Renegade! Ok, so the deal is that I’m new to the Paleo diet. I just recently got on board.

    I’ve found some really good meal recipes but I haven’t liked most of the sweet treats I’ve made. Most of the recipes I’ve found online are….well, they try too hard and fall flat almost every time.

    When I saw your post I couldn’t resist the photos from this cookbook and I bought it yesterday. I ended up making the Apple Caramel Sauce because I had the ingredients handy and it sounded so good.

    All I can say is that it was soooo freaking good! Seriously. I drizzled it over some sliced apples we had storing in the basement (cool down there) and let’s just say that my family needs more apples ūüėČ

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