Suggest A Topic — I Dare You!

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Of course, I have a hundred ideas for new blog posts everyday.

But this blog isn’t about me. It’s about you.


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    I *found* this blog via Skribit- I’m enjoying reading this blog. :) No suggestions as yet, though maybe you could remember that not everyone on the internet has access to USA health food stores. :)

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    TitaniumGeek — Thanks for the comment! Because of the revolution in commerce that is the Internet, I assume that anyone can buy just about anything online and have it shipped to their door. I know it’s a faulty assumption, but it really does feel that way sometimes.

    So, I may suggest buying something from someplace like Whole Foods (like cultured buttermilk to use as a starter), but the point is to use that ingredient as a starter culture for a living food that you can perpetually reproduce. You make the difficult-to-find purchase once (either at a store like Whole Foods or online), and then you’ve got buttermilk for the rest of your life!

    For me, it’s worth tracking down these hard to find items. I’m really frugal, and I like saving money while enjoying real food.

    Kombucha, Kefir, Buttermilk, Yogurt. These are all foods that keep on giving and perpetually reproduce.

    And, as far as I know, these are the only items I suggest people need a health food store to find. And even these can sometimes be found locally if you know the right people.

    Anyhow, I don’t mean to alienate people or make them think something’s impossible because they don’t have a Wild Oats or Whole Foods or Trader Joes near them. I just want to point them to the places they can go to find the things that they need — wherever that may be!

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    Hey, I can’t resist a dare!

    Also – re your comment above and the last one I left: I walked into Wholefoods Market in High St Kensington on Saturday… and walked right out again. That place is good if you are stranded. But the first thing I saw in the emporium was a giant display of pineapples – in January! It was alienating. I found a smaller shop near Holland Park called Luscious Organic where they sell handmade vegan take-aways – that’s more like it!

    I agree – use the Big Health Shops for starting stuff off you can do at home. Back in Bristol, we are blessed with genuine local and indie health shops with connections to genuine local organic farms – praise be!

    However on the whole I would rather have Wholefoods Market than Tesco’s. Would you?


  4. Tamara says

    HA, i took you up on your dare, my suggestion topic is veggies and how to cook them traditional foods style. Basically, i wanna know if there is any other way besides steaming veggies that we can get the most bang for our buck, nutrition wise and still have all the flavor.

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