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March Giveaway: Kindle Fire HDX 8.9″ Tablet

Win a Kindle Fire HDX

This month, I’m giving away a Kindle Fire HDX 8.9″, HDX Display, Wi-Fi, 16 GB – Without Special Offers (worth $394) to one of you.

I am so grateful for you, my readers! You hang with me through thick and thin as we buck conventional nutritional wisdom and cleave to eating according to our ancestral, traditional food ways. Without you, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

So, as a way of saying thank you and giving something back, I’m hosting monthly giveaways!

These prizes are coming entirely out of my own pocket. I choose them based on your Facebook votes, and I ship the prizes directly to your doorstep.

How to Enter

Entering the contest is as easy as 1-2-3!

1. Click the link below:

Kindle Fire HDX 8.9″ Tablet

(It will take you to to read all about the newest features on the latest Kindle Fire. Just come back here and carry on with steps 2 & 3.)

2. If you haven’t already, sign up for my email newsletter using the form below.

I hate spam and value your privacy! The emails you’ll receive will include:

  • Real Food Recipes
  • Nutrition & Health Articles
  • Coupons, Special Offers, & More Giveaways

You can unsubscribe at any time. Please Note: YOU MUST be signed up for my newsletter at the time the contest is over in order to still be eligible to win.

Just enter your email address below and hit SUBSCRIBE. Super easy!

3. Verify your entries with the Raffelcopter widget below.

Just click the green buttons (they turn green when you hover over them) to let me know you entered! Raffelcopter will also give you the opportunity to get additional entries by following me on Facebook and Pinterest.

a Rafflecopter giveaway



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I am a passionate advocate for REAL FOOD -- food that's sustainable, organic, local, and traditionally-prepared according to the wisdom of our ancestors. I'm also an author and a nutrition educator. I enjoy playing in the rain, a good bottle of Caol Ila scotch, curling up with a page-turning book, sunbathing on my hammock, and watching my three children explore their world.
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75 Responses to March Giveaway: Kindle Fire HDX 8.9″ Tablet
  1. Ann
    March 4, 2014 | 10:10 am

    What a neat giveaway. I’ve fallen behind in ‘keeping up’ with all the latest technology, so this would be a real nice gift. Thank you for the opportunity to win it.

    I love your site and have told many people about you and all the healthy recipes. Due to the severe cold weather, we’ve been kept busy trying to prevent more damage to our home….(frozen pipes and other stuff) so I’ve had little time for the computer, but hope to get back soon.

  2. Erica
    March 4, 2014 | 11:20 am

    What a fantastic giveaway!! GREAT info & blog!!

  3. Ruth
    March 4, 2014 | 11:30 am

    Hi! Thanks for the great giveaway! Just to let you know – the link in your rafflecopter is to share the February giveaway. Do you have a better link for the March giveaway?

  4. Chris Kim via Facebook
    March 4, 2014 | 12:07 pm

    Would love this!

  5. Heather Kiger via Facebook
    March 4, 2014 | 12:28 pm

    I can’t get the Rafflecopter to work on the page, and the link in the comments brought me back here. lol I’d download a cookbook of some sort for sure. (And I’d start reading the library already amassed using Amazon’s pc kindle feature.) :)

  6. Chris Churchill Galbraith via Facebook
    March 4, 2014 | 12:28 pm

    Share and win!

  7. Victoria Tumilson via Facebook
    March 4, 2014 | 12:31 pm

    Love your info!

  8. David Bell via Facebook
    March 4, 2014 | 12:31 pm


  9. Food Renegade via Facebook
    March 4, 2014 | 12:32 pm

    Heather — Are you getting an error message when you try to use the Rafflecopter widget?

  10. Heather Kiger via Facebook
    March 4, 2014 | 12:34 pm

    I can’t see it at all; it just skips down to the comments and there’s no widget at all. I’ll try restarting my computer to see if that fixes it.

  11. Suzanne Everett via Facebook
    March 4, 2014 | 12:39 pm

    this would be great to win!

  12. Tanna Ray via Facebook
    March 4, 2014 | 12:43 pm

    What a great prize.

  13. Beth
    March 4, 2014 | 12:43 pm

    Unfortunately, my mom had to return her Kindle because it disturbed her circadian rhythms causing severe insomnia. It was the Paperwhite, though.

  14. Nancy Tow Falster via Facebook
    March 4, 2014 | 12:59 pm

    This will be great ton keep handy in the kitchen while we teach Veterans about cooking

  15. Sweetwater Farm via Facebook
    March 4, 2014 | 1:09 pm

    Great giveaway :)

  16. Cheridene Boucher via Facebook
    March 4, 2014 | 1:20 pm

    awesome giveaway

  17. Monica
    March 4, 2014 | 1:35 pm

    This is great! Thanks for hosting this. Most important, thank you for your blog. Love it! ❤

  18. Kathy Guerra
    March 4, 2014 | 1:54 pm

    Thank you for this giveaway! Your site is awesome, I am always looking forward to your posts! Hope I win :)

  19. Pamela Prettynose via Facebook
    March 4, 2014 | 1:57 pm

    Thanks yeah!

  20. Pamela Prettynose via Facebook
    March 4, 2014 | 2:09 pm

    Omg!! I am getting ready to travel so I would load it up!!!

  21. Bay Ley via Facebook
    March 4, 2014 | 2:12 pm

    Verbal Judo! I would love Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, but it’s not available for kindle.

  22. Robin Moody
    March 4, 2014 | 2:59 pm

    I don’t have facebook. Is there another way to enter? I signed up for the newsletter and went to Amazon and viewed the Kindle.

    • Kristen Michaelis
      March 4, 2014 | 3:38 pm

      I’m confused. You don’t need to have Facebook to enter. You just need to verify your entries in the Rafflecopter widget.

  23. Brandi Price via Facebook
    March 4, 2014 | 3:11 pm

    Have you already announced the winner of the Amazon GC from last month or did I miss that?

    • Kristen Michaelis
      March 4, 2014 | 3:38 pm

      Not yet, it will likely go up tomorrow or the next day. Thank you for your patience.

  24. Johanna Ziegler via Facebook
    March 4, 2014 | 3:43 pm

    Would be a welcome replacement for my daughters malfunctioning Nook :)

  25. Denise Plourde Nelson via Facebook
    March 4, 2014 | 4:03 pm

    great giveaway!

  26. Crystal Joy Abel via Facebook
    March 4, 2014 | 4:07 pm

    I entered! Liked and shared!

  27. Elizabeth Robbins Trout via Facebook
    March 4, 2014 | 4:08 pm

    I`m in it want to win thanks

  28. Mari Morgan via Facebook
    March 4, 2014 | 5:23 pm

    What would be the first book I downloaded? Probably whatever looks good when the next Kindle First free book offer comes around! LOL

  29. Mari Morgan via Facebook
    March 4, 2014 | 5:31 pm

    Bay Ley – Nutrition and Physical Degeneration is available FREE from Project Gutenberg Australia: You can use a really awesome software package called “Calibre” (which is also free at to convert it to Kindle format and then send it to your e-reader with USB or wirelessly. I have converted and saved it, although I have only nibbled at it because it’s very dense reading!

  30. Kaleena
    March 4, 2014 | 5:57 pm

    Thanks for the opportunity, a Kindle would be great!

  31. Shari scott
    March 4, 2014 | 7:27 pm

    Nice prize!

  32. Eirinn Elsbeth via Facebook
    March 4, 2014 | 7:44 pm

    OooOOooh…. nice! Thank you :)

  33. Stacy Scott via Facebook
    March 4, 2014 | 7:48 pm

    <3 Liked Shared and Entered =) Thank you <3 <3 <3

  34. Stacy Scott
    March 4, 2014 | 7:49 pm

    Just wanted to say Thank you for the wonderful Giveaway =)

  35. Michelle Conn Bingham via Facebook
    March 4, 2014 | 8:18 pm

    You are so sweet. I love your blog.

  36. Robin John Price via Facebook
    March 4, 2014 | 8:53 pm

    So giving!

  37. Wendi Windrow via Facebook
    March 4, 2014 | 9:08 pm

    Very nice!

  38. erin
    March 4, 2014 | 9:08 pm

    thanks! i emailed my 4 sisters – we have a ‘ya ya’ club!

  39. Tina Curno Fougere-Autism via Facebook
    March 4, 2014 | 9:12 pm

    WOW this would be so amazing to win and useful for me ..liked,entered and shared Very much appreciated thank you for the opportunity

  40. Debra Neiman via Facebook
    March 4, 2014 | 9:15 pm

    I would checkout the Amazon free list first.

  41. Geneva Hall via Facebook
    March 4, 2014 | 9:58 pm

    I would love to win great giveaway

  42. Alicia Arsenault via Facebook
    March 4, 2014 | 11:04 pm

    I’ve been dreaming of a Kindle Fire HDX for so long! I would be over the moon thrilled if I got lucky enough to win this. *crossing fingers* Thank you for the chance & throwing this amazing giveaway!

  43. Alicia Arsenault
    March 4, 2014 | 11:05 pm

    I would be over the moon thrilled if I won this! I’ve been dreaming of owning one of these for so long!

  44. Teresa Bassett via Facebook
    March 5, 2014 | 3:19 am

    Great giveaway. Thanks !

  45. Teresa
    March 5, 2014 | 3:21 am

    Great giveaway and site. Thanks for both.

  46. Loredana Battista via Facebook
    March 5, 2014 | 7:16 am

    Great giveaway. Thanks !

  47. Anna Adona via Facebook
    March 5, 2014 | 7:33 am

    I’d download “How to Start and Build a SIX FIGURE Voice Over Business (Set Your VO Career on Fire!)” by Bill DeWees.

  48. Anna Lutz via Facebook
    March 5, 2014 | 8:45 am

    Harry Potter u.u

  49. Rebecca
    March 5, 2014 | 9:19 am

    Great giveaway! :)

  50. ISA VAL
    March 5, 2014 | 9:22 am

    Fingers crossed!

  51. Lori Sauceda via Facebook
    March 5, 2014 | 9:47 am

    Would be great to read Food Renegade on a larger screen. My phone doesn’t always cut it!

  52. Bailey Dexter via Facebook
    March 5, 2014 | 9:50 am

    What a great prize!!!!!!!!!

  53. Laura Archer Snowbarger via Facebook
    March 5, 2014 | 12:05 pm

    fingers crossed.

  54. Bogdan Sebastian Bogdan via Facebook
    March 5, 2014 | 1:11 pm

    like and share

  55. Stacy Scott via Facebook
    March 5, 2014 | 9:44 pm

    Daily Share =) Thank you

  56. Jenny Esplana via Facebook
    March 6, 2014 | 1:19 am

    shared :)

  57. Gina Ettorre McCole via Facebook
    March 6, 2014 | 12:25 pm

    This Kindle Fire HDX looks awesome…better than an ipad! Hope I can win it!

  58. Brian Murphy via Facebook
    March 6, 2014 | 12:51 pm

    great giveaway!

  59. Angela
    March 6, 2014 | 1:07 pm

    I’m not sure if the raffle copter worked…

  60. Sue Kobes
    March 6, 2014 | 3:29 pm

    Thanks for all the info. I am trying to ,again, make our diets healthier. We have changed our cooking habits drastically in the last 47 years. I would love the Kindle, who knows , today may be my lucky day.

  61. Harold Wilson via Facebook
    March 6, 2014 | 5:04 pm

    I have the reader, Fire would be better.

  62. Brenda Pence via Facebook
    March 6, 2014 | 5:23 pm

    I have been considering the purchase of one. I would love it.

  63. Tasha
    March 12, 2014 | 2:52 pm

    Wow, great giveaway! Fingers crossed. Good luck everyone. ; )

  64. Janet
    March 14, 2014 | 7:40 am

    If I could win one of these, I’d be looking for a food renegade app.
    Thanks for this opportunity.

  65. Cathleen
    March 15, 2014 | 5:01 pm

    Thank you for the great contest. I really love that they updated the processor and have a great forward camera.

  66. Milena Tsamourlidou
    March 17, 2014 | 7:06 pm


  67. msdrpepper
    March 18, 2014 | 11:18 am

    I think I ended up signing up for the same lists twice?? I had two different confirmation emails in my inbox. Plus, I never could find any RaffleCopter or whatever it was called, the buttons that would turn green when I hovered over them. I did see a green “print this” button… hmmm

    The Kindle Fire sounds like fun! It’s getting harder to read the books on the tiny little iphone kindle app. And the Magnesium Oil really seems to work. I noticed your ad from Tropical Traditionals coconut oil and want to read through your blog, to see if you have any discussions about the various types of coconut oils they sell and what the differences are, and how to tell if it is “good” coconut oil, etc. Thanks!

  68. Julie
    March 29, 2014 | 7:39 am

    This is a really nice giveaway. If I had a kindle fire, I’d be able to read things in a larger font plus would have internet access. So cool.

  69. Brandi Price
    March 31, 2014 | 9:44 pm

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway again! I am hoping I am still/already signed up for email because I can’t get the subscribe button to work in step 2.

  70. Anna
    April 1, 2014 | 2:18 pm

    When visiting your site it asks if I want to win a Kindle, but the raffle-copter at the link is closed. I guess things are not up to date. To bad I can’t enter!!! :(

    Thank you for your contributions to the real food community!

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