Real Food News Heats Up

I’ve taken a rather long hiatus, but the Real Food Revolution kept marching forward. Because of that, I’ve got quite a few news stories saved up to share with all of you.

First, though, I wanted to thank all of the participants who’ve kept Fight Back Fridays going in my absence. I’ve occasionally had the ability to leave some comments on or Tweet some of the entries, but mostly the carnival has just been happening on its own thanks to the faithfulness of all of you — the participants and readers. You guys are amazing.

In today’s Link Love installment, at least three of the links are somewhat controversial. The heat is on, folks. The heat is on.

First up, industrial agriculture has started pushing back. Of course, they have been for quite a while. Their responses in social media outlets, blogs and Twitter have been persistent, if not particularly memorable. Now they’re finally starting to turn up the heat, as demonstrated with the scandal that is Michael Pollan. What, you didn’t think Michael Pollan, food journalist and author of The Omnivore’s Dilemma, was scandalous? Marion Nestle has the scoop, exchanged letters included, at her site.

Paula Crossfield at Civil Eats posted a review of Sharon Astyk’s A Nation of Farmers. I followed Astyk’s blog back when she was co-writing the book, and looked forward to its release with interest. Now I can say I anticipate it with real zeal. Astyk has a way with words. Even if I may not agree with her at every turn, who cares? I want to read this book now. Go check out the review and see if it gets your blood pumping.

I never thought I’d see two of my intellectual friends fighting it out this way, but the day has come. The Weston A Price Foundation’s recent Wise Traditions journal slammed Nina Planck’s Real Food For Mother And Baby. Thankfully, Kelly The Kitchen Kop asked for and received Nina’s response.

Did you ever dream of living rurally, tending to adorable milking goats, and creating delicious cheeses? Brad Kessler did, and he made his pastoral dream come true. Check out the Culinate’s interview of Brad for a little inspirational reading.

And finally, I want to eat these Italian Sausage Meatballs from Mark’s Daily Apple! Fantabulous, aren’t they?

The last (and truly final link) I want to share is to the Foodbuzz Blog Award Nominations. Food Renegade was nominated for Best Green/Sustainable Food blog. If you haven’t yet already voted, you’ve got just 3 days left to tell the world what you think.


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