GIVEAWAY: Chaffin Family Orchards Olive Oil $59 Value

Sometimes, I wish I lived in California. I’d get plenty of sunshine, year-round farmer’s markets, and the chance to meet farmers like Chris Kerston of Chaffin Family Orchards.

Chaffin Family Orchards (pictured above) is a five generation family farm located in the Sacramento Valley in California. The founder, Del Chaffin, bought the farm just after his graduation from UC Berkeley in the early 1900’s. He wanted a location that could grow fruit 365 days a year. He found that and more. The farm has been harvesting and producing olives and olive oil for over 75 years.

They’ve got their system down. In addition to farming the olives organically, the farm employs livestock to do much of the work. Instead of mowing or disking the grass, they use sheep and cows to graze the orchard floors. Chickens eliminate bugs and fertilize while goats do the pruning.

In other words, these guys know how to do it right. And this week, they’re giving away SIX 375ml bottles of Extra Virgin Mission Olive Oil to one of my lucky readers!

How To Enter

The first step to entering the contest is to click on the link below. You’ll be taken to the Chaffin Family Orchards website, where you’ll fill out a contest entry form. Again, you must CLICK ON THE LINK and enter your email address at the Chaffin Family Orchards site to be entered in the contest.

(Note: If you can’t see the link above, it is because you have ad blocking software enabled or javascript disabled. Please disable your ad blocker or enable javascript to participate in the giveaway.)

That’s good for one entry. For additional chances to win, do any of the following:

1. Blog about this giveaway and link back to this page on your blog. Comment below with the link. (1 extra entry)

2. Sign up for my email updates or RSS feed. Leave a comment below telling me that you signed up. You will also get an entry if you already subscribe — be sure to leave a comment! (1 extra entry)

3. Follow me on Twitter and tweet about the giveaway. Be sure to include the URL to this page in your tweet. Click the TweetThis button at the bottom of the post, or you can use the following tweet: “Win 6 bottles of exquisite olive oil! $59 value! (AND INCLUDE THE URL)” Leave a comment telling me that you followed & tweeted. (1 extra entry)

4. Email 5 friends about the giveaway, with a link to this page. Leave a comment below telling me that you did. (1 extra entry)

5. Stumble this post and leave me a comment telling me that you did. (1 extra entry)

There are a total of 6 possible entries!

Questions? Comment below.

This contest will end Thursday, June 24th at 11:59 PM PST. The winner will be chosen via, and will be announced on Friday, June 25th. The lucky winner will have 48 hours to contact me with his or her full name and email address.

Please note, Chaffin Family Orchards is one of my sponsors. As such, I am being compensated for hosting this giveaway. Hope you enjoy!


  1. Heather h. says

    I am a subscriber
    I follow you on twitter and I tweeted
    I emailed 5 of my friends (actually 27, but whos counting)

  2. Barbara says

    I follow your blog. Today I signed up for email updates, and signed up at Chaffin for the giveaway. I use their olive oil – it is excellent.

  3. Leesie says

    I don’t blog so I am taking the liberty of sharing this on my Facebook page and sharing the giveaway with my FB friends!

  4. says

    Signing up now! I knew this guy in high school who was *convinced* that olive oil was the ‘new’ wine as the Sonoma County wine market was getting saturated he was planting olive trees. (I grew up in California, moved to Montana where the economy is reasonable)

  5. Denice says

    Thank you. I am a starting over Mom/grandma raising my grandsons.I have been trying to get them on track and healthy… your a true blessing!

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