WINNER + COUPON: Foraging & Feasting


So last week I hosted a giveaway for one of my favorite new books — a stunningly illustrated field guide and cookbook for wild edibles.

It’s called Foraging & Feasting – A Field Guide and Wild Food Cookbook.

Today, I not only get to announce the lucky winner, but share a fabulous coupon with you from the author so you can get your own hands on this lovely hardback tome (or give it as a gift!).

First, the winner.

Congratulations go to Mindy D (japplejam@…)! Mindy, I’ve sent you an email; please be sure to respond within 48 hours to collect your prize!

Didn’t win? I’ve still got good news.

foraging-feasting-coverI got my hands on something super rare for you — a coupon for this book!

You won’t find it discounted like this anywhere else. Not on Amazon. Not on Barnes & Noble. Not in your local bookstore.

So if you wanted to snag a copy of this feast for the eyes, I highly recommend you take advantage of this generous coupon provided by the author of the book.

Simply use coupon code off15 to save 15% on your order!

To use the coupon, you’ll need to order directly from the publisher. Just click here to buy the book.

Hurry! This coupon expires January 7, 2014.

That gives you one week to take advantage of this coupon.

Why forage foods?

Foraged foods are free. They require no inputs or cultivation.

And, foraged foods often have superior flavor and nutrition to cultivated foods. That’s because cultivated fruits and vegetables are created to hold up to mechanical harvesting, cold storage, shipping long distances, and to look beautiful on store shelves. They’re not cultivated for depth of flavor or nutrient-density.

Foraged foods provide a great way to opt out of the industrial food supply, and Foraging & Feasting – A Field Guide and Wild Food Cookbook makes it easy to harvest and prepare these foraged foods in delectable, hearty recipes.

Watch this video about Foraging & Feasting.

(Click here to use coupon code off15 and save 15% off your book order.)

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  1. Lyn says

    Morel mushrooms, ramps, and another stump ‘shroom that I don’t know the name of right now. Had a wonderful completely foraged meal after a canoe excursion back in spring of ’05.

  2. Pam says

    Sorry you’re having trouble Kelly. For what it’s worth … I just used the code successfully a few minutes ago. It’s Mon 1/6/14 about 10pm EST.

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