I need a refrigerator alarm

“Mommy, I gave the dog your special milk.” My eldest son confessed.

“What special milk, dear?” I asked. I didn’t have any special milk.

“This special milk,” he said, running to the refrigerator and pulling out a quart of organic cultured buttermilk. I took the carton from him. It had been unopened the night before; now it was empty.

As much as I love my son, he has the most annoying habit of getting into things he shouldn’t. Particularly in the wee hours of the morning when the sun has not yet risen.

I had everything ready to make buttermilk for y’all.

Now you get to wait another week or so, until I have the chance to go buy some more decent buttermilk to use as a starter.


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    So, you will be so proud of me. Thanks to your encouragement to cook with something other than bad oil, I started to make my own butter and have been cooking with it…from organic heaving whipping cream. This is week 2 of making my own butter, but now I want to use a raw milk source. Where do you get yours?

    …baby steps ūüėČ

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    LOL! If it makes you feel any better, cultured dairy is good for our doggies. I first started making yogurt because I feed so much of it to my dogs as part of their BARF diet.

    BARF = bones and raw food

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    Have you tried the recipe here – http://biology.clc.uc.edu/fankhauser/Cheese/BUTTERMILK.HTM ?

    Specifically, the “from scratch” part near the bottom of the page.

    I used to buy buttermilk to use as my starter in my raw milk, but it seemed like a waste. I tried freezing the buttermilk in ice cube trays so that I could just pull a couple out each time I wanted to make a batch. But for some weird reason, the batches made with the buttermilk ice cubes turned slimy.

    So now I just follow the directions above and clabber my raw milk and repeat until it sours in 24 hours and then keep it in the fridge for pancakes, biscuits and such.

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    Thank you all for your friendly thoughts. Kids are endearing, aren’t they?

    Rigel — I’ll email you the info.

    Shannon — I haven’t tried that recipe. It’s similar to what’s in Nourishing Traditions, right? I use buttermilk enough that I always have some to use as starter. This is an odd time, though, because I don’t have any on hand. Also, I wanted to post a recipe for those who don’t have access to raw milk to be able to use as well. I’d hate for them to get discouraged when they really can easily make something that’s better quality than store bought.

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    It is like the recipe in NT for clabbered milk, but you are repeating a couple times to get it to clabber in 24 hours. The first time you clabber will take quite a few days. I think this is to selectively culture specific bacteria.

    In my experience when I would use store-bought as a starter, it would only repeat so many times and then it seemed to lose it’s punch, so I just quit buying the store-bought and starting from scratch with plain raw milk.

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