How To Create Your Own Recipes

Last year, I took an online cooking class taught by Jenny at Nourished Kitchen that revolutionized my cooking skills. Jenny is a home chef, a fellow Real Food Media blogger, and a farmer’s market manager. She’s also a top-notch teacher who can help you learn all the basics of how to cook nourishing, real foods easily in your own kitchen. What did Jenny do that no other online teacher has ever done for me?

She inspired me. One of the greatest benefits for me of taking her How To Cook Real Food class was actually learning how to not be dependent on recipes. Yes, the course included more than a hundred tried and true recipes that were easy to follow. But it also taught me how to develop my own recipes.

Since last year, Jenny’s added 20 new videos plus 100 recipes not included in the original series. The entire course has been revised and updated based on student feedback, so now it’s even better than ever. If you want to master the art of cooking with seasonal, local, fresh foods, this is the course for you!

What’s So Special?

Instructional Videos

Jenny’s well-edited videos demonstrate cooking techniques and traditional food preparation. Unlike a TV program which you can only hope to watch once, these videos come with lifetime access so you can watch them again and again, as many times as you need to. Each video is approximately 10 to 15 minutes in length, so you’ll be getting more than 9 full hours of in-depth visual instruction. The videos give you the confidence to try simple to complex techniques in your own kitchen.

Check out this little video to see a brief sample of the kind of instruction you can look forward to if you enroll in this online course:

Print Materials

Above and beyond videos, however, was the resource that revolutionized my cooking. How To Cook Real Food comes with over 25 Recipe Worksheets that help you develop your own recipes you know your family will love. You simply look at the foods you have, pair them with whatever listed cooking techniques inspire you, and line those up with herbs and other seasonings that will create mouthwatering explosions of flavor.

The course also includes more than 30 Charts that will help you identify fresh foods and their seasons, soaking methods for nuts, seeds, beans and legumes, identify flavor combinations that taste great and plan meals.

For the organizers among us, Jenny provided spreadsheets that help you inventory your kitchen, develop a grocery budget and plan meals.

And finally, she compiled over 45 Fact Sheets that give you information about the benefits of traditional foods, help you troubleshoot problems in the kitchen, and give you easy answers to frequently asked questions.

Really, folks, it doesn’t get any more complete or thorough than this.

Real Help

Finally, Jenny doesn’t neglect her students. She schedules weekly conference calls where you can connect with other real food lovers and get your questions answered. The calls are recorded, so even if you can’t make the live discussion, you can still download them for later review. You can also ask questions on individual posts and trust that she’ll answer them quickly. To top it all off, the course comes with Lifetime Access, so you can pace yourself or review materials at your leisure.

Interested in Learning How To Cook Real Food?

If this course sounds like it may be a fit for you, I’ve got great news! Jenny has opened up enrollment again. The course usually sells for $199, but if you enroll before September 15th, you can save $50 and pay just $149!

Click here to learn more about the How To Cook Real Food online cooking class.

(photo by Jenny at Nourished Kitchen)


  1. Shalyn Booker says

    I really want too create my own cake, cupcakes, pies recipes. But I have a problem with measuring things out.. Wondering if its too much or too less.. What to put in or what NOT to put in.. I really want too start sell my own bake goods.. Please I need feedback..

  2. Lindsey says

    Hi Kristen,

    I tried to click on this link but it doesn’t work. Any idea if this course still exists? I scanned over the website and I couldn’t find it anywhere.


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