Can Earthing Reduce Snoring?

It’s called “earthing.” What once was perhaps the most natural state of human existence, being “earthed” or “grounded” has become quite rare in our era of rubber soled shoes and insulated living. Simply put, earthing is making sure your body is electrically grounded to the earth. Among it’s many benefits, it turns out that earthing can actually help reduce snoring!

When I first read through my copy of Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever?, I got hung up on all the sleep benefits of earthing. As a mother who has had a steady 8+ years of regularly interrupted sleep (I’ve been pregnant or nursing this whole time), it’s not hard to imagine why I found all the sleep benefits so appealing. Anything that can improve the quality of the sleep I do get is paramount.

So when my mom suggested that my dad’s snoring is greatly reduced when he sleeps on his earthing sheet, I said “Really? Are you sure? Why is that?”

My mom, being the kind of mother that she is, promptly went back through her copy of Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever? and flagged anywhere she found someone else share about how earthing can reduce snoring.

I thought I’d pass just a couple of these tidbits along to you since I know an estimated 45% of the population snores.

Here’s What People Are Saying

In my profession, there’s a tremendous amount of burn out because the work is very physical. You use a lot of energy. I’ve been at this for twenty-four years, and even if I go home tired now, I got to bed, sleep on the bed pad and get up and I’m ready to go. Any my husband has experienced the same thing. He stopped snoring the first night he was on the pad. We have been able to sleep fabulously.
~Katherine Van Hatten, seventy-one (page 132)

I was also amazed at the effect of sleeping grounded on my significant other. He had a slight sleep apnea problem diagnosed by his doctor. He used to wake up during the night, gasping for breath. Sometimes he could go back to sleep right away. Other times not. He also used to snore so loud that I couldn’t go to sleep. I would have to go to bed first and then he would come in later. The grounding changed all that as well. In a couple of months, his snoring tapered off and then stopped. The apnea took longer but it also eased up and then went away. He hasn’t had that problem for more than four years.

For the last five years of her life, mother slept grounded. She died in 2005 at the age of ninety-six. She was a horrible snorer until she slept grounded. Her snoring stopped as well, and I believe the grounding gave her some comfort and ease in those last years of her life.
~Armida Champagne, sixty-eight (page 151)

Here’s Why I Think This Works

Earthing reduces inflammation. That’s because it gives the positively charged ions whizzing around our bodies doing damage an outlet, a way to disperse. This is known.

What is not commonly known is just how many problems are caused by inflammation.

Here’s my own story. I started earthing with an earthing half sheet, which my husband and I draped across the foot of our bed. I experienced an improved quality of sleep, waking up refreshed with far less sleep than would normally have been required to experience the same level of alertness. I didn’t fall asleep faster. Nor did I notice any other great benefit. But I did notice that when I slept grounded, I slept better.

A few months after that, my husband made our bed and moved our earthing half sheet up towards the middle of our bed so it rested under our backs and thighs. He did this because he was experiencing back pain, and thought that sleeping with the earthing sheet directly under his aching back would help. It did!

But at the same time that his back felt better, my feet started hurting horribly. Every day I wanted a foot massage, despite not changing a thing about my walking habits, footwear, or anything else. I’d go to bed with aching feet, and when I woke up they’d be even more stiff and sore. What was going on? That’s when I remembered the earthing sheet and how up until a few days before I’d been sleeping with it under my bare feet.

So, the next time I made the bed, I put the earthing half sheet back under our legs and feet rather than our midriffs. I went to bed that night with aching feet. I woke up without any foot pain.

Pain is caused by inflammation. Earthing reduces inflammation. So, it makes sense that sleeping with the earthing sheet under our pain-spots eliminated our pain.

Needless to say, I am now budgeting to buy the full queen-sized earthing sheet so that we can dispense with these half-sheet juggling shenanigans and sleep with our entire bodies grounded.

(where to find earthing sheets)

Did you know that snoring is also caused by inflammation?

It’s caused by an inflammation of your nasal and sinus passageways. So, if earthing can reduce inflammation, it makes sense that it would also reduce snoring!

Want to learn more?

The book is available online at Amazon, or you can buy it from Radiant Life for even less.

(photo by slipstreamblue)


  1. Rebekah Brinner via Facebook says

    My husband snores (so do I) but his stops within 1 day of cutting out carbs. Guessing that suggests some dietary allergy/intolerance…

  2. Heather Muñoz via Facebook says

    Can you post a link where to buy earthing sheets? I don’t see it on your resources page that was linked to the article

    • KristenM says

      Do you see *any* links on my Resources page? If not, you need to disable your ad blocker or re-enable javascript for that page.

      The link for earthing sheets is there, under the “Personal Care” section. Right now the sponsor I have selling earthing sheets is Radiant Life, so click on their link to see what earthing products they carry.

  3. Jan Brett via Facebook says

    I snore like a trooper; so badly that I have been evicted from the marital bed. (I quite like it!)

  4. Alice says

    We’ve been sleeping earthed/grounded for about a year, and it has helped my hubby and me tremendously. DH has chronic sinus issues and snores a lot. Between changing our diets to be primal/paleo and sleeping grounded, he doesn’t snore much anymore. Yay! My own quality of sleep has improved tremendously too.

  5. Karly Casey via Facebook says

    Mine was pregnancy induced… ugh. I walk barefoot outside all the time, no change. A little mouthpiece to hold my jaw forward while I sleep has been great though!

  6. Kelli Reyna via Facebook says

    My DH and ds snore because they have structural problems with their palate that needs to be corrected. I don’t think walking barefoot would help;)

  7. Hanna says

    Pain is caused by inflammation

    sorry it works the other way around, pain comes first and inflammation is in response to pain – mind you if there is an over response it can cause even more pain

  8. says

    My wife used to snore a lot. We started sleeping grounded about 6 months ago and already after a few weeks her snoring dramatically reduced.
    And should she snore it does not bother me anymore, as I have never slept that well. My sleep is the deepest ever. And another thing. I’m 67 years of age and getting up during the night to go to the bathroom was a normal routine. Not any more. Appearently my biologic clock is working better.

  9. says

    We have had quite a few people tell us that snoring is reduced or even eliminated after starting Earthing. It appears to be one of many common benefits from the practice.
    Martin Zucker
    Co-author of the Earthing book

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