Weekly Meal Plan

This week we got an abundance of veggies in our CSA share, including the first tomatoes of the season. (Did I tell you we got strawberries last week?) Needless to say, the tomatoes are already gone. But the greens remain: kale, bok choy, swiss chard, spinach, dandelion.

How to use the greens in 2 days or less? That is the question.

B: Green Smoothies (why smoothies?)
L: Tuna apple salad on a bed of dandelions, glass of kombucha
D: Orange Habanero Meatloaf patties, bok choy in a sesame garlic sauce, glass of raw milk (why raw milk?)

B: Scrambled eggs (from pastured hens!), cortido, apple slices, glass of raw milk
L: Salmon patties, spinach salad, glass of kombucha
D: Sauteed Swiss Chard w/Parmesan Cheese, glass of raw milk

B: Coconut Milk Green Smoothies
L: Curried lentil soup, apple slices w/nut butter, glass of kombucha
D: Roasted beets over cauliflower “rice,” green salad, glass of kombucha

B: Omelets, grapes, glass of raw milk
L: Giant green salad, celery sticks with real cheese dip (An experiment! Wish me luck.), glass of kombucha
D: Bison & Sweet Potato Hash, sauerkraut, carrot sticks, glass of raw milk

B: Coconut Milk Green Smoothies
L: Stir-fried veggies in a Thai Peanut sauce, apple slices w/nut butter, glass of kombucha
D: Spaghetti squash & marinara sauce, green salad, glass of kombucha

B: Green Smoothies
L: Leftover Bison & Sweet Potato Hash, green salad, glass of raw milk
D: Parmesan encrusted grilled tilapia, sauteed greens, glass of raw milk

B: Green Smoothies

This post is part of OrgJunkie’s Menu Plan Mondays. For more menu ideas, go check it out!


  1. says

    Yeah, we’re pretty fortunate to basically have a year round CSA here if we want it. There are a couple of breaks in the year, but they’re not so bad. Plus we have the option to buy our CSA share in 10-week “seasons,” so you don’t have to fork over as much money up front.

  2. Shannon says

    Hi Food Renegade!

    I love your menu plan. I have a question for you. I watched the video your site points to for getting started on green smoothies, and I made one today, and it’s quite delicious, but I am really wondering about raw kale. On page 366 of Nourishing Traditions, it says that raw kale should be avoided. What is your take? Are there greens out there that would be better in smoothies for us than kale? Thanks!


  3. says

    Sustainable Eats — Thanks for the link!

    Shannon — I think the occasional raw spinach or raw kale is okay, but they are best eaten cooked. Here’s what I do for my smoothies:

    I put the kale in the blender, along with a 1/4cup of almost boiling hot water and a tablespoon or two of coconut oil. Then I whirl that around for a minute or so until it’s smooth. Then I add the other ingredients. This does two things:

    1) It helps blend the kale & coconut oil in with the smoothies better.

    2) It very lightly “steams” the kale to take the neutralize some of its anti-nutrient properties.

  4. says

    Wow, great menu. I really have to try CSA. I only learned about it yesterday and found so many bloggers raving about it.

    Sauteed Swiss Chards w/ Parmesan Cheese sounds great! Thank you for the link.

    You have a great blog – fabulous design, pictures & content!!


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