Which Famous Sustainable Foodie Should Be Your Love Slave? (In the kitchen!!)

Which Famous Sustainable Foodie Should Be Your Love Slave

You know you want to know!

I’ve got a confession to make. I think it’s really sexy when my husband does the dishes. I also get excited when I find someone who’s as passionately devoted to Real Food as I am.

I also like to have fun. That’s why I created this quiz.

So, I hope you enjoy it. I sure had fun writing it.

To add to the amusement, leave a comment letting us know who should be steaming up your kitchen!


P.S. So, men who aren’t gay, I apologize for this rather one-sided quiz. Next time I’ll create one full of extra-hot, famous sustainable foodies who are gorgeous women.


  1. Jenny says

    I got Will Allen also. Ya he can grace my kitchen. I also wouldn’t mind Joe Bastianich also. Don’t know why I like him but I sure wouldn’t mind being taken around Italy by him and seeing their vineyards and property. I kinda think he reminds me of my husband except mine won’t wear a suit. Lol

  2. Jennifer Barrington says

    I got Michael Pollan. A good choice for my “Love Slave” since I have a thing for the men with the shaved (or bald) heads!

  3. Andrew G. says

    I was about to write an annoyed comment until I saw your post script.
    And is it just me or does love slave sound really bad? Like your going to abuse them or something. Poor Will Allen.

  4. says

    I got Mark Bittman – who I don’t like and don’t agree with. :( Don’t think he’s very sexy or charming either. Where’s Alan Savory, Joel Salatin or some guy from a big grassfed beef ranch in the west? They need to be on this quiz.

  5. Trina says

    You find it sexy when your husband does a very minor chore he should be doing at least once every day or two?

    Okay then.

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