Bacon Wrapped Sweet Potato Bites

I guess you could wrap almost anything in bacon, and I’d love it. I’m imagining scallops, shrimp, asparagus, artichokes, new potatoes, jalepenos, dates, …. and more. But these Bacon Wrapped Sweet Potato Bites may just steal the show. Naturally sweet. Salty. Spicy. These goodies are crisp on the outside with an inside that melts in your mouth. They are a simple, yet delectable finger food.

Bacon Wrapped Sweet Potato Bites

The Players

The How-To

Preheat oven to 350F. Peel the sweet potatoes and cut them lengthwise into quarters. Then cut each quarter in half, and then half again. You’ll wind up with 32 bites.

Melt butter over low-heat and stir in chipotle chili powder and sea salt. Toss the potatoes in the spiced, melted butter to coat.

Cut the bacon slices in half, so you have 32 mini-slices of bacon. Wrap each sweet potato bite with a half slice of bacon, and use a toothpick to hold the bacon in place.

Place on a stainless steel baking sheet (where to buy stainless steel bake ware) and bake for 45 minutes, turning once about halfway through.

These are done when the bacon is crispy and the sweet potatoes are fork-tender. Remove from heat, drizzle with maple syrup, and let cool before serving.

Enjoy your bacon wrapped sweet potato bites!

(photo by FoodWhirl)


  1. D Olson says

    great article on organic vs. conventional! NOW if we could just get farmers to stop catering to the big corps and gov’t support and quit dumping so much corn(read HFCS) and soy (many are developing allergies from the soy proliferation in SO MANY of our foods.) into the food scene. keep up the great website..I look forward to it and share with others! Dave

  2. Ellen says

    Sweet potatoes (or for me Yams) are my favorite! I am so doing this for my next holiday get-together! Thanks for the delicious-looking and simple recipe.

  3. Dinosaurus says

    I love bacon wrapped anything, especially snack-able items. What is the importance of using the SS baking sheet?

    • KristenM says

      Just that a well-made one will heat evenly and won’t contain any poisonous heavy metals (like aluminum) which can leech into your food and contaminate it.

      • Sharon says

        Hi Kristen
        Just to let you know, I clicked on where to buy SS bake ware, mine are all aluminum, the page I was referred to does not have them…I’ll use my glass bake ware to make these wonderful treats.

  4. Steve says

    I made these tonight to try them out as a possible Christmas appetizer… these are so full of win I can’t even express it!! I think these could be a complete meal for me! LOL

    Thanks for this!!


  5. Diana says

    These will be coming with me to a Christmas party! Any suggestions on the best way to reheat after they’ve been cooked? (I.e., I have to cook them before going to the party, but want them to be warm.) Thanks!

  6. ziggi says

    These were delicious. Made them for a Christmas party and employed a minion to assemble them. Reheated them at the party and everyone loved them!

  7. says

    I made the bacon bites today and they were great! I was also serving home-made eggnog, so I used butter and cinnamon to flavor the sweet potatoes. That really worked! Thanks for the idea.

  8. allison says

    We made these puppies as an appetizer for a holiday dinner. Everyone thought we were geniuses. Used pepper bacon and found the maple syrup to be unnecessary. Delicious warm and cold – thank you!

  9. Cave kidsmama @ cavekidscook says

    Maybe this will be the thing that converts my kids to sweet potato – either way hubby says he will be happy to eat them all as they look delish.

  10. Melissa Primalicous says

    I made this recipe for our Superbowl celebration – a couple months ago now, and they were a huge hit!!! Thanks for the recipe, I’ll have to make them again soon. Love your blog!

  11. says

    I live the idea of this! The first time I tried bacon wrapped dates I was in heaven, but now I know how much sugar is in those babies! Something crazy like 28 grams in only 2 dates. Crazy talk, people! So this is such a great idea. I’ll be trying soon!

  12. Megan says

    These were AMAZING!!! I forgot to make the maple syrup but these don’t really need it – the sugars in the sweet potatoes carmalize perfectly so you don’t need the maple syrup. These are great for a dinner party, Super Bowl party, a cheer you up after a hard day party, a sit in and watch TV party – really anything you can think of. :-)

  13. megan says

    Hi Kristen – these look delish! May try this xmas :-). I have a question about maple syrup….I’ve been looking for a good, affordable source. What are your thoughts on the plastic jugs many syrups come in, such as the link you recommended? I’ve been on the fence as I didn’t know if the syrup was still hot when packaged into the plastic jugs, and therefore perhaps a glass container is better, as the heat could cause more leaching of the plastic chemicals into the syrup. I appreciate any insight you might have! Thanks!

  14. PK says

    Kristen, WE’RE GRATEFUL. 2 of our favorite things…I don’t know why I hadn’t thought to combine them before!
    Glad we didn’t use a baking sheet… SO much bacon grease it would have been a disaster. I would recommend either a glass casserole or a sheet cake pan.

    We used 1/4 t. chipotle chili powder and 1/4 t. garam masala.

  15. Sandy Wright says

    I’ve been enjoying your recipes and your website. It is just what I’ve needed. I’ve been gluten free for 3 yrs. since diag. w/Celiac Disease. I now need to go grain free. I will miss my 1 slice of GF bread for my daily sandwich and my morning cereal. Do you have any suggestions or recipes I can “adopt” for healthy, grain free substitutes ? Many thanks for sharing ! Sandy

  16. Sandy says

    I neglected to mention that I am now insulin resistant and need to watch the sugar content of my foods too.

    (And please delete my last name in first email). Thank you.

  17. Robb Ellis via Facebook says

    Well, this now… However old traditions die hard and I’ll be smoking chicken wings, removing the skin then saucing them up.

  18. Amy says

    Made these for a crowd recently. PERFECT! Everyone loved them, and the only bad part was that I didn’t have any left over to bring home!

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