Sharing the Real Food Love

Because I can. Because you know you like it. Because all these recipes are fantastic. Because it’s just plain good to spread the word about nutrient-dense foods, the people who love them, and how to prepare them!


Onion Gratin

Jenny’s recipes are flawless. I’ve always enjoyed them. If you don’t subscribe to her newsletter, what’s keeping you? Sweet onions. Cheese. Cheese. Cheese. Need I say more?

How To Make Homemade Applesauce

Because it’s that time of year. Already? Where did summer go? I’m not complaining. The 70 degree weather, blue skies, and gentle breeze coming in through my open windows are all pleasant reminders that Fall is on its way.

Homemade Apple Butter

Again, it’s because apples are IN. (In season, that is.)

Fermented Salsa

Because, alas, TOMATOES are going OUT. (It’s a crime, and the one part of eating seasonally I can hardly abide.)

Flourless Coconut Cupcakes

Because healthy, grain-free desserts are hard to come by, and you should know about these!

And finally, I did an interview with Ann Marie of Cheeseslave today for her Podcast. She is the world’s best interviewer. If you don’t tune into her podcast regularly, you should! In it, we talk about what’s wrong with the public school system, the benefits of homeschooling, and share stories about how we started blogging, how I wrote the Real Food Nutrition & Health book, AND why I put together the Real Food Nutrition & Health eCourse. I also go into pretty extensive detail about the kinds of course materials and assignments you can expect if you sign up. Anyhow, you can listen to it here:

Listen to internet radio with cheeseslave on Blog Talk Radio


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