The Alltop Badge Debate Continues

After reading your comments, I decided to experiment and make my own badges. I like the Alltop sense of humor, but I wanted something a tad bit less offensive.

I don’t know. Did I succeed?

Here’s the badge I created:

I also tried to think of synonyms to “kick ass.” I could say this site “rocks” or “rules” or “is awesome,” but then I didn’t want to be hung up in childhood slang or terribly confuse non-English speakers.



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    It’s one of their jokes from their other badges:

    It’s self-deprecating humor, meant to suggest that you don’t think you’re worthy of Alltop so OF COURSE you had to pay someone off to get in.


    Maybe boring is the way to go. The humor either seems to offend or confuse.

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    Well, I think most people are supposed to know what Alltop is. It’s Guy Kawasaki’s baby after all. But, I did go for something more descriptive in the end. You’ll see my final badge happily displayed in the sidebar.

    So, unless anyone wants to inspire me with something witty that isn’t confusing or offensive, it looks like this is it.

    Thanks for all your help, everyone!

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    All of the Alltop badges were designed by either readers or site owners listed in their respective alltopics. We appreciate your discussion about badges and link to Alltop, but especially you sharing Alltop with your readers.


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