Golden Mid-Summer Vegetable Noodle Salad


Sometimes all you need for lunch is a big plate of vegetables doused in good fat sitting alongside a tall glass of raw milk. And sometimes it’s just what I need in the heat of the summer when I try to make breakfast the heaviest meal of the day, getting all of my cooking in before my kitchen and I hit the melting point.

But who needs to argue for a vegetable salad at a time of year when there’s all the zucchini, cucumbers, green beans, and peppers you can eat. I combine a few of these, cut into noodle shapes, with our homegrown garlic and sunflower seeds for extra crunch and protein.

Dressed simply with olive oil and vinegar and with just a pinch of turmeric to color it a beautiful golden hue, this salad will be gracing our table again and again as we beat the heat and try to stay ahead of the garden produce.

Mid-Summer Vegetable Noodle Salad

Recipe Note: Feel free to exchange some of the squash or cucumber for bell pepper strips.

 The Players

The How-To

  • Steam green beans until tender. Set aside to cool.
  • Cut squash into noodles using either a spiral slicer (I use this one), a julienne peeler (this is mine), or by slicing long thin strips from the vegetables with your knife. Repeat using cucumber. If the cucumber doesn’t slice well due to the high water content, simply cut it into bite-sized pieces.
  • Add sliced vegetables to medium-sized bowl and sprinkle with just a little bit of salt. Let stand 5-10 minutes. Squeeze as much excess moisture as you can out of vegetable noodles.
  • Mix in green beans, garlic, olive oil, vinegar, red pepper flakes, turmeric, and sunflower seeds. Season gently with salt and mix well to combine.
  • Taste and adjust salt and vinegar as desired. Serve as a main dish lunch salad alongside with some raw milk or cheese, or as a vegetable addition to a summer cook out spread.


  1. Lora says

    Thank you for the recipe. It sounds delicious and well suited to our current heat wave in the east. Also, it will help me keep up with my CSA veggies. I tried your recent potato salad recipe, and we were very happy with it. I’ll definitely be making that again.

  2. carolyn tait says

    i just polished this salad off and it is crazy delicious! the flavors in the dressing are just amazing. i’m interested to see how the rest of it tastes tomorrow, after the flavors rest together over nite. as an aside, i recently made a quart of fermented garlic and this is the first time i’ve eaten from it. so delicious!

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