Real Food Nutrition Book Sale

This year has been amazing. Thanks to you, my lovely readers, I have sold an insanely HUGE number of copies of my book, Real Food Nutrition & Health since its release in April. (I really didn’t expect it to do so well!) Since Thanksgiving is coming up, I wanted to find a way to express my gratitude.

What did I come up with? Well, this may not be very original, but I’m sure it will make a lot of you very happy.

From now until next Saturday, November 27th, use the coupon code THANKFUL20 (applied at checkout) to get 20% OFF the e-book version of Real Food Nutrition & Health. You know the book. It’s a renegade look at nutrition based on a diet of whole, organic, and local foods grown, prepared, and eaten according to traditional food ways. And it’s the perfect way for you or your teenage children to learn about Nutrition.

Please note, this is ONLY good for the e-book. (Sadly, printing costs make discounts on the printed book impossible.)

Click here and use coupon code THANKFUL20 to get the Real Food Nutrition & Health E-Book for just $15.96! That’s 20% OFF the regular price.



  1. Barbara says

    I have been waiting for the appearance of your book for younger children. That’s the one we need, but when it is available we will be ordering both. Do you have a projected release date?

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