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Forgive my spazzing, but I am EXCITED to bring you this amazing giveaway from one of the few companies dedicated to providing sustainable, wild caught, nutrient-dense seafood. This week, I am giving away a $500 gift certificate to Vital Choice to help raise awareness (and money) for the upcoming election on Prop 37 in California.

Am I a California resident? No. Why do I care about a California law? Because if it passes in the popular election this November 6th, it will be the first law of its kind in this country. It will set the stage for other states passing similar laws. And ultimately, it will cripple GMO behemoths like Monsanto!

What’s Prop 37? It’s a labeling law. It will require that all foods sold in California that contain GMOs be labeled as such.

Surveys and polls have consistently shown that, if given a choice, the vast majority of people would not willingly eat genetically-modified foods. They’d choose a similar food made without GMOs.

But because we have no laws requiring GMOs be labeled, most consumers regularly and unwittingly consume foods containing GMO ingredients. That’s because 94% of the soybeans and 88% of the corn grown in the U.S. is genetically-modified. Corn, corn derivatives, and soybeans are in more than 75% of the food sold at the supermarket.

What does this mean for you?

Unless you’re consciously opting out of consuming GMOs, you’re probably eating GMOs every day.

You are involuntarily participating in the greatest science experiment ever conducted on the human public.

Why should you care about Prop 37?

Even if you aren’t a California resident (and I am not), you have a lot to win if Prop 37 passes. Food manufacturers will be forced to label GM-containing foods if they want to sell in California. The consequences of this will rock the nation.

These food makers will either opt to stop selling in CA (unlikely, but possible for some of the smaller companies), or will change their labels. If they update their labels to reflect GM-ingredients, they will face two choices. The more expensive one will be to have a CA label outlining GMOs and a non-CA label for the rest of the country. The more economical option will be to have a single, nationwide label admitting to the presence of GMOs. Hence the saying, “As goes California, so goes the nation.”

What can you do?

First, you can join me in helping to raise awareness of the campaign to get Prop 37 passed. Enter this giveaway! Share it with your friends and family.

Second, you can join the multitude of smaller natural and organic food companies fighting to get Prop 37 passed by donating to the campaign.

Monsanto and other Big Food corporations have raised more than $32 Million to campaign against Prop 37!

Want to know how much the grassroots Yes on Prop 37 campaign has raised? About $4 Million. Most of those funds are coming from smaller natural and organic food companies like Vital Choice.

Before founding Vital Choice in 2001, Northwest Washington native Randy Hartnell spent more than 20 years as a commercial fisherman in Alaska. Today, Vital Choice is a leading source for fast home delivery of the world’s finest wild Alaskan seafood, whole-food supplements, and organic fare. Vital Choice foods are among the purest available, and are sustainably harvested from healthy, well-managed wild fisheries and organic farms. The company’s products are recognized for their superior taste and health benefits, and endorsed by leading health and wellness experts, including physicians specializing in nutrition, pediatrics, and integrative health care.

How to enter the Giveaway

All you have to do is use the Rafflecopter widget below to:

1. Sign up for my weekly newsletter (or send in a postcard — see official rules for details)
2. Make a voluntary donation to Yes on Prop 37 (or leave a comment below)
3. If you make a donation, be sure to fill out the form below the Raffelcopter widget to verify your entry.

You don’t have to donate to win — this is voluntary — but hopefully you’ll find a way to donate something! Even if you can only donate $10, please do! Remember, every dollar given to this campaign will help. It will go to buying radio and TV ad time in these critical last few weeks before the November 6th elections.

You can get more entries by sharing on Facebook.

PLEASE NOTE: This sweepstakes is open to US residents only; residents of Florida, New York or Rhode Island are not eligible.

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Good Luck!

Don’t forget that SHARING IS REBELLIOUS! Please use any of the social media links under the “Sharing Is Rebellious!” heading below to share this giveaway and raise awareness for Prop 37!


  1. Sheri says

    I live in CA and voting for this to pass! I’m helping to spread the word and have already posted on facebook about this.

  2. Tandy says

    Because I, nor my family, or any human being for that matter, are not science experiments- and I have the right to chose what to eat & what not to eat.

  3. Kristina C says

    We support Prop 37! My family works hard to educate everyone we can about GMO’s. We also run a raw milk route, bringing the goodness to the people! :) Thank you for this amazing giveaway!

  4. says

    I support Prop 37 because as consumers, we have a right to know what is in our food and to make the decisions that we feel are best for ourselves and our families. If there is no issue with GMOs, then all these companies fighting against Prop 37 should have no problem simply labeling their science projects accordingly!

  5. De Peaslee says

    I can’t donate any money, but I do support PROP 37, and hope that by passing this in Cal. it will sweep the country! I, and my children and grandchildren, are NOT experiments! I want to have the right to choose what I buy, grow and eat!!

  6. Emily Darling says

    I am wholeheartedly in support of Prop 37! I am sick and tired of not knowing exactly what is in the food I purchase. As a consumer, I believe it is my right!

  7. Janelle says

    Because my family and I are not experiments! We all have the right to choose nourishing food and avoid “food” that will poison us.

  8. Katie says

    I support prop 37 because we deserve to know what is in our food so we can make proper decisions about what we put in our bodies. As the mom of three young children, I am very concerned about the potential harm GMOs could cause their little bodies. While we do our beat to avoid processed food in our home, it is impossible to completely keep them from it when with others. Labeling would really open people’s eyes to what is in their food and hopefully they would start rejecting it.

  9. TawniM says

    I support Prop 37 because it will force American food manufacturers and stores to be a little more honest about the food they sell, which will hopefully become an incentive to sell better food!

  10. Jennifer trujillo says

    Our familyis supports Prop 37 because we feel our food shouldn’t be tampered with. Not to mention the adverse effects it GMO’S have on us and our children.

  11. Stephanie says

    I just finished watching Genetic Roulette. This is soooo important for the future of our nation. It’s crazy to me that there’s so much fuss about healthcare and yet at the same time our government subsidizes the destruction of our nation’s health. These policies need to come from the people not from chemical companies. Let’s go, California!!

  12. says

    I plan to vote Yes on Prop 37 because it’s important for all people to be informed about GM foods. I am actively telling everyone to vote Yes on Twitter and Facebook and at farmers markets here in SoCal.
    If other Countries are banning Monsanto, we can at least label it. I just wish this Prop were better written.

  13. Jennifer Pack says

    I really think its important that we know where our food comes from and what is added to it. I totally support Prop37 and hope that this happens in other states as well.

  14. Robin says

    I fully support prop 37 I don’t want to eat gmo food that can give me health problems or damage my body. We’re not your test subjects Monsanto!!!

  15. Rachel Z. says

    I support prop. 37!!!! The food industry has to be held accountable for the poison in the food supply. This starts with honesty in labeling!

  16. Marcella Hammond says

    I’m a grad student whose husband works in theatre and we have a three year old and an 11 month old, so there is no money available for donations, but I am doing everything I can to spread the word about Prop 37 and encourage people to vote. My family and I all have chronic health conditions that stemmed from food intolerances, and I think GMO’s are the reason for the massive rise in food intolerances and their related ills over the last few decades. I want to do everything I can to prevent my sons from suffering from something so preventable.

  17. Silvia says

    I support prop 37 because I want to know what I put in my body, and my family’s bodies! Thank you Vital Choice for the awesome giveaway!

  18. Jessica says

    I support Prop 37 for all of the reasons you stated. I want to know what is in my food and I am tired of the deception and misinformation by the big companies. I live in CA so I will be voting YES on 37,and I have been doing a ton of grass roots work to get the vote out!

  19. Jen says

    I support Prop 37 because we deserve to know what’s in our food, and Monsanto shouldn’t be allowed to control us.

  20. Michelle Marks says

    I live in CA and we as a family are very excited for this opportunity to know exactly what is in our food. Hopefully this will cause other states to follow suit.

  21. Monique Verdin says

    I have been writing letters to the editor and gathered signatures to get this on the ballot. I am fully on board!!

  22. Tara McGinnis says

    I support Prop 37 because knowing what we are buying is vital if we are going to use our purchases as a means of telling suppliers what we want, and especially what we do not want.

  23. says

    I support prop 37 because we just don’t know enough about this stuff. If we don’t know what’s in our food, we’re being forced to participate in an experiment, which is unethical.

  24. Briana says

    I support the prop because we have the right to know what goes into our food! I want to eat GMO-free food. How difficult could it be to disclose this information on a label?

  25. Delia says

    I support proposition 37. We are not science experiments and deserve to know what’s in our food. I’m passing this along to all my friends on FB!

  26. Lydia C says

    Can’t manage a donation right now (student budget) but I’d definitely behind prop 37. People deserve to be educated about their food!

  27. Monica says

    This is almost as important to me as the presidential election! It will change our health as a nation. I am sharing this with my facebook friends!

  28. says

    Been supporting this everywhere… on my blog, in social media, etc.

    Labeling is a BIG first step and CA getting it will mean, practically, everyone getting it.

    I think we should also vote on what the label looks like. I vote for a skull and crossbones. 😉

  29. Melissa says

    I support Prop 37 because it’s about time people start caring about what they put into their mouths. Legislation like this helps people open their eyes to the deception of the food industry. This Prop will also weaken Monsanto.

  30. says

    I support Prop 37 because California leads the way on progressive legislation such as this. I want to know what is in my food. It’s sad that labeling GMO food would be a progressive idea in this country.

  31. Nancy says

    I live in California and support Prop 37. More attention is needed to GMO foods. I made a small donation to Prop 37 today at my local health food store New Leaf who is matching donations!

  32. Jennifer says

    I can’t donate but I totally support Prop 37. Hopefully this will pave the way for all of us. We have the right to know what are food is made from.

  33. Krissy says

    We do have the right to know and make our own decisions upon that information. It’s not just California, this will pave the way for the whole United States.

  34. Michele says

    My husband and I just finished watching Genetic Roulette last night! What an eye opening documentary! We already knew we wanted to avoid GMOs, but the film really spelled it out very nicely WHY it is so important to get GMOs out of our food system completely, even beyond the individual choices that families make about avoiding GMOs if they are aware of the issue. I am very hopeful for Prop 37 and the potential it has to make waves in the food system.

    As a side note, Kristen, just curious – why are residents of NY, Rhode Island and Florida not eligible for this giveaway?

  35. Gabrielle says

    I support prop. 37 as a parent. I am responsible for my childs nutrition and well-being. As an informed parent I can make informed choices. Otherwise I may as well let them eat junk food all day. Not to mention, as a parent I am responsible as a role model for my children. I want my children to learn to love their bodies and care for themselves. They will do as they see. If I eat healthy, they will. And trust me, you can’t make sure you’re eating healthy if you don’t know what you’re eating.

  36. Jerian says

    Prop 37 must pass in California for the rest of the nation to have a chance to begin to know what is in our food. I totally support Prop 37 and our family donated about a month ago.

  37. Joanne says

    I don’t live in California but I do support Prop 37. I care where our food comes from and how it is grown. I would like to be able to choose for myself what I eat and whether or not it is natural. I do hope and pray that this passes and then the rest of the country will follow.

  38. says

    i can’t donate, but I do support Prop 37. Any food containing GMO ingredients should be easy to spot so that consumers NOT purchasing organic know their foods contain GMO’s!

  39. Jorge Calderon says

    I support prop 37 because I want to know what I’m eating. I believe it is the right of every human being to be given the choice to decide.

  40. Jesse M says

    I support Prop 37 because we should NOT be eating things that do not occur in the natural world, there are so many reasons it is too much to list. But we must be able to chose the best for our family and we must know what is in what we are getting!

  41. Alida Rodriguez says

    I want to know what I’m feeding my family. I need to be certain I’m not feeding my children Frankenfood!

  42. says

    I don’t live in California, so I can’t vote, and money is so tight that I can’t afford to donate, but I’ve been doing my part to support Proposition 37 nonetheless. I created bumperstickers, stickers, and buttons on Zazzle in support of Prop. 37, and a few people have bought them; I wish I could do more. I also have been sharing the non-GMO message on Facebook.

  43. Jamie says

    Hey Kristen,

    Jamie here from Perfect Supplements. Although located in Rhode Island, WE SUPPORT YES ON PROPOSITION 37 and URGE CALIFORNIA RESIDENTS TO GET OUT AND VOTE! In fact, we recently published a blog entry outlining the findings of the only long term study conducted on the safety of ingesting GMO ingredients and the herbacide Roundup. You can find that blog entry here:

    As for the seafood, YUMMM! I hope I win 😉

  44. Kathryn says

    I love that Prop 37 is bringing Real Food into the spotlight and forcing so much discussion. I usually feel like I’m the only person I know who cares where my food comes from; suddenly everyone is interested, and it’s fantastic.

  45. Vicki says

    I don’t live in California, but I do support this proposal. The food industry has been getting away mislabeling and misleading the consumers since the beginning of food’s mass production. It’s time to come clean.

  46. Deanna says

    I don’t live in California, but I know that if California passes this law, the rest of the country will either follow suit, or benefit from the labeling requirements (I doubt most companies would have one set of labels for California and another set for the rest of the country). I believe we have a right to know what is in the food we’re eating (or not eating because of the GMO content).

  47. Ceejay says

    I live in CA and Proposition 37 is one of the few issues I’m planning to vote on, because we have a right to choose whether we’re eating a science experiment or not!

  48. Jillian says

    I only recently have discovered the real benefits of real food and am now completely obsessed! I absolutely support Prop 37 and, while I don’t live in CA anymore, I still have lots of friends who do and have already been encouraging them via FaceBook to vote Yes on Prop 37! The sooner CA gets this into motion, the sooner the rest of the country can hope to have the same!!

  49. laura says

    I so hope this passes. One step for a better future health for me and my children!! Gmos are awful and its a big cover up with the big companies who just want to make big bucks.

  50. says

    Prop 37 has my full support. Consumers have the right to know what is in the food they eat. Ingredients that commonly cause allergic reactions are listed on packaging. I get migraines from eating GMO corn so I only eat organic for this reason. I can’t be the only one.

  51. Kait F says

    Voting yes on 37 in CA. Mentioning it to coworkers and family (even though sadly most aren’t into this like I am…)!!

  52. Elena Vo says

    A few years ago I learned that all wheat grown and produced in the U.S. has been modified back in 1970s to increase its productivity, but unless I stumbled upon this piece of information, I would have never known!
    I believe in my right as a citizen of this country to KNOW what I am buying and therefore make informed choices.

  53. Talia B. says

    I think if more people know the less they will buy. Hopefully we can bring the market down enough to make GMO not worth it financially

  54. Alison says

    I care about prop 37 more than the presidential election. I think we need this first step to regain our personal food choice freedom.

  55. Mary Ashley Burton says

    I am a California resident and plan to vote on this issue! I agree, I care more about this than the presidential election, since I feel like this could actually make a real difference.

  56. Chelsea Wipf says

    I support prop 37! We need to know what is in our food! We have the right to know if we are eating real food or man made!

  57. Kristi Cooke says

    I ABOSULUTLY support Prop. 37. It shouldn’t matter whether you think GMOs are safe or not (which I DO NOT!!). It’s a matter of the courtesy of allowing us to know what’s in our food and the freedom to choose… thus being able to make a rational choice.

  58. Rebecca says

    I want to know what’s in my food. I live in California. I VOTE!! Let’s do this fellow Californians, yeehaw!!!!!!

  59. Becky says

    It is ABSURD to me that anyone would be against Prop 7 and be willing to not know what is going into our food. I support Prop 7 because we have a right to know and make healthy choices for our families!

  60. Rachel says

    I support Yes on Prop 37 because I believe we have the right to know what is in our food. The U.S. is way behind in this and it is unacceptable.

  61. Holly says

    Just as there is an allergy label & ingredient label on food, there should also be a GMO label for GMO foods. We have the right to know what we are eating!

  62. Karen says

    I believe we are all entitled to food the way nature intended it, not processed or tampered with. I support Prop 37 because we as consumers have a right to know exactly what we are eating and choose to not buy those products!

  63. Justin says

    Let’s be completely honest here, too, about the biggest culprit: farm subsidies and government intervention in the agricultural industry and markets. Farmers and agricultural companies are simply following where the money (subsidies and crop insurance) lead them. There is no DISincentive to not using GMO foods, but rather a LOT of incentive to using them.

    If we end farm subsidies and stop supporting with taxpayer funds these farms, Prop 37 would be a lot easier to pass, if it was even needed at all!

  64. says

    EVERY SINGLE NIGHT I EAT FISH – EVERY SINGLE NIGHT! I need to make sure it STAYS AS HEALTHY AS I BELIEVE IT TO BE!!! I love fish far too much to have to give it up! You should see my freezer, STOCKED TO THE BRIM… I wish it were a cheaper obsession/habit but… It’s not. I just cannot give it up, ever!

  65. Stephanie says

    I support Prop 37 because we have a right to know what’s in our food, & companies like Monsanto need to be held accountable. Since the government has refused to hold them accountable, the people need to be empowered to do so.

  66. Bonnie Campos says

    I can’t think of any reason I wouldn’t vote for 37! Our health, the sustainability of our food supply, our rights as consumers. But most importantly as far as I’m concerned, to create a big hurdle for Monsanto and other giant “food” companies by cutting into their profits. When people know what their choosing, they won’t choose them anymore!

  67. Andrew G. says

    I support Prop 37 because I care about the quality of the food I eat. I also care about farmers and vegetable varieties. GMOs can threaten them by cross-pollinating and running them out of business.
    I always try to avoid genetically modified food because we really don’t know the long-term affects of them on our bodies. They’re becoming more prevalent, and thus, harder to avoid. If we start labeling food with GMOs, they will hopefully become less common.

    I really hope Californians vote yes for Prop 37. (I will try to donate to the campaign as well, if I can.)

  68. samW says

    I wish I could donate right now, unfortunately i can’t… but I am in TOTAL support – I mean really, why should it even be an issue to know whats in our food – it is so petty, so dumb, so governmental that it should even be an issue! Not to Have the RIGHT? to know what your eating – good grief!

  69. Laura says

    Prop 37 needs to pass for the right of the people to know what they are eating. Why would a basic right to know what you are putting into the food the public is eating be denied? It’s crazy……….

  70. Carolsue says

    I will definitely vote for this — we all have a right to know what we are eating and make our own choices about whether it’s right for our family or not.
    Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net

  71. says

    I already donated to Prop 37 long ago and have lit up my front yard with signs of support! I live in California so this is a really big deal to me! I have actually written about this a lot and will be so disheartened if it does not pass!

  72. Stacy says

    It’s definitely scary to see those studies done on rats. GMO’s are no good and I want to know what it’s in. I have that right for my family.

  73. Uni says

    I support Prop 37 because I refuse to have my family be a science experiment and we deserve to know what is in our food!

  74. Carolyne Thrasher says

    I hope Prop 37 passes! It will force the rest of the country to follow suit! I can’t support with money but I do support by raising awareness around me over the issue of GMOs.

  75. Darcie says

    I support Prop 37! I’ve been sharing on Facebook with my friends regularly about what this means to us here in CA. I have recent health problems and allergies, and I just don’t trust these chemical companies to make the best nutrition choices for me. I have to know what I’m eating.

  76. says

    Definitely support prop 37. I was reading about it awhile ago and the controversy surrounding Naked Juice. I was mortified that even though I was making a conscious effort to avoid GMO’s, they were essentially lying to us… I was made that I was consuming them without my knowledge. So wrong!!

  77. Cathy says

    I really hope and pray Prop 37 gets passed, I would definitely vote ‘Yes’ if we lived in CA. I share info on GMOs whenever possible on social media. I shared this post on my facebook page too!

  78. Kathryn says

    I support labeling GMO’s because I believe that they are a danger to the environment as well as to human and other animal health.

  79. Rosann G says

    My body, choice! EVERYONE has the right to choose what they eat, good or bad. I’m from Cali & we’re working hard to make this happen

  80. Kristen says

    SUPPORT PROP 37. I do not live in CA but I am putting all my effort into spreading the word and educating friends, family and colleagues to the west on the issue. We all DESERVE the right to know what we are putting in our bodies, our families bodies and our pets bodies. We need to get this going in CA then spread across the rest of our country.

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