La Cense Grass-fed Beef Giveaway

It happened last week. The FedEx man rang the door bell and handed me a biodegradable styrofoam ice chest packed with two flank steaks and two pounds of ground beef — all from a 100% grass-fed and finished cow that used to call Montana home.

The box came courtesy of La Cense Beef, an exemplary ranching operation that’s been around since 1869. And do you know why they sent it to me?

(As if the title didn’t give it away…. no pun intended!)

They wanted me to enjoy a couple of grass-fed steaks on the house, and I did! And then they wanted me to enthusiastically spread some grass-fed beef love by hosting a Giveaway.

The Prize

Hold on to your seats, folks, ‘cuz this is good stuff!


  1. Kyle says

    What exactly is twitter? That’s kind of a stupid question.

    Anyways… I registered and my username is Elphaba :)

  2. Betsy says

    I registered – user name is Betsy.

    Can’t do the rest – I already subscribe to your blog and follow you on Twitter (I’m just a stalker at heart, lol), and don’t have a blog of my own.

  3. says

    Kyle — Twitter is a micro-blogging service. You write posts (called tweets) that are 140 characters long or less. Watch this video called Twitter in Plain English. It’s pretty short and it’ll explain everything:

    Betsy — Shucks, I’m a softy. Even if you already follow me on Twitter, go ahead and tweet about it and I’ll count it as an entry! (I’ll count your subscription, too.)

    Hey, that goes for all of you! If you already follow me on Twitter or Subscribe, just let me know in a comment. (And be sure to tweet about the giveaway!)

  4. Ann Blocker says

    Hmm … I cannot tell if my last comment went through:

    Joined the party as anncb. RSS feed set-up, and off to follow you on Twitter! Thanks for the lovely site, and the lovely give-away.

  5. Outdoors2 says

    I thought I was following you on Twitter too. But, I found I wasn’t. Am Now…;-)
    Joined up over at Grass Fed too.
    Thanks for the invite and heads up!

  6. Lynne says

    I registered and my user name is lslavalley.

    I couldn’t get the pull down menus to work right so it said I am male, and from Aruba. Neither of which is true.

  7. Jennifer says

    Hi Kristen! What a great giveaway. I registered with the username j2juliano.
    I also signed up for your emails! Love the website.

  8. says

    This is a great prize! I already follow your RSS, just connected with you via Twitter, tweated about this post and stumbled you! In my next blog post I will also mention and link back here. Oh, and on Grass Fed Party I am now Michelle_83714.

    Michelle @ What Does Your Body Good?

  9. says

    My username is Potagergardengirl.

    Im following you on twitter and I subscribed last week b/c I enjoy reading your blog-does that count?


  10. says

    Signed up! Username is jediliska.
    Following you on Twitter now, under LisaKLong..
    and subscribed to your feed and stumble account… I’ll definitely tweet this out! :) Thanks for stumbling it to me.


  11. Saira says

    Hi, I am new to your blog and had a question about grass fed beef. I don’t eat beef now as I am concerned about the mad cow disease. I am worried about the possibility of contamination at the processing center. Since that is so centralized in the US, do you know where the grass fed organic meat is getting processed once its out of the farm? I am referring to the cutting up of the meat by processing. I don’t know if there is an industry term for it. I live in San Francisco and currently shop at Rainbow Groceries and Whole Foods. I don’t know where to go to find this information.


  12. Annie says

    Okay – I was already following you, re-tweeted the giveaway, signed up for your rss feed, joined the party (username zigweegwee) and posted on my stumbleblog. And to think it only took me half an hour on dial-up! 😉 My son will love you forever if I win, since I so rarely get red meat anymore.

  13. says

    Thanks for the comment! Hearing my 5 year old explain God to the 3 and 2 year olds is hilarious and eye-opening to me about how we portray God and if I’m doing a decent job or not. :)
    Joined the grassfed moovement! Username c0urtg.


  14. says

    I just joined. My username is Jerseybites. Thanks for the great giveaway. I promise I’ll blog a great recipe using my winnings. I make an excellent Flank Steak. 😉

    Deborah Smith

  15. Michele says

    Holy wow, I found this blog through the Menu Plan Mondays post on and you have blown me away, my fellow sustainable foodie. Will definitely be reading your blog on the regular–and I’m up for trying for some free beef.

    My GFP user name is Tesseracty.

  16. Elizabeth Siegel says

    I have subscribed to you using google reader.

    But I think I will subscribe via e-mail too. Can’t get enough.

  17. Elizabeth Siegel says

    Tweet Tweet…

    I am following you and two other people =)

    User name ElizabethSiegel.

    I want that beef!!! I used to live in Montana so I know how good that beef is =)

    Thank you again for your blog.


  18. AlyBlu says

    I joined with the username AlyBlu and I signed up for your emails!

    great blog – I heard about you through “The Nourished Kitchen”

  19. says

    I have tried four times to join at the Grass-Fed party site including three times in FireFox and once in Ephiphany. Every time I get an “invalid token” error when trying to submit the profile information. Could you ask them to check it out?

    Internet Strategist

  20. Mary Elise says

    Just registered on Grass Fed Party as iammew.
    I support Grass feeding livestock – it’s time to stop feeding cheap grains to fatten up our cows (and ourselves!)

  21. says

    GrassFed Party Username: ujohnc00

    I follow you on twitter: @findchris

    I have you in my RSS feed.

    I love grassfed beef! Fingers crossed.

    Came here via your tweet.


  22. says

    Thank you so much for your assistance. I’m now a member of Grass-Fed with the user name of GrowMap which is also my Twitter and FriendFeed user name.

    I’m working on a post at GrowMap as I type this that will include links to both your site and theirs.

    I’ll be sharing that post at FriendFeed, Twitter, and cliKball again and already shared your site and theirs yesterday. You can count on me to support your efforts as I’ve been planning another blog specifically about healthy living for some time now. Until then I use my existing accounts to spread the word.

    I’ll subscribe too as soon as I send this comment. If I can ever be of assistance in getting the word out for you and other worthy causes and quality businesses please consider this your invitation to simply let me know what I can do. I’m online almost all the time.

    Internet Strategist

  23. Stacy says

    Hello! I joined the website and my username is stacyinthecity. Also, I’m subscribing to your blog in my reader. Thanks!

  24. says

    Hi there, I retweeted your twitter message, I am @FreshGinger on Twitter and celticjig1 on GrassFedParty. I really have to thank you for this link! I didn’t know about it and this fall we co purchased a heifer and calf for breeding and eventually, grass fed beef.


  25. Christine says

    I registered: christine.recipe. Found your site thru Simple Mom then I’m an Organizing Junkie. I like how things work out!

  26. Shelley says

    I registered with my facebook account, so it gave me the user name of: fb_781883372

    I’m also on twitter as Trozzort

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