The Eczema Cure: Discover the Root Cause And Heal Yourself

eczema cure heal eczema

Even if you don’t need an eczema cure, I’d be willing to bet you know someone who does. That’s because more than 15 million people in the U.S. are suffering from eczema at this very moment.

Eczema is an itchy, often painful rash. The typical treatment of steroid creams? Doesn’t really work.

Why’s that? It’s a short-term solution that doesn’t treat the real cause.

In her ground breaking e-book, The Eczema Cure, acupuncturist and holistic health practitioner Emily Bartlett writes about standard eczema treatments:

“These treatments fail because stopping the rash does not resolve the reason why the rash is happening in the first place. Eczema (and in fact most skin conditions) is a reflection of a deeper, internal imbalance typically originating from poor digestion. When a dermatologist gives you creams and medicines to make the skin clear, the internal issues are not addressed.

Using cortizone cream to fix eczema is a bit like painting a rickety house that’s about to fall down. It makes it look better, and you may feel better for a short period of time — but ultimately the underlying issues must be addressed.”

In other words, eczema is more than skin deep.

In fact, I’d argue that we should stop thinking about it like a “skin condition” at all.

It’s a digestion problem.

Emily goes on to explain the connection between eczema and a leaky gut. The term “leaky gut” describes a condition where the gut lining becomes permeable to toxins, undigested nutrients, and waste that would have otherwise simply been eliminated from the body. These foreign substances enter the bloodstream and cause an auto-immune response in the body.

Responses like mood disorders, joint pain, and (you guessed it!) … eczema.

So what causes leaky gut?

In her book, The Eczema Cure, Emily gives a rather comprehensive list.

It includes things like:

  • Excessive stress
  • Eating the wrong foods and/or not eating the right ones
  • Antibiotics
  • Gut dysbiosis (imbalanced gut flora)
  • Inherent weak digestion (all children fall into this category)

Her list goes on.

Now for some good news! Eczema can be cured.

You don’t have to wait for it to just go away on it’s own. You can actually heal your leaky gut, and by extension … your eczema.

In The Eczema Cure, Emily shares her personal journey.

This is her daughter, before and after implementing Emily’s healing protocol:

eczema cure heal eczema

Think this is photoshopped or somehow doctored? I promise it isn’t.

You see, Emily Bartlett isn’t just some random author selling her wares on the internet. She’s my friend.


She’s a real person. A real mom. A real health practitioner.

And this is her story.

She writes,

Eczema is one of the most common conditions I treat in my practice. Over the years, I’ve had a ton of experience with this condition in everything from it’s mildest, “slightly annoying” form, to full-blown, chronic conditions that were devastating my clients’ health, social lives and at times, even their careers.

I witnessed countless examples of what doesn’t work for treating eczema, let alone cure it. It didn’t take long for me to realize, creams and drugs simply cannot fix this condition. That’s the bad news … but you already know it: There is no medical cure for eczema.

The good news is, through research and first-hand experience healing my patients and my family, I also know what does work. You see, there is a solution, after all!

How does this book help?

After an initial section delving into the root causes of eczema, The Eczema Cure goes on to describe 4 actionable steps you can take to heal your eczema from the inside out.

She teaches you how to identify environmental and dietary triggers, how to strengthen your body’s defenses, and how to heal eczema with real food.

Finally, she empowers you with a host of recipes for incorporating these changes into your diet.

If you or someone you love suffers from eczema, I highly recommend you read this book. And because Emily is a friend (and because I asked her to!), she decided to offer you guys an exclusive coupon for her book. (Gracias, chica!)


How to save 25% on The Eczema Cure

If you or someone you love is suffering from eczema, you will want to take advantage of this exclusive coupon (which Emily graciously created just for you guys!).

Use coupon code RENEGADE to save 25% off the list price.

(Click here to buy The Eczema Cure.)

If you want to read a handful of real life stories of people finding relief using Emily’s healing protocol, click here for some testimonials.

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  1. Cat says

    Hello, I did GAPS for about a year and a half, and I still have eczema!! and its getting worst in the winter, I always have at least one patch on my leg. Do you think that raw milk could be irritating it? I introduced it a while back, but didn’t think I had problems digesting it. Thanks.

    • says

      It certainly could. I’d try eliminating it for awhile, make sure you are taking steps to support healthy gut flora, and see what happens. You may also need to add a cleansing/heat clearing element to your approach.

  2. Laura says

    Does this address the issue in babies as well? I’m wondering if that’s what my 6 month old has on his face as we just started him on solids two weeks ago. :(

  3. says

    Laura, just curious, is your infant breastfed or immunized? I work for the WIC program and have seen an influx of children with eczema lately. I am also an NTP and trying to figure out if there is a correlation with non breastfed and /or immunizations, especially the latter.

  4. says

    This is awesome. It just goes to show that healing does work from the inside out… and it all starts with real food. The more hard data we can collect and share the more likely the allopathic medical community is to come around – and wake up! Keep up the good work!


  5. Amy says

    I have a daughter (just turned two) who has had eczema her entire life. She had terrible reflux and colic (unfortunately I used Prilosec for a few months to “help her”–ugh) and was crying if she was awake for the first few months of her life. I was told by physicians (including one of the leading pediatric dermatologists in THE WORLD–it took 5 months to get an appointment) that it had NOTHING to do with food. I did elimination diets throughout her first year since she was breastfed – including gluten, dairy, eggs, all nuts, peanuts, sesame, soy, and corn. It was so hard. She improved a lot when I eliminated all of those things, but it did not go away completely. We put the entire family on GAPS almost a year ago and are now pretty much on full GAPS, but did add rice back in. She still cannot tolerate eggs, dairy, any nuts, or gluten, so she mainly eats meat, fruits, and veggies. We are so frustrated. I don’t know what the missing link is, and when I read things like this I feel so bewildered. What am I missing? Should I try acupressure for her? Chiropractic? I have been to several types of alternative practitioners to no avail. I’d love any next steps if anyone has some.

    • Rose says

      sorry I replied to your comments in the wrong place. Also, wanted to mention we have seen a nutritionist and she did recommend probiotics – we have started those recently. Hoping it helps.

    • says

      Hi Amy – In situations like yours where you are following a good gut healing diet protocol, and (I’m assuming) taking the right supplements, what makes a difference for my patients is the Chinese herbs.

      See if you can find a good Chinese herbalist near you – which would be preferred. If not, I’m happy to do a distance consultation via Skype or email, and then I can ship you the appropriate herbs.

      You can get info here:

  6. Rose says

    Amy, I feel the same way! Our daughter had a tiny tiny dry spot on her elbow when she was born. It was not noticeable, but I felt it the day she was born. She nursed for 25 months and has only eaten real foods. I have tried elimination diets, but I still feel we are missing something. She seems to have issues with oats (even gluten free), avocado, chick peas, apples, dairy and we stay away from gluten, corn, soy and grains for the most part. It has gotten better, but definitely not gone. We are going to an allergist next week, but I’m not sure that will help since we’ve already kind of figured it out on our own and I know blood work is not always accurate on sensitivities. I’m curious to know if food has nothing to do with eczema what did the specialist say it did have to do with? Eczema does not run in our families. If next week doesn’t work out, I’m not sure what the next step is. We haven’t done GAPS, but her diet is pretty limited right now as it is. I’m sorry I don’t have any suggestions – we are in the same boat!

    • says

      There are definitely several essential supplements that can help with eczema even if your child eats a clean diet.

      Dermatologist aren’t trained to this of the skin as working as part of a whole – it’s just not their model. The body, however, is not a bunch of separate parts working independently. Eczema has a root in digestion weakness, but it allow involves the immune system and even the nervous system. These internal imbalances are reflected outward to the skin.

  7. Dawn says

    Hi Emily,
    Is your advice different from the GAPS diet or pretty much the same? My 8 year old son has eczema on his bottom. He was breast fed for 3.5 years, we eat whole, organic food, no gmo’s, take probiotics, vit. D, Juice Plus, use all organic cleaning/health and beauty products…so frustrating when I see so many other children that eat junk and live in a toxic environment! Feel like we try so hard and still have problems (which eliminates him from gluten sensitivity testing). My 13 year old has a dairy allergy and an IgA immune deficiency. Breast fed him for 2.5 years but I did drink non-organic cow’s milk and soy milk then. :( Have done some interesting reading about mother’s with depleted healthy gut flora and how that affects their babies. My sons are only partially immunized. I did have rhogam vaccines when I was pregnant ( I did not even understand that those shots were vaccines). :(

  8. says

    Hi Dawn – I’ve had people describe The Eczema Cure as “GAPS lite” as it covers the basic principles of the GAPS diet into a simplified, easy to use approach. Additionally, in the book I discuss the importance of ‘clearing heat and dampness’ and soothing the nervous system which are principles of Chinese medicine outside of the GAPS protocol that essential to healing eczema as well.

    • says

      Hi Denise,

      You’ll want to contact the seller (via the customer service email address your download link was emailed from) and explain your situation. She can re-issue another download link to you.


      • molly says

        i’m 13 and ive suffered eczema since i was a baby and right now i’m trying anything to get rid of it! ive been taken to doctors, herbal healers and been given tablets and been put on thousands of different creams last weekend my eczema was really bad i couldnt go out with my friends, so im really hoping this works.

  9. Lee Golder says

    I am now 42 and for years had chronic eczema. I found the cure for me was totally eliminating dairy and cane sugar. I know everyone is different and different things work for different people. Now, whenever I have the smallest amount of dairy, I break out with eczema, get stomach cramping and a few other not so nice side effects.

  10. Jen says

    My 4yr old daughter has on and off eczema and we can’t seem to find the cause. she’s been gluten free for 2 months and I tried taking her off milk (but allowed cheese + yogurt). Did not seem to make a difference. One thing that made it worse was laudry soap so we switched to an “eco” brand. After switching, she is a lot better. Going to see a doctor in a few days to talk about options of seeing an allergist,etc.

    Interestingly a colleague of mine mentioned that his 2 kids had terrible eczema (to the point that an infected area turned into a cyst that required surgery)….they later moved to a new house. Within a month of moving, all eczema was gone and never came back. That was over 8 yrs ago. I wonder if if had something to do with the house —air quality or exposure to something else. he said that the kids kept on eating the same types of foods (different grocery store, mind you) and they didn’t change anything else in their routines, etc.

  11. Angela says

    I know this probably isn’t the place to leave this comment, but I can’t find anything on FR by searching about acne. I am 42 years of age, with no real health problems, I am trying to eat REAL FOOD, and staying away from anything processed, using holistic remedies to combat certain issues….I have been reading about Magnesium and Vit D3 to stop my reoccurring headaches. Since I have started, I have not had any cluster headaches, and my sleeping has been better…but HELP! My face and skin on back have broken out horribly! huge pimples! Is this my body getting rid of toxins? Should I do a cleanse? Will it stop once my body becomes used to the diet and vitamin changes?

  12. Dave says

    A couple months ago at 44 I was diagnosed with eczema for the first time in my life. About four years ago I had a similar, yet more isolated rash on the side of my torso, which was diagnosed as ringworm. A prescribed cream applied daily eliminated that rash. That was the first time I’ve ever had any skin issues aside from regular cases of athlete’s foot since I was a child. The dermatologist told me that my eczema (which started at the waist line above the buttocks, spread to both sides of my torso, under both arms near the armpits, and eventually to the elbows)was genetic. I was skeptical of his diagnosis, instinctively thinking that it must be related to some sort of internal imbalance. He assured me that that was not the case even though neither of my parents had ever had eczema. The steroid shot caused it to become inactive for about a month. Now that the steroid has worn off, I have developed a new spot on the side of my left calf, and it has reappeared on my left torso and under my left bicep. Slowly but surely the points above my buttocks have flared back up.

    I started taking a 31-strain probiotic ten days ago operating under the notion that I may have an imbalance of candida in my gut. I haven’t eaten processed foods of any kind for several years now. This is frustrating (as you obviously know) and I’m wondering if the process of reestablishing beneficial gut flora could provoke the body to manifest another outbreak–something similar to a last stand prior to becoming an inhospitable host. Any advice is appreciated.

  13. Em says

    So, I don’t want to imply this will work for anyone but me! After a Ton of research, my basic perception is – autoimmune disease, which – per autoimmune diseases – has person-specific triggers, person-specific symptoms, and person-specific treatments! But, nonetheless, I wanted to share what for Me was an amazing remedy… I have long standing eczema (which can also morph into cystic acne) around my mouth, on my chin, up to the sides of my nose. After MUCH research (& NO drs telling me this!) – I am pretty certain it’s related either to my Hoshimotos Thyroiditis OR to the levothyroxine I take to control my thyroid. So – working on That area, but meanwhile: my face was hard to bring Into public! I created a face cream out of vitamins, applied it Non Stop for ~ 72 hrs, and – GONE! I also swallowed the same vitamin reg. as in the cream for those 3 days – so, could be either??
    Here it is (all of these are liquid or gel vitamins – I just stuck in some scissors & squeezed in a bowl):
    15 Vit E capsules; 10 Vit D3 capsules; 12 Fish Oil capsules; 6 coq10 capsules
    Then, I added in Talcum Powder, stirring the whole time, until it was thick enough that I could reasonably slather it on my face & it would stay there. Like I said – VERY little leaving my house, Non-Stop smoothing it on. I would occasionally wash my face with a gentle exfoliating cleanser. And – it sloughed Crazy amounts of dead skin off when I’d do this.
    Anyway – seems to be GONE, at least for now!! So – maybe this could help someone else, too?

  14. Julia says

    Hi there,
    I have been suffering from hives and eczema on my hand for over a year. I tried different remedies, however, nothing appeared to help. I read a lot regarding the link between yeast/fungus in the gut and various skin conditions. I started taking apple cider vinegar, probiotics, and diatomaceous earth. However, I was finally able to get rid of it after taking Diflucan (flucanazole) – one pill for two days. Now the eczema and hives are gone. I will continue using natural remedies and watch my diet (avoid sugars and refined foods) to keep my gut flora and body healthy.

  15. Najra batanovic says

    My son is 1 and he has really bad ecezema on his face it even got infected once and he had to stay in the hospital to gets medicine thru and iv it was horrible we have try all diffrent creams and medicines and nothing seems to help! We have not try’d any diets for him so can someone help me out on what I should not give him he pretty much will eat anything and everything are there foods that I shouldn’t give him?

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