Announcing: Fight Back Fridays

It’s time we got inspired. Time we united. Time we shared our collective wisdom. There are a surprising number of people in our fold. Traditional foodies. Raw foodies. Paleo/Primal dieters. Slow foodies. People inspired to eat locally-grown, sustainably produced food. Each of us dedicated to eating Real Food. Each of us rebelling against conventional norms in order to nourish our bodies, our families, our spirits.

There are so many things we can learn from each other — how to prepare foods, new recipes to try, new ways to be frugal & thrifty while still eating nutrient-dense whole foods, new ways to answer for our food choices and think about our lives.

That’s why I’m organizing Fight Back Fridays for us card carrying challengers of conventional nutritional wisdom.

What is Fight Back Fridays?

It’s your standard blog carnival, but it’s all about being Food Renegades. Who are the Food Renegades? Well, they’re the adventurous ones — the people who opt out of the industrialized food system, distrust standard nutritional advice, and embrace Real Food.

They’re the people who are fighting back against the dominate food culture — one forkful of food at a time.

You know who you are.

If you’re a fellow Food Renegade (or a newbie or a wannabe), this carnival is for you. You can post:

  • updates & stories about your Real Food journey,
  • tips,
  • recipes,
  • anything you think others might find useful, helpful, encouraging, or inspiring.

Yes, ANY subject related to being a Food Renegade is game. The goal here is variety! I won’t announce weekly topics. YOU decide what YOU want to share, based on what’s going on in YOUR life. Participating really couldn’t be any easier!

The VERY FIRST Fight Back Friday will be next Friday, March 13th. So, mark your calendars.

Here’s how it will work:

  1. Fight Back Fridays is open to anyone with a blog that wants to join us by linking up to a post on their blog that’s relevant to the topic. If your post is in your archives, that’s fine. Just post a new post at your blog on Friday pointing people to your old post or posts and linking back to my Fight Back Friday post.
  2. In order to make browsing as easy as possible, please link to your individual Fight Back Fridays post instead of to your home page. We’ll be using Mr. Linky to link up to your posts, so adding your post to the carnival will be EASY.
  3. When adding your name to Mr. Linky please make sure to tell us what your post is about in 4 words or less. Here are some examples of the right way: “Kim (first time making sauerkraut)” or “Jennifer (grain-free pancakes)” or “Scott (benefits of raw milk)” or “Doug (kid friendly real food). You get the idea.
  4. Please feel free to let us know if you are new to Fight Back Fridays (so we can be sure to visit and welcome you) by putting


  1. says

    Sounds great! Uniting forces between the paleo, WAPF, raw and other crowds is something I’ve been thinking will be very important going forward. We all have too much in common – and there is too much work to do – to factionalize and hide away in our own communities.

    I look forward to seeing how the carnival goes, and hey, may end up contributing something for next Friday.


  2. says

    WilliamS — I think so too! And, for many of us, we’re united already. Just look at me! I am a high paleo, high raw, WAPF, slow food enthusiast who tries to source locally and organic whenever I can. I don’t do any of it perfectly, but I really appreciate each of these communities. I really think reaching out to each other is the next big step we can make in changing how America eats.

  3. says

    Heather — I’ll be using a widget called “Mr. Linky.” Mr. Linky allows you to come to my Friday post and use a brief form to enter your name and the url of your post. Once you submit your information, Mr. Linky will automatically add it to a growing list of submissions at the end of my post. If it sounds confusing now, it will all be pretty obvious then! Just be sure to have a post ready to go for next Friday!

    I’m excited, folks! We really can change the way America (and the industrialized world) eats.

  4. Helen says

    What a great idea to hang around with like-minded people and share recipes and stories.

    I love reading certain blogs, but have no clue as to how to go about creating one.

    I am standing up in front of you, telling you my name is Helen and I am computer challenged. :)


  5. Leopold says

    This is great. I’m like Helen in the comment just before mine — I don’t know how to blog, but I love this one. I want to hear more about the philosophy and science behind the kind of holistic nutrition and wellness preached here at Food Renegade. It is whispered in the recipes, but I would love to hear more and more about the real details. Either way, I can’t wait to participate!

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