Reversing Food Allergies Video Testimonial

Good news! Ann Marie has extended enrollment in her Reversing Food Allergies at the reduced price for another week. (On April 6th, the price will go up to $199. But, if you register by April 1st at midnight, you can use coupon code HEAL and pay only $129). She also prepared the introductory video below, sharing a heartfelt account of her personal story about how she reversed her food allergies.

Want to get started on the path towards reversing your food allergies today? In the video below, Ann Marie gives 3 tips for those just starting out. These are the three key things that started her on the journey towards healing her gut.

Watch the video!

In the video, Ann Marie promised to send you a Getting Started PDF with tips, recipes, and resources to get you started on the path of reversing your food allergies TODAY. Click here to enter your email address to receive your completely FREE information pack.

The thing I appreciate most is Ann Marie’s enthusiasm and approachability. She’s not a doctor. She’s not a scientist. She’s a regular person — just like you. And she took the bull by the horns and healed her gut by changing her diet. And she’s not afraid to imagine that if it worked for her, it might work equally as well for you.

Changing your diet can be hard and confusing. You may think you’re eating well (many of us do), only to learn something shocking about our modern diets that you’d never considered before.

Here’s a case in point.

The other day I was chatting with a friend about the benefit of fermented foods for healing the gut, and she said, “Well, I eat plenty of those foods. We love pickles and sauerkraut!”

“Really?” I said. “You eat the living, probiotic versions of these foods and not the high-temperature canned or jarred versions of them sold at the supermarket?”

She gave me a confused look, so I continued. “You do know that the stuff sold at the grocery store is usually just canned in a vinegar brine, right? There’s nothing traditional about that food, and nothing in it that will promote gut health. That kind of food preservation didn’t become widespread until the advent of industrialization, and it actually strips food of its nutrients rather than creating nutrients (which is what old-fashioned lactic-acid fermentation does).”

“Oh. I guess I never realized that.” She said. She’d read that naturally-fermented foods like pickles and sauerkraut were good for the gut, but she’d never understood that the pickles and sauerkraut she ate didn’t fit the bill.

The same can be said of many other parts of our diet. We think we’re doing something right (like: Hey, I eat whole grain breakfast cereal instead of that sugary junk!), only to realize years later that we made a mistake (Oh fiddle sticks. You mean that breakfast cereal is extruded and makes the oils in the grain go rancid? And improperly prepared whole grains are actually full of anti-nutrients that can damage my gut?)

That’s where a class like Ann Marie’s can be so helpful! She’ll take the guesswork out of it for you, and hopefully get you and your family started on the path to reversing your symptoms much more quickly than you would have otherwise thought possible.

If you’re interested in her class, want to watch a couple more sample videos, or take a look at the class schedule to see what’s included go check it out!


    • KristenM says

      Hmmm. I understood that the coupon would expire on April 1st at midnight EST (tonight!). I just emailed Ann Marie, so when I hear back from her I’ll let you know! Thanks for the heads up.

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