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I hate this part of the Link Love post — the part where I try to summarize the post in a few handy sentences. Sometimes, it’s just downright impossible. I’ve tried different strategies over the years. Sometimes I’ve simply talked about my own week. Sometimes I’ve teased readers with a few of the post’s highlights. I’ll probably do all of those again. Today, I’m opting for full disclosure.

Summarizing this week’s Link Love post was hard, so hard I opted not to do it!

Ever drooled over the images at TasteSpotting and FoodGawker, wishing they had Real Food counterparts? After all, nothing’s more disappointing than clicking through a scrumptious-looking image only to discover a recipe that calls for white flour, low-fat dairy, or refined, yellow, seed-based cooking oils (the horror!). I’m pleased to point you to two new gawking sites for those of you addicted to “food porn.” All Real Food. All the time. Check out The Foodee Project and ChowStalker.

Ann Marie at Cheeseslave visited two California dairies and reports back in Will The Real California Happy Cow Please Stand Up?

The Weston A Price Foundation’s website got an overhaul. Not only can you now join the organization online (YAY for ease!), but you can even join their new online social network called Butter Buddies! Yes, if you want to hob nob with like-minded butter-loving weirdos online, this may end up being THE place to do it.

Jenny at Nourished Kitchen shares her personal story of how eating Real Food helped her recover from PCOS, Celiac Disease, and Auto Immune Thyroid Disease.

Worried about what sitting all day at a computer is doing to your health? Mark Sisson of Mark’s Daily Apple offers up 16 Tips for Desk Jockeys: What To Do About Sitting All Day.


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    Thank you so much for the link love Kristen! Seeing The Foodie Project and Chowstalker referred to as the real food counterparts to Tastespotting and Foodgawker makes me giddy!

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    I love potatoes. That is the coolest heart potato picture ever! Who could ever eat french fries again, knowing a potato like this one may have given it’s spuds? -Shawn

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