King Corn Gives Us A Laugh

You know those infuriating ads promoting high fructose corn syrup? Those terribly misleading ads intended to make people think this concoction of the devil is tame, even wholesome? Those ads like this one:

Well, the guys at King Corn spoofed it. And it’s funny. Darn funny.


  1. tina says

    I’m reading all your old posts. I’ve recently found your site through Cheeseslave and Kelly the Kitchen Kop. I have to say this is pretty darn funny. And scary.

    Could you repost this post? I think it would get so much response!

  2. Imegahan says

    No matter what you say about agave nectar one thing is clear: it is one means by whivh to eliminate ubiquitous corn from our diets. Variety is the spice (dare I say, sweetner of life). There are hundreds of options, and temperance in all things has its merits.

  3. Imegahan says

    Earlier today, while looking for recipes yielding organic marshmallows, I came across a site telling me why agave nectar is bad, and which recommended organic corn syrup instead. To this I replied, using agave would mean the replacement of at least one of thousands of daily, corn sourced food options; that variety is the spice of life; and that temperance in all things (corn consumption included) is the better way to go.

  4. Noel says

    Sugar in any form is BAD for you. Super moderation should be used. Read the Great Cholesterol Myth: by Sinatra, Stephen,Bowden, Jonny. Obviously the kind of sugar we do it is important.

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