GIVEAWAY: Real Food Fermentation

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Want to know how to make naturally fermented, homemade sauerkraut, but are intimidated by the process? How about homemade honey mead or hard apple cider?

In a new cookbook written by one of my Real Food Lovin’ Friends, Alex Lewin, you’ll learn how to soothe tummy aches with homemade ginger ale. You’ll easily dish up an authentic, real, corned beef for New Year’s dinner. And, you’ll finally take the fear out fermentation.

The book, Real Food Fermentation: Preserving Whole Fresh Food with Live Cultures in Your Home Kitchen, is page after page of beautiful, full color photographs detailing step-by-step instructions for all these fermentation basics.

And this week, I’m giving away a copy to one of you lucky readers!

Meet Alex Lewin

Alex Lewin with Real Food Fermentation

I met Alex over a year ago when I attended my first Wise Traditions conference. At this year’s conference in Santa Clara, I saw him again and enjoyed quite a few excellent meals by his side engaging in thought-provoking and often funny conversations.

We talked about food politics, what it’s like for him to live on both coasts (he has homes in both Boston and San Francisco), how to live life beautifully and intentionally, and even delved into some minor discussions on philosophy and religion.

Alex is a graduate of the Cambridge School of Culinary Arts and the Institute of Integrative Nutrition — a professionally trained chef and a nutritionist, what a combination!

(I should say he does neither of these full-time since he also indulges in another lucrative passion as a software engineer/techie working for companies like

But he does use his training to teach fermentation classes and workshops, and to contribute to his management of the Boston Public Market Association where he serves as Vice President working to create a year-round indoor market selling local food.

Alex also blogs at Feed Me Like You Mean It.

What You’ll Win

As interesting a man as Alex is, you just know he’d craft such a stunning, appealing, and excellent book!

Each recipe comes with full color photo tutorials to walk you through each step. It completely takes the guesswork out of fermentation, making it all seem accessible and fun.

Besides, check out those hands! (Can I confess my secret passion for pictures and drawings of the human hand?) Thankfully, real fermentation is a hands-on craft, almost as earthy and sensuous as gardening.

Alex Lewin Real Food Fermentation Collage

You’ll also learn everything you need to know about why the recipes work, why they are safe, what to do if they go wrong, and how to modify them to suit your individual taste.

This week, I’m giving away a printed copy of this book to one of you lucky readers!

How To Enter

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Please note: The first and ONLY mandatory way to enter this giveaway requires that you not only click on the link to go check out a few reader reviews of the book, but also that you come back here to THIS POST and leave a comment telling me why you’re excited about this book!

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The giveaway ends on Christmas Day, December 25th, 2012 at midnight CST.



  1. lace says

    This book looks amazing! My father is just starting his journey on food fermenting and has really enjoyed the process and the great tasting food. Sauerkraut is his next food to try. I’m thinking this would make a wonderful gift and I’d love to see the recipes myself and try my hand at a few things. I’m interested in the pickles, kombucha and the ginger ale recipes.

  2. Mary Korte says

    This book is next on my list of books to own. I hope I win it but if not, I will be buying it soon. Thanks for the contest!

  3. Barbara Harrison says

    This book sounds like what I’m looking for because I’m new at fermenting veggies and I would like to try the hard cider.

  4. amanda says

    I am super excited to check this book out because I’ve been a fan of multiple real food/fermenting pages and groups but I still haven’t taken that leap into making my own and I know I really need to!!

  5. Anna says

    Just starting out fermenting. Would love a great book like this one to help me be less intimidated. The pictures and descriptions look great! Just the thing I have been looking for!

  6. erica lee clark says

    I am a constant onlooker of Food Renegade’s helpful posts, pictures, information and recipes to a more healthy lifestyle. I suffer from Ulcerative Colitis which is a constant struggle every day. Since “Liking” Food Renegade’s page my symptoms and “flares” have gone away and I am currently in a state of remission. I am truly excited to be entered to win Alex Lewin’s book! I myself, love to cook and am in the process of beginning my journey into food fermentation. I read the even down to Kombucha and gingerale- which are two of the best remedies for my UC, this book will teach me the do’s and correct ways of beginning my endeavors. Thank you and I will continue to keep supporting in any way I can!

  7. Ashley says

    I am so intimidated by the thought of fermenting anything! This book looks perfect for me. One reviewer said,”It takes the scariness out of fermenting!” That is what I need!

  8. Melissa Mailly says

    I like that the recipes are focused on a few well-tested basics instead if being overwhelming with 100’s of different categories & recipes.

  9. Martha says

    Have done a little fermentation and got scared away by mold mongers ! Would love to have a book that helps visually with the issues that can arise.

  10. Rebecca says

    I added this book to my Amazon Wishlist! Being of German heritage I have always had a desire to ferment foods, but it is not something I have mastered. This book looks like a great aid in learning how to ferment. The reviews mention that there is a lot of images in the book, which sounds great for me, as I am more of a visual learner.

  11. Shirley says

    I am about to begin the GAPS diet to heal my intestinal issues…..fermenting is essential to the program and I have not done any of this before. I really would like to win the book as I need to know this info soon. Thanks for allowing me to enter for a chance to win! Blessings!

  12. Barbara says

    looks like a great book. I’ve been fermenting for a couple of years and it’s exciting to read the reviews from people in a similar place to me and how useful the book is.

  13. Sarah D says

    I require at least a cup of sauerkraut a day to function- it’s my coffee, I need to learn how to make my own! Correctly, terribly afraid of mold :(

  14. Leanne says

    I absolutely love cooking and fermenting, and would be thrilled to win this book! Thanks so much for the always awesome posts. :)

  15. Kathryn says

    I’m intrigued by the idea of being able to make my own sauerkraut and yogurt. I love both of those foods, and the stuff you get in the stores pales in comparison to the kind you can make yourself!

  16. Jenna says

    I love fermenting. I’ve been really getting in to it this year and would love to have more recipes to plan and then preserve next year’s harvest.

  17. Theresa M. says

    I’ve had a lot of fermented food failures and I would love to have this book, so I can lean how to do it correctly.

  18. says

    this is the first i’ve heard of fermenting food (except for sourkraut of course)… but makes sense to me… i have a 15 year old who is ADHD and i feel that the idea of fermenting food might be very benificial for his condition and may actually capture his attention for learning about fermented foods. I would be very excited to win it so i can try out some recipes and make healthier more nutricious meals for us both.

  19. Jim Macey says

    From the Amazon site, the book appeared to have a great layout, and to be easily read and comprehended. I’m looking forward to reading the chapter on ‘Real Food’ because I don’t think that subject has been well-covered by other authors.

  20. Adrienne says

    I started my fermentation journey 3 years ago. Raw milk, yogurt, sauerkrout, ketchup and more. I would love to have a cookbook about fermentation to add to all my other whole food cookbooks.

  21. Karen Marks says

    So I read the reviews, even the most negative review is still positive! I have had little success fermenting anything and desperately want to! For sure the pictures and step by step instructions in this book will get me there – I’m actually most exited by the reviews that talk about all the pictures since I’m a very visual learner!

  22. Jenne Griffin says

    In August I got really sick and my Naturopath not only put on Gaps but had me start fermenting, I have not mastered it by any means and keep failing at many of the things I have had tried to make just loking on line, so having this book would really help me in my road to healing

  23. Christine Jurew says

    I would love a copy of this book! I’ve begun my journey into whole foods but am at a stand still because I’m overwhelmed and intimidated by fermenting. I feel that we’ve been so far removed from our food that with it has gone our sense of empowerment. I want my power and confidence to make my own food back! Also, I can’t have sauerkraut and love that there seems to be many more recipes to choose from!

  24. says

    fermentation is an art and science and one that, of all the many things i’ve learned to do in order to care for my body, i have yet to tackle.

    like other people on this list, i live with an illness and use food as medicine.

    in that vein, i just launched a cooking show on youtube and would love to do a series on fermentation; for the second season i hope to invite people on the show to share more about their food, process, and how they make their unique dishes.

    it’s refreshing to find blogs like yours; so much of america’s food culture is steeped in stuff that isn’t really even food. it’s great to find community with people who are on-board with this kind of eating. thanks for the opportunity to win the book, cheers! -ariyele

  25. says

    oooh–forgot to say! since i eat without gluten, dairy, sugar, etc, fermented foods help add back so many yummy things that make my diet feel sustainable and enjoyable. when i read in the “look inside” section that traditional fermented foods included so many things that are AWESOME, i got even more excited. either way, i’m glad you pointed my attention to this book! cheers,

  26. Rhoni says

    The reviews were great, especially the one with all the research. Very positive and even more intriguing. It is more up my alley with a spectrum kid and getting them onboard with fermented foods. Simplicity is always easier. Every once in awhile a kick to help you get going by someone who has done it is very helpful. I find lots of inspiration in recipe books with info.

  27. says

    Oh wow! I recently started preserving some vegetables and really want to try fermenting produce, but am terrified I’ll poison my family. This book is brilliant. It’s like fermenting for idiots (in other words – me!).

  28. says

    What excites me the most is the chance to find some new recipes! I’ve been fermenting for about 1 1/2 years and would love to try some new ideas!

  29. says

    I am most excited about the picture steps and just getting my hands into fermenting more – I
    like that there are steps shown since I am a very visual person!

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  30. Thea says

    I have made a few ferments at home (or at least attempted to), but would like to increase my success rate with them. I’m sure this book would help me do just that!!

  31. LaurenP says

    I’m new to fermentation and have been eyeing this book. I really like that it covers the basics and that the recipes he presents do not aim to be comprehensive of fermented foods, but provide explicit instructions that novices (like me!) can easily achieve. I’m also excited by the content, as I’ve been wanting to try kimchi, chutney, and hard apple cider.

  32. Joyce says

    I’ve just begun my second Kombucha batch and love fermented veggies. What a great help this book would be! Would love it; thanks for the possibility!

  33. Holly says

    I am most excited about just getting started, and this book will help with that. I like that there are many photos to go along with the text.

  34. Amy S says

    I am excited about the hard cider. My husband homebrews but I don’t like beer. He was going to make a batch of hard cider but decided not to this year because he isn’t sure how to make it taste the way he wants it to. I want to be ready for next apple season.

  35. Sherrie H says

    I am really scared to ferment but wanting to add fermented food for the great benefits. I would LOVE to win this book and learn how to ferment properly~!!

  36. florencia says

    loved the pics!! and fruit recipes yeah! never thought about that before or the reason i used to love buttermilk hahaha. fantastic that he knows about dr. weston price’s work.

  37. Kathy says

    I love that the worst review said it was 5 stars for beginners! That would be me. Looks like it would be great for visual learners :) (also me)

  38. Jessica W says

    I’ve been wanting this book for a while. I’m planning to start fermenting my own foods very soon and would love to see all of his recipes. I want to start with kraut, slaw, and kombucha, but would love to branch out in to lots of other foods.

  39. Beth O'Neal says

    I have had several disastrous ferments and recently wasted 1 gallon of freshly juiced apple juice in a cider-gone-bad attempt. I would love come help and this book sounds perfect. I’m starting GAPS soon and need to get this figured out!

  40. Bonnie says

    sometimes it’s just kismet…my friend and I were visiting last night about buying a cider press for my apples and making meade with all the honey she has. the discussion led to sauerkraut and bread starters that us, “gluten-intologists” could actually eat. today at a local food expo meeting the topic came up again and then tonight, low and behold this was in my emailbox. third time is hopefully a charm!

  41. Eileen says

    I’m healing an autoimmune disease and have been making my own goat’s milk kefir for the past 6 months, but plan to go dairy-free in the new year to see if that might take my healing to a new level. That means I need to start fermenting veggies instead, and as an amateur, this book seems like the perfect teacher.

  42. Rachael says

    Food Renegade inspired me this week to make my first ever sauerkraut! I actually went onto Amazon and looked for a few different books on natural fermentation that makes it easy for beginners like me! Thanks for the opportunity to win a great book! Merry Christmas!

  43. Denice L. says

    As a newbie to fermenting,I honestly believe that this book would help round out the knowledge that I am seeking.Plus it would make a great gift for my Hubby who now just as hooked on fermenting as I am!

  44. Sarah L says

    I am very excited about the chance of winning this book. My love of fermentation has really taken off in the last couple months. I feel like I have a few basics down, like sauerkraut, but I would LOVE to learn how to make corned beef and some of the other recipes sounded amazing as well. Thanks!

  45. Lydia says

    This book sounds very interesting . I will buy it if I don’t win a copy. Starting in 2013, I will be eating only the healthiest food I can find .

  46. Rebecca says

    I am brand new to the fermentation game, so I am excited about getting my feet wet in a straightforward way. This book looks like the way to do it! I have actually had it on my Amazon wish list for a while, but haven’t gotten around to purchasing it. Glad you brought it back to the forefront for me!

  47. Rebecca Miller says

    I read some of the reviews. I actually just started fermenting 2 weeks ago and just read Wardeh’s book. I would love to add to my knowledge.

  48. Nicole says

    The step by step instructions are just what I need! I tried sauerkraut one time and threw it over the compost pile when it ‘went bad’. It was a big crock and my husband and I realized it was perfect after we’d tossed it! Pictures and a better description of the process may have averted this disaster.

  49. Sarah W says

    My husband says he’s most interested in meats (duh!). He’s all for the idea of authentic corned beef and sausages. I am, too, of course, but I’m mainly interested in branching out to lacto-fermented veggies! I added this book to my Amazon wishlist :)

  50. Tarafirma says

    This is right up my alley! I’m choosing to eat my probiotics in feemented food rather than supplements. Making them myself is the next srep.

  51. Tracy says

    This sounds like a great book! I’ve just started with lacto-fermentation and this book would be an amazing help for my journey!! I need this book!

  52. Emily says

    I am making step-by-step changes toward a real food lifestyle, and this book looks like it would be both a great beginners guide to fermenting, and something that will take me further as I explore that type of cuisine.

  53. Daria Schumann says

    I’m very excited for this book because I’m learning the incredible impact of physical health on mental health, and all intertwined/correlated aspects of one’s being – fermentation/probiotic food is one group we tend to miss the most (unusual taste for my peers, though I grew up on Sour Kraut and Kefir in my Russian childhood) – but need the most. Can’t wait!

  54. Sherri King says

    If I don’t win this book, I’m going to buy it anyways. I have been making jellies & jam but never fermenting. Would love to give it a try. I would just feel better knowing that I made it & know where the food came from.

  55. Faith says

    This book excites me because it sounds like just the kind of resource that will finally make fermenting foods seem less scary!

  56. Nora says

    Have a 22 year old son who bacame a paraplegic 1 year ago I have appreciated the info from Food Renegade, especially food fermentation as proper nutrition has become paramount in my son maintaining and keeping his health.

  57. Scott says

    This book seems to be exactly what I was looking for a few weeks ago. I wanted to try fermentation for all the health benefits it provides, and after searching the Internet and reading some contradictory articles decided to take he plunge. My first batch of sauerkraut is down, but not yet tested. Kim chi next (depending on the outcome of this one). Having all this information in one place would be a God send.

  58. Annalee says

    I’m just getting into the idea of fermentation and don’t have *any* resources yet, so this seems like a good place to begin! Thanks for the opportunity to win it!

  59. Heather says

    I love that the reviews state that it is for beginners. I also love the variety covered such as creme fraiche, kefir, and hard apple cider. I also love that it has a lot of photos.

  60. susan b says

    I would love this book. I have Katz’s book ‘wild fermentation’ but it doesn’t give me enough direction. I think I am a ‘show me how’ kind of learner and having complete instructions will be a boon. thanks!

  61. samW says

    because of our “gut” issues…I have been “wanting” to get into fermentation for a couple years now, but been hesitant & scared to say the least… the reviews on this book excite me & this one sums it up for me:

    I will definitely recommend it to ANYONE who is just getting started in the world of fermentation.

  62. Karen says

    I’ve had ongoing gut issues and keep toying with fermenting but it kinda scares me. I would feel better with a ‘manual’of sorts and more background than I have currently….

  63. chris says

    Fermented foods make me feel fantastic . They will add at least 20 more years of healthy living to my life I believe. What a super food for us all!

  64. Nancykp says

    I love fermented foods and have been interested for a while now in learning how to make them for myself. I am excited by this book because it seems to cover the basics and then some! It will be a nice accompaniment to my Sally Fallon book. :) Hope to win!

  65. Erin says

    I’ve made kimchi and sauerkraut using the Nourishing Traditions recipes but I’ve had trouble expanding past those. This book looks PERFECT, I learn best with specific directions and I love a cookbook with abundant pictures.

  66. Heather L. Makar says

    I’m most excited about this book for all the photo tutorials. I’ve dabbled making kombucha and a sauerkraut, but I want to try fermenting lots of other things. I’m probably the only person on the planet who HATES watching videos, so step by step photos will be an immense help in fermenting…well…everything I can get my hands on! My first project will likely be the honey mead. I run around with a bunch of medieval re-enactors, and I think it will be a great thing to add to our gatherings.

  67. TBoone says

    This book is just what I have been looking for and of course had to get one for a friend on the West coast who only today told me she wished she knew how to ferment her own sauerkraut. As we are all bi-coasters, kismet!

  68. Jamie says

    Some of the reviews say this would be a great book for beginners. As someone brand new to fermented foods, I’m definitely a beginner! Looking forward to reading it!

  69. Jessica T says

    Great comments left on this book. I was just talking to hubby today that we need to check into fermenting. Though it sounds a bit scary. I like what one person said, about the author going into great detail and step by step info, and lots of pictures. I love pictures since I am more of a visual learner. In case I don’t win, I added the book to my wishlist! (I save up gift cards that I earn online and use them to buy stuff from my wishlist.) Thank you for this great giveaway!

  70. Jessica says

    Would love to win this book! I like the fact that one reviewer said that his book has many recipes that are plainly wrote out, rather than being vague. I am a beginner and need plain and clear directions.

  71. Denise says

    What I like the best about the book is all the pictures and step by step instructions. Being new to fermentation, I think those two things would be most helpful.

  72. House Sparrow says

    I couldn’t open the pages of the book. A few years ago a friend introduced me to the Weston A Price Foundation and fermented foods. I realized that I grew up on many fermented foods and want to make my own. I would love to have this book. This past fall I went to the National Heirloom Exposition and my little grandson and I sampled some fine fermented foods. The little fellow loved the stuff so much, I had to buy a jar! I am also working on living off grid and this type of food preservation would fit right in with that

  73. Ann Power says

    I’m excited to read Real Food Fermentation because its author is not only a nutritionist but also a trained chef. Love that combo! Yummy fermentation here I come!!!

  74. Vincent Lobascio says

    This is really great. I have been making a few fermented items but needed some inspiration to do more. I cant seem to get enough of this food idea. I have been looking for a good fermented beet recipe that doesnt use sugar. I hope I win!!

  75. Dusti says

    I’m in the process of growing my own SCOBY for kombucha right now and this book seems like a great way to broaden my fermenting horizons. Making my own vinegar!? Mead and hard cider?! Nothing is quite as exciting as creating something like that for yourself, knowing exactly what is in it and how much love can make something taste better.

  76. Corinne says

    I love kombucha, yogurt, & sauerkraut, but have never tried making any them. Kombucha is expensive to buy so I really need to learn to make my own. This book would get me started! From what I read, it has lots of pictures which really is a selling point for me! Actually, I have had this book on my Christmas wish list!

  77. Meredith Reichmann says

    I really like this book! I love the pictures and the wealth of information it has! I’m looking forward to getting it, even if I don’t win. I have Sally Fallon’s Nourishing Traditions and sometimes I’m not sure if I’m following her fermentation recipes quite right. But this book looks like it will take out all of the guess work!!!

  78. Jon says

    I like that the book has detailed instructions and quantities etc like a regular recipe. I need structure to help my recipes come out.

  79. Kathy says

    I like that he gives specific vegetables to be fermented. I know they say you can ferment anything but that doesn’t mean that they come out right when you’re just learning.

  80. Ulanda Schmulian says

    In this day and age, its not only a challenge to find quality ingredients for healthy nutrition but one needs to get creative to improve the quality of one’s food. Wild fermenting excites me. Making sourdough bread and raw milk kefir were my first steps along this path but now I need more help and guidance towards maximizing good nutrition. I could really use the advice of Alex Levin to help me along!

  81. BillB says

    I’ve been looking for this very book recently! About a month ago I decided I needed to start fermenting foods. However, I’ve been intimidated and confused by the options. This would be a great way for me to start. Thanks for the chance!

  82. Charlene says

    I am looking forward to getting my hands on this book as I am just starting out with research about fermenting foods. I definitely need step by step instructions!

  83. Maryanne says

    I’m a recent convert to bacteria-friendly foods. My boyfriend is a huge fan of Kombucha and turned me on to it too. I love Kimchi and cider vinegar and other fermented things. I think this book will really help me discover new and exciting ways to eat better. Thanks for the chance to win it!

  84. Terri says

    So excited about this book. I have been wanting to learn to ferment foods but I have been so confused by all the websites that I have gone to in my attempts to learn!!!!

  85. Sammi says

    I am a beginner when it comes to everything fresh. I have wanted to get into fermentation and this book is perfect for the beginner like me. I just started a few months ago with low gluten no starch diet including getting the nasty GMO’s out of the diet too. I love your posts and the newsletters, so full of wonderful information! Looking forward to reading this book….

  86. Tracey says

    Amazing how much depth some of the reviews go into. I really like how they recommend other books to compliment this one as well. After taking a peek I really can’t wait to see it in person and look at all the wonderfully reviewed photos and recipes!

    • Karen says

      So far, I have only made Kim Chi and sauerkraut, Hope I win so that I can use get more ideas for fermenting to become more healthy.

  87. Hannah C. says

    I’m just getting started in the world of fermenting – I’ve asked for some of the necessary equipment for Christmas – and I’m excited that this book has detailed instruction and not just vague recipes!

  88. Rebecca Moore says

    This is exactly what I am hoping to do come the new year! I would love to own this book to help me get started. Thanks!

  89. Jenni P. says

    My resolution after the new year begins was to start fermenting. I am hoping to begin with kraut and kombuchu (sp?). This will be a great resource.

  90. Liz Rice says

    I like that the book provides a good introduction to lacto-fermentation – that’s something I’m really interested to find out more about how to do safely!

  91. Deanna says

    The best thing about the book, for me, seems to be that it is a basic book and does not get into processes beyond my ability. Thanks

  92. Kristina C says

    I’ve done a few of my own ferments – sauerkraut, kimchi and ketchup from Nourishing Traditions and had a little success, but I have to admit I was afraid the whole time that I had screwed it up or that somebody in the family would get sick. I definitely need more info and practice, I’d be super excited to win this and get some fermenting mojo!

  93. Cathrine Hughes says

    I am studying to be a nutritionist and just starting to explore the fab world of fermentation. Would love to read this book to help aid my practice and thereby be able to help a lot of my clients with improving their health through fermenting food.

  94. says

    My husband has issues with his digestion, so naturally fermented foods are high on my list of things to learn how to make! I’ve done my best learning from books with pictures, so this book would be one of the better ways for me to learn. It’s already on my wish list :)

  95. Cindy says

    I have some friends who need help healing their digestion. I plan to help them with the fermenting process. This book would be a great help.

  96. Samantha says

    Almost three years ago was the first time a friend of mine introduced the idea of Real Food to me, and I haven’t looked back since. Ugh, how silly and sad that I had to be introduced to such an intuitive way of eating, and a way of life, really. I’ve only recently started thinking that maybe I can be even more responsible for the food I eat. My first plan of action – I WILL create my own urban garden here in Chicago. I have dreams of fermenting and canning every last scrap of food I grow, and this book sounds perfect. I would learn so much, and surely strengthen my commitment to these goals.

  97. JERRI says

    Looking forward to the book, Real Food Fermentation: Preserving Whole Fresh Food with Live Cultures in Your Home Kitchen. I’ve recently started researching fermenting foods and looking for a way to start. I know this book will give me the keys I need. Also, looking forward to all the benefits of a healthy life-style.

  98. Misti says

    i’ve been making kombucha for over a year now and love it! I’ve been wanting to try fermenting foods, too, but have just been a little too nervous to “just do it.” Sounds like this book would be just the thing I need to walk me through step by step. I’d love to win it! Thanks for the opportunity!

  99. Gloria Lufi says

    I am excited to learn more about fermentation because of the GAPS diet. It was amazing to learn about the author’s background but the thing that caught my eye in the first review was the book being more like a cook book with measurement recommendations. I have used so many books lately with general instructions that I long for more definition in learning this new process.

  100. Mindy Knappenberger says

    Thanks for the opportunity. Fermenting is my newest interest in my “eat real food” journey :). Love your newsletters and posts; I have learned so much from you.

  101. says

    Sounds like this is a good book for beginners according to the reviews. Which sounds perfect! I’ve tried fermenting a handful of times with very little success. I have a lot of fears and lack of confidence. It’d be great to have this book!

  102. Nicole says

    I’m excited to learn about this book! I’ve been trying to ferment for a few years, and I always err on the side of “That looks funny, I should toss it.” Having photos would be so helpful!

  103. Stefanie says

    Been so interested in fermenting, lately…especially trying things I could create for my whole family to enjoy – this book looks like the perfect way to jump in! So beautifully done and creative. Would love it!

  104. Denise M. says

    I am taking a local class in lacto fermentation in a month and this book would be great to have at home to answer questions and guide me.

  105. Laura Martin says

    I am just wanting to try fermenting foods, having read about how good they are for you, and so this comes at an absolutely perfect time for me! That would be great if I actually won! HA! Another stage on my return to better health, so I’ll buy it if I don’t win it.

  106. Vickie says

    The thing that excited me about the book is that it’s for beginners as well as advanced fermenters, has more recipes than most how to books and talks about the science behind the process along with the food.

  107. says

    What stands out from the reviews for me is that the recipes in this book are both compiled and explained in a format that doesn’t overwhelm the reader. As a holistic childcare specialist I seek resources for families that are clear and inviting and which are backed with scientific data. This looks to be such a resource.

  108. Trina says

    I have been wanting to make fermented foods, but I’m a little intimidated. Having an easy to understand book with pictures would be very helpful!

  109. Bill Speer says

    These are exactly the kinds of things I have wanted to try but for fear of botching the process, have never undertook. If the steps really are that simple (with some expert guidance naturally), I’d love to give it a whirl!

  110. says

    When I first read about lacto-fermentation in Nourishing Traditions, I was completely overwhelmed. Then a few people with science-leaning minds began to tackle this. I’m excited about a book that takes a look at lacto-fermentation and then breaks it down into easy-to-follow steps with photos. I’m always wanting to know more details so I can insure my ferments are safe and nutritious.

  111. Sue says

    I’m so excited to find you! I subscribe to the Food Renegade email list and that’s where I found your site. I’ve just started learning about the benefits of fermented foods and have only made kimchi so far. I would LOVE to win this book to help me learn more about Keeping my own body in better balance. Best of luck and I look forward to reading this!

  112. Ruth says

    I need to start fermenting my own things at home instread of buying it. This book would give me the motivation and courage I need to actually start doing it!

  113. Moniq says

    I enjoyed that many of the reviewers had already read fermentation books and yet still recommended this one over others.

  114. Jenny says

    I have been wanting to learn how to ferment and can for years. I just had my first garden this year. Thanks for the giveaway. The book looks like an excellent guide for the beginner.

  115. carmen says

    SO EXCITED! a an avid gardener and 45yr old, my digestion is catching up with me 😉 and my husband too! fermenting my own harvest would be a wonderful step toward my goals of sustainable healthy frugal living!

  116. Barbara says

    I’ve been adding a limited amount of fermented veggies to my diet for a couple years, purchasing them at the local health food store which is very expensive. I’ve tried fermenting my own, but each batch either looks funny or had less than good taste. I’d love to master the art of fermentation, and increase the amount I consume.

  117. Sharon says

    Thanks for sharing this book! I am giving a talk the end of February on lacto-fermentation. I would love to have a copy of this, since it sounds so user friendly, especially for beginners. I might even be tempted to give a copy away at my talk!
    Thanks again, and have a great Christmas!

  118. Jillian says

    The book sounds amazing! I would love to win as I already do my own kefir but purchase all my fermented veggies as it seemed like a lot of work to do it all but it appears this book is very detailed and easy to follow!

  119. Pamela says

    My husband has tried making saurkraut once but it wasn’t quite right. This should help us start out with some fermentation projects.

  120. Dawn says

    I would love to win this book. I have been canning for a few years now and would like to learn about fermintation. This book would give me the tools to do just that.

  121. says

    Looks like a beautiful book! I’ve been doing some kitchen science experiments for a couple of years – mostly kefir, yogurt, and sauerkraut. I’d love to expand the repertoire, and Mr. Lewin’s book looks like the perfect inspiration to take my mad kitchen science to the next level.

  122. says

    I have been looking at books like this and wanting to learn the art. I believe fermentation is a key to good health and would love to get started. The book reviews were very good for beginners like me, so I would love to win a copy.


  123. Vermeda says

    The excitment of this book comes in the easy way it is written, the history that proves the worth of the old ways. The detail that the family can follow in providing for ourselves is great. It shows the old ways in life are not dead and need more revival in the homes of America, it is our heriatage.

  124. Lacey T says

    I am currently getting my BA in alternative health with complimentary certificates in holistic nutrition. This book sounds like what I need to add to my knowledge of fermenting foods.

  125. Saeriu says

    I’ve started experimenting with fermented foods this year and have enjoyed every ‘new’ food coming out of my kitchen. A couple of weeks ago I picked up Wild Fermentation by Sandor Ellix Katz and have been reading it on my lunch breaks at work. I can’t wait to begin fermenting. Every summer we grow an organic garden–this book would help me to extend the season.

  126. Val Greeley says

    I so want the Real Food Fermentation Book…it’s what I need in my life right now!..It’s gonna give me the control I’m seeking regarding healthy eating and living!

  127. Teresa Stovall says

    I’ve recently become very interested in fermentation. This book looks perfect to help further my education of the process.

  128. KC says

    From the Amazon reviews – this seems to cover everything that I am looking for! From hard cider to dairy and fruits/veggies, I can’t think of anything missed. I would also like to share this with my mother :) (who was not a fan of Wild Fermentation)

  129. Lynn Therrien says

    I love cookbooks with pictures! Very visual. My goal is to have a ferment at every meal in my home. Bubbies has been keeping us connected, but I want MORE. :)

  130. Rachel says

    I excited about this book because I have REALLY wanted to start fermenting but have always been intimidated. This book makes it look so easy!

  131. says

    Fermenting foods is a new subject for me, that intrigues me. On the surface it sounds too simple to be true. Appreciated would be a book to walk me through the process at a rudimentary level. When my garden produces excess it would be nice to store the bounty for future use.

  132. Karin says

    I am so excited to begin a fermenting program and improve my health. I believe that fermenting is very important for health! This book looks awesome!

  133. Karen says

    I would love to own a copy of this book. I am just learning the health benefits of fermenting and I would enjoy have an instruction manual to guide me on my fermentation journey.

  134. says

    At the beginning of July 2012, I’d never canned anything by myself….ever. So I started canning—-traditional water bath canning, that is. And in researching and learning about canning and then food preservation, I kept encountering sources about fermentation. Quite frankly, I thought fermenting was the craziest thing I’d heard of. But, because my curiosity was awakened, I kept reading about fermentation which lead me to finally trying it. I made lacto-fermented salsa. Our household has not been the same since.

    And I want to learn more….as much as I can.

  135. meredith says

    i have had katz’s book on my wishlist for this christmas but i just read the reviews and now i will not begin the new year without a copy. i am a poor college student so winning the copy would help me to save money for things like the groceries necessary to make the recipes!! it looks awesome.

  136. Rachel says

    I’m so excited about this book! Especially looking forward to learning how to make hard apple cider, vinegar and corned beef! :)

  137. Christy says

    I look forward to the details. We have Katz’s books, which are perfect for my husband, but I’m a recipe follower, and this sounds like better fit for me. :)

  138. says

    Great looking book – I love that the book has full color pictures, for a visual hands on learner that is super helpful. Plus it is just fun to see the process in action.

  139. Maria Douglass says

    OooooH! This looks really neat!! We already have Wild Fermentation.. and someone recommended this book as a complement to that. I would LOVE to have a book on fermentation that includes pictures.. I love love love pictures.. they are sooo helpful. :)

  140. Lois says

    I have been thinking about fermentation, but feel intimidated. This book sounds perfect for a novice. I think the photos and recipes to walk me through the process would encourage me to actually do it!

  141. cynthia says

    I love fermented veges but have been too intimidated to try making them myself. The Amazon reviews say this is the perfect book for a newb! I’m ready to give it a try…would be fantastic to have a batch of fermented veges where I get to control what’s in there!

  142. AnGela says

    I can’t wait to get a better handle on fermentation. I’ve started making kombucha but I’d like the recipes for foods and the scientific info for backing it all up. Looks like a great book. And I love pics and hand drawrings. Can’t wait to get this!

  143. Katie Berryhill says

    I would love to learn how to make ginger ale, especially, but lots of the other things in this book look enticing as well. I really like recipes that are visual, so this book seems perfect for me.

  144. Christine G says

    As a good Irish girl, I’d *love* how to make real honest-to-goodness corned beef! I’m also a huge fan of ginger ale and would love to make my own instead of buying it in cans from the store.

  145. Laura says

    This book will propel me to the next phase of my transition to a traditional, whole, real food diet! I’ve read so much about the benefits of fermentation…it’s time to put that knowledge into action!

  146. says

    This book looks great! I am a fan of almost anything related to foods, nutrition, and DIY. I too am a graduate of The Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I would love to own a copy of this book.

  147. B says

    I am new to fermentation of food so at this point I need something to take my reluctance away from doing it. This book has great reviews for beginners and the whys of food fermentation. With the photos ,this book would help me get going ,because I really want to do this for my family. Thanks

  148. Judy M says

    This book seems to be exactly what I need. OK, I’ve gotten pretty good at yogurt and kefir, but the rest of it is pretty intimidating to me. From reading the reviews, it seems that this is a perfect book for a beginner and also lots of pictures which I love.

  149. Lisa says

    Just starting to learn so much more about fermentation and becoming more self-sustaining from the land. I’ve started making kimchi and my very first batch of kombucha. Love it! Can’t wait to grow more on my farm to ferment!
    Based on the reviews, this book seems like just the ticket to take fermenting to the next step!

  150. Charlotte Pennell says

    I need this book. As someone who had to throw out 5 gallons of sauerkraut, the step by step instructions sound great.

  151. Maureen says

    I’m always looking for new fermenting recipes and this book looks like a good source for that and a work of art to boot. Win-win!

  152. says

    I would love to have this book because I recently started researching fermented foods and the many health benefits. I also had homemade ginger ale at a friends house and it was amazing. I’d love to learn how to incorporate fermented foods into my daily eating, but I don’t know where to start. This book would be a huge help to me!

  153. julie says

    Book has 1 pic per 3 pages. A pic is woth a 1000 words. Easier to learn from. I would love to receive this book to get me started.

  154. Blanca says

    I have Katz’s book and would love to have this one! We need the push to begin integrating fermenting foods into our lives! Happy Holidays

  155. Jody Rosnik says

    I am very excited about this book because it is ‘right up my alley’ in the fermentation-world, am intrigued by the scientific background that appears to be included, AND it is written by an incredibly educated and skilled writer. I am a new farmstead artisan cheese-maker (I have the ultimate dairy animals—the Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goat) and have been exploring the world of accompaniments and pairings to the wonderful cheese that my goats milk creates. I adore good books to guide me into my endeavors, and this one certainly excites my palate.

  156. Nicole says

    This is just the book I need to get rid of the “fear of fermenting!” I need step-by-step instructions, and it looks like this book is full of them, along with a ton of photos!

  157. ed b says

    I really would like this book…it would complement my Wild Fermentaion and Nouroushing Traditions book…I have made 3 batches of kraut and am starting my kimchi this weekend, but want to learn more about fermenting meats…I am excited to learn as much as poss b/c health is wealth!!!!

  158. gale says

    I am relatively new to fermented foods but have been a long time advocate of eating REAL food. I recently found your site and have enjoyed your posts,etc so was excited to read about the book giveaway. My recent obsession with adding fermented foods to my diet has led to making my own buttermilk but am scared (well, slightly intimidated) to venture much further. I think this book looks like a great one for beginners like myself. Keep up the good work on this site! thank you!

  159. Jen Z says

    I have played around with fermenting a but, but I still feel a little intimidated. This book looks like just the thing to push me out of that and into fermenting more frequently. I like the idea of having a lot of pictures to guide me in particular. Looks like a great resource for someone like me!

  160. Sonya Rockwell says

    I love cookbooks with lots of pictures. I’m also looking forward to trying more ferments. I get stuck doing the same ferments and need to get some variety going. Additionally, I look forward to learning how to make hard cider. :)

  161. Jessica C says

    This looks amazing!!! I have been wanting to start fermenting foods to help with my diabetes and digestion problems, but am very intimidated about the process.

  162. Jackie says

    I’m a newbie and would love some guidance. I have 3 heads of cabbage just needing to be made into kraut, but I’ve been hesitant and would love some guidance!

  163. Meredith says

    This book looks awesome! I’ve just started fermenting and this book looks like it will definitely help me improve my creations.

  164. says

    I could NEVER have too many recipes for fermenting foods. I could use some more ideas… my pickles & cabbage are great, but what else can I ferment??? I won’t know unless I am lucky enough to win this awesome book!!!!!!

    In good fermented health,
    -Ashley Hathaway, CNT, CGP
    San Francisco Nutritional Therapy

  165. Arlene Kriv says

    I want to start fermenting my own food but am intimidated by the process. This books looks like a great introduction.

  166. Kristi Cooke says

    I loved the first review I found of the book as it not only says the book is good, but it explains how it is laid out, which I find very helpful. I would LOVE this book because, even though I ferment a few things often (beet kvaas and kraut), there are many things I’d like to try and don’t have much knowledge about. The step-by-step instructions and photographs would be very helpful, I’m sure. I feel from the reviews that I could be confident trying any recipe in this book and I’d love to try! I am recovering from heavy metal poisoning and yeast overgrowth and am always trying to incorportate fermented foods into my diet. Thank you! :)

  167. says

    Wow! So excited about this book!!! I love the photo tutorials. Such lovely colours and really helpful to those visual learners out there. I love fermented foods and would definitely highly value all the recipes and tips i can get! Health is wealth! <3 Thanks for this opportunity to win!

  168. Brittany says

    This is exciting cause after the new year we are throwing out everything in our kitchen and restocking with organic foods and going to ferment for added probiotics. Would love with all the pictures and how tos

  169. Shelly Smith says

    Totally excited about this book! I watched one of his videos recently, and learned valuable info. Can’t wait to read his book!!

  170. Teresa B says

    Looks like a great way to learn more about fermenting! I’m still a beginner and it looks like it is just what I need! Added to my Amazon wish list. :)

  171. Windy says

    This book looks like just what I need to get into fermenting food and doing it the right way with the right ingredients. AND from someone who knows what he’s talking about. Can’t wait to try it!

  172. Cindy Hoff says

    I am excited to learn different techniques on fermentation for food preservation. I am always looking for better ways of doing things and easy ways to increase the uses of fresh produce and using spices for different variations on an old favorite as well! Thank you so much for creating a basic guide that I can share with my neighbors and friends so that they can get a copy and learn for themselves how to do this as well!!

  173. Kelsey says

    Looks like it is just what I like; foolproof! I love books that give you all the information without making assumptions about what I may already know.

  174. Isabel Calkins says

    I love this book! The author goes into great detail about fermenting foods step by step and since I am fairly new to fermentation I believe this book would be extremely beneficial! Other reviews say that there is a lot of information on the scientific process of fermenting foods. I have been looking for a book that goes into more recipes than other fermenting books out there and I read that this one is definitely it. I can’t wait to get my hands on this and share it with others! Thank you!!

  175. Daphne says

    Excited to learn a new level of preparing food. I like that there are many pictures and positive reviews. My kids love kombucha and would love to make more fermented foods that we will all enjoy.

  176. says

    I have just started making and drinking kombucha. The difference it makes in amazing. So I am very interested in learning more about fermenting, since it has recently become a large part of a healthy eating life style. It has been overlooked in the age of refrigeration. I am a community chef and would like to bring this to my customer base and share the knowledge.

  177. Meesha says

    As an engineer, I’m looking forward to learning more about some of the science behind fermentation. Also, having pictures really helps when learning a new skill! Thanks for the opportunity to win this book, but if I don’t win, I think I’ll buy it anyway!

  178. Elaine says

    We have a large garden and have been canning for years. However, other than pickles, I have stayed away from fermenting. Would love to add these recipes to be able to preserve and use our vegetables in new ways. I also have been making our own yogurt for years and have recently been doing butter and simple cheeses.

  179. Hallie says

    I am super excited to learn more about fermenting my own food!! I have been trying to learn more about it, and talk my family into trying it but haven’t taken the leap yet!!

  180. Katherine says

    I was excited to read that it’s step by step and filled with pictures of the processes. I also like that it explains the science aspect.

  181. Rachel Zeze says

    I am very excited to learn fermentation!! Growing up in the 80s eating lots of processed foods and developing lactose intolerance and other major stomach issues in my teens means I have had pain my whole life. Only very recently did I discover your website and have learned so much! I am now eating whole foods and do feel better. But my IBS still requires probiotics and I’d love to be able to help my body naturally. Thank you!!

  182. Kim says

    I would love to own this book! I like the clear, concise explanations and pictures. I have begun my fermentation journey making kefir and yogurt but would love to continue on with other foods.

    Sure hope I win!

  183. says

    I’d love to use this book to help my farm customers. Part of being a local food producer is educating people about real food, and, let’s face it, re-training taste buds is not always easy to do. This book is a perfect way to introduce what most people regard as ‘weird’ food (what our great-grandparents ate)by giving them lots of pictures and easy to follow recipes.

  184. Annie says

    I have been wanting this book since you first mentioned it when it was first released. It would be awesome to get me hands on it.

  185. Jess says

    the more I read and learn about fermentation, the more I want to try it and realize it is important for my health. Looking forward to winning a copy of this book :)

  186. Lisa B says

    Sounds fabulous! Would be a great addition to my collection of books on preserving and looks like a wealth of knowledge! Can’t wait to get my hands on a copy. :)

  187. says

    I have been interested in fermenting foods at home, but I am still intimidated by the process. I have read and heard such wonderful things about this book and I would love to have it so I can learn to ferment and then benefit from all that good bacteria!

  188. Sarah C says

    thanks for the contest, I am really interested in this. I think they pictures would make my kids get into it. They are the reason I’m trying to eat healthier! They both have behavioral issues, ASD, ADHD and I can tell a huge difference now that they aren’t eating processed junk.

  189. Puanani says

    Alex’s book starts exactly where I want to start…at the beginning. He talks about the source and moves forward from that. His book gives me a way to live lightly on the earth, to walk with the earth not just on the earth. His approach feeds my spirit as well as my body. What more could a person want?

  190. Sonya says

    I already make my own kombucha and sauerkraut but would LOVE some more guidance to widen my consumption of fermented foods! Sounds as if this book would be the perfect way to start experimenting!

  191. Amy Nielsen says

    I already make saurkraut, mead, beer, yogurt, and pickles but I need your no fuss recipes for Kombucha and other yummy fermentables to help my family stay healthy!

  192. Barbara M says

    Right now, I regularly make my own sauerkraut. And although I have experimented with other naturally feremented foods, I don’t make any of them regularly. I would like to change that, and this book looks like it just might be the key for me. I give my sauerkraut away to anyone interested in trying it in an effort to improve the mental health of folks on the planet. I believe that many of our current mental health issues are due in part to us not eating food that is actually food, and not eating naturally fermented foods.

  193. katie d. says

    There were two things that stuck out to me in the customer reviews on Amazon: “Wild Fermentation and The Art of Fermentation already exist, and there is no point in duplicating them.” And, “I had purchased other Fermenting books before I bought this one. I should have started out with this one instead.” I love the idea of more formal recipes, rather than vague recipes, and I think my household would benefit greatly. Also… we love pics in our cookbooks!

  194. Olga says

    I’ve been wanting to start fermenting foods for a while now and a good illustrated book like this one would be of great help!

  195. Hillary says

    I am very interested in starting fermenting foods. We have a fairly extensive garden with alot of good organic vegetables. We primarily eat them fresh, but do some preservations for later use, This is another way to enjoy these and use them year-round! And, of course, since we haven’t done it before, we need help. This book looks like a good way to get started.

  196. Vickie says

    It is now on my Amazon wishlist, thanks for all the good info….someone who loves me should see an idea for something to get for mom!

  197. Penny O'Leary says

    I’ve fermented sauerkraut & ginger carrots, and am almost ready to decant my ginger beer, from recipes on the internet.

    I first learned about lacto-fermentation from Nourishing Traditions.

    I’m fascinated with home fermentation. I’ve even made my own yogurt and whey with raw milk from my town.

  198. Shaye says

    I really hope to win this book. It would really jumpstart my fermentation adventures! I will be buying it soon if I do not win, but gosh that would be an awesome Christmas surprise!

  199. Pogonia says

    What this reviewer said whetted my appetite to read the book: Lewin has presented a small number of very well tested recipes in such a way that even the most inexperienced and conservative in the kitchen might be enticed to try them out.

  200. says

    What excites me the most about this book are the pictures….apparently more than anyone could want but I freakin love pictures! I have been fermenting foods for about the last 6 months and I’m sure I would love to try many of the recipes in this lovely picture-perfect book!

  201. Abby J. says

    I am so excited about the VARIETY of recipes in this book. GAPS type websites seem to focus almost exclusively on sauerkraut, which is great and all, but I am so excited about different types of recipes!

  202. Rachel says

    I am always looking for ways to improve upon my family’s health, but so far fermentation had totally scared me. Maybe because a few of my ventures have been miserable failures! I would love a good book that helps me havomore success…. plus I’m a sucker for big Beautiful food pictures!

  203. Anna says

    I am extemely excited about this book because fermentation is one of my strongest passions and hobbies. Not only is it a really cool method of food preservation, but it’s also such an amazing way to get the most out of all the food you eat. It’s so good for your body and our earth!! I love it!

  204. Allison says

    Fermentation is what my family needs. My daughter has intolerances and I have worked hard to convince her that lacto-fermented carrots are delicious. She loves them now, but I am spending a small fortune! I have a very post-modern fear of poisoning my family, and would love the clearly explained recipes in this book. My first experiment would be preserved lemons to serve with our local Kamouraska lamb.

  205. Angel Cleary says

    I love fermented foods, and so does my stomach!
    I have wanted to take some classes, but they are expensive and not in my budget. I am especially interested in making my own kombucha and water kefir.

  206. Gail Harrison says

    I am sold at this “old” way of eating, and I want to learn as much as I can about it and have more variety in what I am eating than I currently have.

  207. Todd says

    I’m interested in adding self made fermented foods to my diet for the digestive benefits. I hope I win the book but either way I’m still committed to learning how. I also enjoyed Alex’s videos.

  208. Ellen S says

    I am excited about this book for a number of reasons. I have wanted to try fermenting but have not had the time to research it online so it would be great to have a step by step guide to help me get started. I have also been looking for other ways to preserve our food other than freezing and canning.

  209. MICHELLE IN WI says

    This book has been on my wishlist! I love the fact how nutrient rich these foods are I’m excited to try them out!

  210. Nicole says

    I think the more enzymes and healthy bacteria you can get into your diet the better and this book would definitely be a good help for that.

  211. Shari W says

    A lot of the comments mentioned how it was really a “beginner’s” book, almost like that was a bad thing? Since I am a beginner…that makes me even more excited. I need to add more fermented foods to my diet, but am very nervous about doing it myself. Yeah, I figure I’ll poison myself somehow. This books looks like a perfect fit for me! Pick me please!

  212. Bethany says

    I feel that while Sandor Katz’s recipes are great for a more experienced fermenter, I’m very interested in knowing exactly how to get things right and what to do if it went wrong. I’m excited to get some very good detail since I’m still a novice.

  213. Anna says

    I am most excited that the reviews describe thorough instructions AND pictures! I love seeing step by step what something should look like, it makes the process less scary for me.

  214. Emily says

    I’ve done the basics like sauerkraut, but I’m looking forward to doing more fermentation at home and I know this book can help me!

  215. Monk Proklos says

    I have heard many good benefits of freshly fermented foods and who they chemically realign the digestive system. Thus, I am very interested.

  216. says

    I’m most excited to get a thorough education on fermenting, to have enough working knowledge to be able to safely “wing” it rather than follow recipes exactly.

  217. Stephanie says

    I am excited about corned beef! This is a favorite food, and one I thought I would have to give up since I couldn’t reproduce it or be sure about the ingredients. How exciting! I also fondly remember making sauerkraut from scratch with my grandmother, using a recipe long since forgotten. I’m looking forward to giving that a try.

  218. Diane says

    I’ve always wanted to learn more about fermenting food. I tried making sauerkraut thirty years ago, lol disaster. This book looks awesome.

  219. Frankie says

    I started following Food Renegade (and Nourished Kitchen) while on a quest for low-carb real foods as part of a long term weight loss plan. I tried making my own sauerkraut but with so many conflicting web-based recipes I ended up with something I was too scared to try. Alex’s book has been on my Amazon wish list for at least a year now – it is beautifully illustrated and I appreciate the clear and comprehensive culinary science behind the processes. Not only that, but it seems to be less wordy in the recipes (and easier to navigate in that regard) than Katz’s works. I am a beginner in fermentation and this looks like a nice clear not-uber-hippy intro. Yay!

  220. Mandy says

    I am definitely new to this journey and a few reviews said it was great for beginners and very detailed so perfect for someone like me!

  221. Frances Elaine Anderson says

    A couple of years ago, my guts were really torn up. I got so sick I nearly died. In direct defiance of U.S. gov. dietary recommendations, I dropped the grains, sugars, and starches, [and of course – manufactured foods], and started eating whole foods, consisting mostly of high fat, high protein choices & some non-sweet veggies. I now eat a lot of raw foods, including raw protein. Get this: I’m 60 years old, y’all – and most days I feel like I’m 30!! [And as a collateral benefit, I lost 50 pounds.]
    I am not new to fermentation – I have two years experience fermenting veggies and culturing raw milk – but what’s exciting to me about Alex’s book in terms of content is the opportunity to learn to ferment meat! And, I’m also an afficionada of pico de gallo, [!pa’ arriba, companeros!] so looking forward to a good recipe for that.
    I would like to learn more about Alex who seems to understand that our food choices – [right along with our choices of open source operating systems!] – are ultimately highly political. In the REAL revolution, there is more power in throwing down loaves of bread and boxes of tuna helper than there is in picking up rifles. So, keep on forkin’, food renegades…and good health to you all!

  222. Katie L says

    I am starting to try out some fermentations, and I really want to get into it. I would love to have a book that laid it out very nicely, to help be to be more comfortable and confident!

  223. Katie L says

    I am really wanting to get into fermentation, and I think this book looks amazing and would love to have a more detailed guide!

  224. Chelsea Wipf says

    Looking forward to gaining the ability to try making up new recipes on my own without having to always follow writ instructions! book looks wonderful!

  225. Michael says

    Fermented foods are so healthy and I like doing as much as I can homemade, this book looks like it can help take fermented foods off of my grocery list.

  226. Carrie B says

    So far I have only fermented kraut, which turned out really amazing compared to store-bought. I would use the book to expand into other ferments, something that is on my list to tackle for 2013.

  227. Julie says

    Can’t wait to read this book! Based on the reviews, it sounds like a great way to get started with fermenting food. I have always been nervous to take the plunge, but I’m anxious to try some of these recipes. Love that there are so many pictures, and can’t wait to try making the cultured butter!!!

  228. Jane Steinberg says

    When I lived in a big old New England farmhouse, vintage 1857, and had a vast earth-floored cellar, I kept crocks of pickles and kraut going all the time, made my own yogurt and sourdough bread, made kimchee, even made our tofu (WHAT was I thinking?) Never since moving out of that house have I lived in circumstances that allowed me to have at least a crock of kraut going, but the longing has never diminished. Once you’re used to your own fermented foods you’ll always have a tiny nugget of yearning to have them always. Owning Levin’s book might be more nostalgia than I can handle, stirring up longings that I can’t fix, but bring it on anyway!

  229. KC says

    This book looks awesome! I am always looking for new ways to preserve food from our garden and farmers’ markets. Freezing and canning only go so far. This book has so many amazing ideas and tutorials. I can’t wait to try it!

  230. Georgiana says

    Looking forward to reading this book. A few years back I was on a retreat where fermented food was served at each meal; I never knew there were so many different ways to prepare such foods. I felt healthier with them in my diet & want to learn how to prepare them.

  231. Amy says

    I like that it looks like it’s a book for beginners with specific instructions and pictures–sounds like just what a person like me would need to get started with fermentation!

  232. says

    I just recently learned how to can veggies and have been dying to get my hands an introductory guide to fermenting foods. I’m hoping it will help improve the digestive troubles I’ve been suffering for years.

  233. Tanya Bell says

    I recently began the GAPS diet and it call for lots of fermented veggies! I am a beginner and this book would help so much!

  234. Alix M says

    I am so excited about this new resource to be even more self-sustainable. I hope to share this book with the women in my household and other friends so that we may get our hands dirty so we can keep our bodies clean. So many reviews mention how its great for beginners and thoroughly explains the process and science behind it, so why not start here. Thanks, Food Renegade for sharing!

  235. jamaise says

    I need more help, that the “Know Your Ingredients” chapter sounds like it could provide. I have done bits & bobs with fermentation, this book sounds like it could guide me to where I want/need to be with it. Thanks for the introduction – I’m sitting at Amazon with my cart open, ordering last minute gifts – I think I’ll toss this in my cart for my Mom. I do need to win this copy for my self though :))

  236. Emily says

    Excited that the author doesn’t appear to make a blanket declaration that organic produce is always best. I like people/authors who advocates for consumers to understand where their food comes from!

  237. Yoonjin Kim says

    I’ve been wanting a copy of this book for a while because I am very interested in other forms of fermentation besides kimchi. I grew up with that stuff but it has been too harsh on my gut lately!

  238. Patty says

    Wow, rave reviews! I like the idea that the reviewers say it is clear and concise AND rational. To me that means he wrote a book we can understand and actually repeat his kitchen wizardry!

  239. Carole Jasler says

    I am on a journey to become as healthy as possible. I KNOW that healthy and natural foods are better than medicine and the information in this book is very important to me.

  240. says

    I have wanted to try fermenting food for quite a while now but just haven’t gotten up the courage. This book sounds like the best way to encourage me to finally go for it, what with all the pictures and easy step-by-step instructions. I am always looking for ways to improve my diet, especially now that I am having problems associated with middle-age.

  241. Solveig Langr says

    Just in the past 6 months or so, I’ve gotten turned on to lacto-fermentation. I’m excited to learn as much as I can and try new things. This book looks really interesting!

  242. Stephanie Cassin says

    I’m looking forward to a simple step by step how-to, especially on items like sauerkraut. I like it that the book doesn’t assume a whole lot of prior knowledge!

  243. Alex says

    I just did my first sauerkraut and though it was successful, I felt like I was guessing a lot. I love that this book has step-by-step instructions AND a lot of pictures. The idea of ginger-ale sounds fun too!

  244. Gene Ulmer says

    I have always wanted to make my own sauerkraut but have yet to find a recipe I wanted to try. I found Alex’s book on my library’s web site and will put a hold on it to check it out and try some of his recipes and if I win his book, better yet.

  245. Curt Kittelson says

    I eat sauerkraut with two organic eggs every morning for breakfast. I have given a great deal of thought into trying to ferment my own but am worried about doing it wrong and eating something I should not eat. This book looks to be a perfect guide into the world of fermentation. Thanks for the opportunity!

  246. Jen D says

    It sounds like ALex Lewin is not only a nice guy, but he’s making a real effort to introduce people to fermentation in a way that’s friendly, colorful, and fun. I’m excited about this book because people who are ordinarily afraid of fermentation might try it because of Lewin’s work. Kudos!

  247. Catherine says

    Ah yes. Hands. They are a fascinating appendage.
    Had a look at the book and it looks perfect for my needs. I have a food safe certificate which means I’m super anal about cleanliness. I’m terrified of home canning even knowing its amazing potentials. It is my hope that Real Food Fermentation: Preserving Whole Fresh Food with Live Cultures will help me overcome this irrational fear.

  248. Bryn Berg says

    Oh! I want this book! I eat yogurt everyday, and I have yet to be successful in making it successfully. I love sauerkraut, and sour dough, and the very idea of delicious fermentation. I live in Hawaii, and grow a lot of my own foods. This book would be such a help to achieving more fully the healthy lifestyle I believe in. I want to start a Fermented Foods Club! Better living through chemistry 😉

  249. ron a says

    really looking forward to being able to make this stuff myself instead of having to search around the stores for overpriced versions.

  250. says

    i’m looking forward to kombucha, preserved citrus and kimchi! so glad there are step by step pictures…fermenting can seem scary, and pictures make it less so!

  251. lindsay says

    I’ve been wanting to ferment many things, but have to admit I’m nervous about trying to. This book looks like it could answer all my questions and help me successfully begin fermenting.

  252. Linda says

    Fermented foods (and WAPF) saved my health! I’ve been learning as much as I can about the fermentation process, and the best methods and equipment to use. This book will provide a new and different perspective on this great subject. Many thanks to you for this great giveaway!

  253. Nui says

    Never heard of him before but the reviews got me excited. I also love fermented food but I could only do a handful of recipes.

  254. Jules Rawick says

    Hi. It would be great to get a book to go over all the recipes to learn more about food. We have been learning alot about how to ferment food.


  255. Lori Lemanski Cetlinski says

    Fantastic reviews on Amazon, I particularly liked the one by Brandon Curtis as he really explained the scope of the book. This would be great for me as I have been leery of trying fermenting but am well aware of the health benefits of fermented foods and want to provide these to my family. Lots of photos is great to as I much prefer to “see” what I’m doing or making.

  256. Christine says

    I’ve been wanting to start femermenting foods for months, but have been too intimidated by the vagueness of recipes I’ve seen. This book looks like a simple, straightforward guide to fermenting, and I’m excited to try it!

  257. Basha says

    What excites me most about this book is how much more I can learn about culturing food. I just started earlier this year and there is so much more to learn!

  258. Deborah says

    This is a fabulous book from a really exciting author. Lots of step by step and photos. One cook experienced with fermentation said it was her most useful book. I am thrilled!

  259. Jim says

    My wife and I have health issues and we have been looking for natural ways to become healthy. Dr Mercola recommend fermentation and thats what brought me to the Food Renegade web site. It was great because my first newsletter was this one about the contest. It would be so great to win this book!

  260. Amy says

    I just started learning about the benefits of fermented foods. I would love to win the book, but definitely will be buying it!!

  261. steph says

    The pictures. Making fermented food intimidates me. Good pictures on how to do it dispels some of the mystery. That and it REALLY want homemade sauerkraut.

  262. Rita says

    Already make kefir, but no matter how many times my friend explains how easy it is to make sauerkraut, I need a book to refer to! This book has SO much more to offer too!

  263. Kathryn Johnson says

    The reviews all say it’s the perfect book for a beginner like me! I love to cook but want to learn to ferment, and to teach my sister because it would help her kids get healthy probiotics!

  264. says

    I am new to fermenting food and need pictures and step by step info for beginners – that’s why I’m excited about this book! And, it’s on Kindle! Yay … it can easily go with me wherever I am.

  265. Katrina says

    I have been interested in fermentation, and have been experimenting with various recipes from Nourishing Traditions. There were some really good reviews on Amazon; I am excited about this book with its detailed recipes and many pictures. I love cookbooks with pictures! This is a great giveaway!

  266. Darcie says

    I would be really excited to win this and get my first BOOK on fermentation after reading TONS of online articles about it. And homemade ginger ale is definitely at the top of my list of things to make!!

  267. Vanessa says

    I already enjoy making fermented foods, and really enjoy learning about different techniques, and new recipes. I am intrigued by the Carolina Slaw recipe and would like to make Honey Mead (we already have our own bees!)
    Also loved reading in the reviews that there are many lovely pix in this book-sounds like a great bonus!

  268. Susan R. says

    Looks like such a good book. I’m buying it for myself and if I win, I’ll gift it to friends who would love this. So cool the contest ends on Christmas Day. Happy holidays!

  269. Devon says

    I want to learn more about fermenting my own foods. I’ve done a bit of experimenting through reading Nourishing Traditions. I continuous-cycle brew kombucha and have recently gotten into sourdough bread baking. I want to learn more about lacto-fermented veggies!

  270. Kathryn says

    I’ve tried my hand at a few easy fermentation projects, with wildly different results… just good enough to want to keep trying with a better plan! This book looks great, especially the illustrated step by step approach. Maybe with it, the next project will be a huge success!

  271. Fran Patterson says

    I know everyone would benefit from owning and following this book. I am trying to learn more about gut health and fermented food to bring me back to health while I am fighting Lyme. I know its a very important part of healing and health.. Would so love to win your wonderful book!


  272. Carolyn says

    I have been experimenting with fermintation of foods by trying to make ginger ale and kumbucha. I need help and after reading the reviews this book sounds like the one I need. So I suppose, if I don’t win it, I will need to buy it if I want to be successful. Also I will be able to go farther afield with other foods.
    Thank You for this opportunity.

  273. says

    It sounds like a great book, and I love my cookbooks with lots of photos! We’re really interested in fermenting foods as a way to preserve them and up their nutritional content, but we lack confidence in how to do it! This book looks like just the thing for anxious newbies like us. :-)

  274. Grace says

    This looks like a cool book.
    I enjoyed a fermenting class this summer.
    I’d love to further my knowledge and then share it with my friends.
    I love how fermented foods make me feel!
    Thanks for sharing this book book with us.
    Rock it in Seattle!

  275. Aejin H says

    The book sounds really interesting to me. I recently discovered that fermented foods are really good for our bodies and would love to get started in fermenting some food! What better way to start with a novice-friendly book!

  276. Melissa P says

    I’m excited about the detailed step by step instructions. I’ve dabbled in fermentation, but would really love to try more.

  277. mindy says

    I have been fearful to attempt fermentation. This book sounds like it will help hold my hand to get me started on a healthy addition to my kitchen!

  278. Tanya says

    This sounds wonderful. I am a foodie with digestive issues, and also an avid gardener who’s always trying to figure out ways to keep the extra produce from going to waste. This sounds like the perfect book for the beginner fermenter with enough scientific info for the curious side of me. Thanks!

  279. Sherry Robbins says

    I found a kombucha scoby from this blog and have been brewing several months. I have learned to use the kombucha yeast as a sourdough starter. I would love to move on to sauerkraut and dairy products. Because of Food Renegade I got the courage to drink raw milk. I would love to learn these skills and this book looks like it covers the ” scary things” like ” what should this look like, smell like etc…” I am sharing what I am learning with others. This book is certainly the next step for me.

  280. Lydia says

    I would absolutely love to have a copy of this book. I have only done minimal food ferments (ginger carrots and kefir) but I am eager to learn and try more. I especially want to learn how to do safe food ferments and know I am not growing something dangerous. 😛 Thanks for offering the giveaway.

  281. Krista says

    I would love this book. This past year, after my third baby had colic for 8 months – and the screaming was driving us all insane, we were introduced to cultured foods. And we are changed people! I would love to learn more so I can continue to change over our eating habits in ways that work for both parents and young children.

  282. Jessica dooley says

    Ooh this book looks beautiful. Added it to my wish list and looking forward to having it out so family and friends will question and maybe start fermenting too!!

  283. MJ says

    Recently, within only the last year, I have been introduced to the health benefits of fermented foods and have begun to learn to make them and incorporate them into our everyday diet. I’m excited about this book because I’m a visual learner and will be more motivated to pick it up and read because of all the pictures!!!!!

  284. Craig Marien says

    I am new to fermented foods. I have tried a few recipes that I found on the Internet. For those that I had a commercial product to compare, I was pleasantly surprised at my results. For the other recipes I wasn’t sure what I had accomplished. Having read a few of the reviews for Real Food Fermentation, I liked that the book contains a lot of pictures which I suspect will be useful for comparing my results. I also understand that the book targets beginners like myself who need the recipes to be simple to follow with plenty of support from the illustrations.

  285. says

    Wow. This looks like a book I have been looking for… finally a book that teaches you how to ferment! I hope I win the giveaway : ) This momma needs more bacteria in my life!

  286. sahn lee says

    how could I not want a cookbook w/ “gratuitous” photos of sauerkraut making? lol. I love food porn & perfer traditional cookbook layouts. I’m putting it on my wish list for sure.

  287. Sarah Thomas says

    I love fermenting vegetables and would love to expand my base with a better understanding of dairy and tea fermentation!

  288. Gillian says

    I’m enthusiastic about this book, because although I’m a microbiologist the only thing I regularly ferment at home is yoghurt! I’ve heard so much about kimchi and kombucha but they’re not really so available here (South Africa) so I’d like to try making them.

  289. Véronique says

    I would love love love to win this book because I have been trying to get started on fermentation in my kitchen for ages, but I need some serious help. There is dying milk kefir in my fridge, dead water kefir on my counter, and some very suspicious looking sauerkraut in the cupboard. Please help!!!

  290. mike says

    I have heard great things about fermented foods with regards to better health, but, I have no clue as to how to make them.
    This book will surely make things better for us.

    Thank you.


  291. Lisa says

    I love this comment from a review on amazon: “Lewin has presented a small number of very well tested recipes in such a way that even the most inexperienced and conservative in the kitchen might be enticed to try them out”
    I’ve done some basic fermenting (pickles, ginger carrots, kefir), but have always been a little nervous to expand beyond that, so this sounds perfect for me!

  292. Carol Guenzel says

    From reading the reviews this seems like a good book for someone just starting to explore fermenting veggies like myself. I have been making kefir for two years, but only just begun with veggies. I am a little apprehensive so invite any info, expecially pictures as I am a visual learner. Thanks for the opportunity to enter a chance to win a copy of this book.

  293. Paz says

    This book sounds like an awesome way to get started fermenting. I havent started fermenting anything yet but Im excited about the idea of it… hopefully if I can give myself a little push….

  294. Erica Dillard says

    We’ve done the low-fat, no-fat, and the no-carb. I am so thankful that the next wave of diet thought is real, traditional, and alive! It is great to have an accomplished chef show this isn’t just hippie stuff; it can be done well!

  295. Vanessa B says

    After reading the reviews it sounds like a book that would benefit me. It has alot of pictures and step by step instructions which I appreciate. I have read Nourishing Traditions but felt overwhelmed since I haven’t done any fermenting – I think this book will help me get started.

  296. jodi says

    No wonder we ate so many of those foods growing up,Duh! Culturally, there was always kimchee, pickled ginger, daikon, ume and all kinds of fermented food items around and I never realized that they were good for me. Being so far away from home I’d love to learn how to make my own. And seeing how he has photographs to show you how to make em will totally help. This sounds like a great book and would help me to understand the benefits of fermenting REAL food. Thanks!

  297. Sandra Cantrell says

    I have fermented garlic, cukes, and cabbage. It is better than the vinegar-based condiments I have made. Since it is healthier fermenting is a winner. Would like to expand my fermentation library with Mr. Lewins book.

  298. says

    I teach local pickling/fermentation classes for vegetables and fruits. I would love to expand my repertoire by learning from Alex Lewin how to do more! Thank you for this opportunity!

  299. Jennifer says

    I’m just starting out with fermented food, and I need a little confidence boost. My kombucha is doing well, but I’m a little intimidated and confused about food. Being a visual learner, I’m hoping that this book would give me a big nudge into the food realm. Looks great!

  300. Samantha says

    I’ve been making my own sauerkraut and just learning about Kombucha. I’d love to read this book to gain a better understanding of fermentation and to try out new recipes! Thanks for your time on the blog and a book so newbies like me can learn!

  301. Sandra Samms says

    I’ve never heard of the idea of fermenting until I stumbled across this blog as well as this post! Would love to learn how and I can’t picture a better way than winning this book and getting to read up on it! Thanks for the chance to win!

  302. says

    Plum Chutney? Count me in! :)
    I only have the most basic of fermented recipes that I’ve tried. Since my body is SO happy when I eat this way I’d like to delve a little deeper. Sounds like this book will make my foray into fermentation smooth and easy…

  303. Claudia says

    As a chronic Lyme patient who took 5 years of killer antibiotics, I hang onto my health via the thread of supporting healthy bacteria in my damaged system. I’ve recently been increasing my intake of fermented vegetables, and am ready for some variety. I would love this book!

  304. Monique C. M. says

    Okay, those reviews are pretty impressive. I’d love to win. I’m a real food freak, but my fermentation skills are sorely lacking. I’ve killed two of each: SCOBYs, water kefir, and milk kefir. And my system would greatly appreciate some more probiotic intake!

  305. Loura says

    I’m really excited about the fermenting of root and other vegetables besides cabbage and Corned Beef( I love Corned Beef!)

  306. Kristen says

    I really like this book because i want to start getting out of the modern way of processing and preserving foods and start learning how to do it naturally the way it has been done for thousands of years. when i first dabbled into wild fermentation and actually understood it was when i made a huge crock full of sauerkraut, then after that i understood the benefits of sourdough and i bake bread for my family every other day pretty well, and that led me to even more natural fermented things like water kefir and milk kefir. I love the health benefits of the naturally fermented process as well the way we live today is everything is dead its no wonder why we get sick.

  307. Brittany Ardito says

    I have recently started fermenting at home with beverages, condiments and vegetables using mason jars. It is fun and I would love to have this book to help me delve more into this interesting traditional food preparation.

  308. Sara Burns says

    I am excited for the photo tutorials. I can’t seem to be confident in my execution. I am also very interested in making fermented beverages.

  309. says

    I have been slowly learning about all of the benefits of fermentation but know little about making these things at home. I would love to have more ideas and recipes for adding to our health in this way!

  310. Jesse M says

    This book looks amazing, it looks very thorough and detailed which is so important to me, not being familiar with a lot of different fermenting I get nervous about how things should look and how they should be done and I appreciate how thorough this looks :)

  311. Brittney G. says

    I’ve done so little with fermented foods because my mom never made them – so I never learned! I’d love a book like this to get started :)

  312. Darla Huston says

    The reviews were very helpful, as I do not like all of the “philosophy” in the book “Wild Fermentation”. Get down to the nitty gritty! I am very interested in this book because of the big beautiful pictures. A picture really is worth a thousand words!It would also be great to get more fermenting recipes under my belt.

  313. Cathy M says

    I’ve almost bought this book a few times and have read the reviews before. I am still trying to make do with Sally Fallon and Sandor Katz. I am an intermediate fermenter and I’ve taken years of WAP workshops but I still struggle with veggie ferments. I bought Counter Culture and that didn’t help. I hate to think this would turn out the same. All reviews on Counter Culture were positive and some were written by people who’s blogs I follow and love. I would love to win this to complete the circle. Thanks for the giveaway.

  314. Steff says

    I’d love to have this book! I’ve had some fermentation misadventures, and I’d like to learn to do it right because I’ll be starting GAPS soon.

  315. says

    I would love to own this book! I’ve tried some fermentation, and have ended up with many more science experiments than actual foods that are edible. I’m happy to read in one of the reviews that there are lots of photos (that helps me lots). Thanks for the info, and I hope I get this book!

  316. Angel says

    I’m very excited for this book! Just added it to my wish list. Ive recently started canning and was looking into fermented foods, but I’m nervous about “doing it wrong” or “messing things up.” With all the instructions and pictures I bet this book will really help me out!

  317. Susan H says

    I have a hard time believing any photographs in a how-to cookbook could be gratuitous. The more the better, I say. But I am excited for this book because of the step-by-step approach. Fermentation can be so scary, because one false step and you just have trash! I like the explicit approach.

  318. Karibeth S. says

    I want to learn to make fermented sauerkraut and kombucha. I’ve been buying Goldmine sauerkraut, but it is so pricey. Ive tried to make kombucha, but it didn’t come out. Would love the book for guidance. :)

  319. Peggie says

    I’ve just started learning how to ferment food. So far it’s been wonderful. I want to branch out into foods other than cabbage and cucumbers. I’m also learning how to make brew my own kombucha and could really use some pointers.

  320. Julie Swegle says

    Oh my! I LOVE that the book is filled with photos. I’m very visual and need the pics for instruction and inspiration.

  321. Yasmine says

    I’ve been on a quest to improve the health and wellness of my family and fermented foods are a key component. I can’t afford to buy them from the store every week, so learning how to confidently make fermented foods at home will be a huge relief. Plus, the step-by-step pictures in this book will alleviate the stress of wondering if I’ve successfully fermented a food or just created a dangerous science project.

  322. Christine Ferguson says

    Fermented foods have been eaten for ages, and I’m beginning to understand that traditional foods are much more healthful than our industrialized diet. Looks like it’s a very helpful book for anyone trying to eat a traditional diet.

  323. Judy Pierzina says

    We need fermented foods in our diets. We need the traditional foods like what our grandparents and great grandparents ate. Our diets are too full of chemicals and high fructose corn syrup. I am looking forward to reading and applying the techniques. I think fermented foods could be the answer to a lot of health problems.

  324. Kirstin says

    I have been wanting this book for a long time. What excites me the most is him addressing real food. I am interested to see his recipes for sauerkraut. I also would LOVE to see all the photos (honestly that is what excites me the most!).

  325. Arien says

    I just started my second ever batch of sauerkraut–the first one got exposed to too much air, I think–and having a detailed guide would be immensely reassuring.

  326. Kim Donavan says

    Yougurt I can do…kombucha is something I miss, as is Kimchee since I’ve moved out to the farm. Would love to have this tutorial for kraut and mead. I’m going to wishlist, just in case :)


  327. Martha Brogdon says

    I have been wanting to start fermenting for months, but have been reluctant. This book looks like it might be the push I need to get started!

  328. Joanna says

    I’ve just begun to try natural fermentation and I have LOTS of questions. This book looks like it will answer them all. Just looking over the sneak peak of the book answered two!

  329. Allison Morrison says

    From reviews what seems like an outstanding book for beginners in fermenting, illustrating every last step. Yet for those already involved the comments are still quite positive. I think this would be a great add to my health food and fun library.

  330. Alena M says

    I am excited to learn how to ferment stuff other than cabbage. That is all I’ve ever done. I really like photos too, as I think they sell the recipe!

  331. Joanne says

    I so would love to win this book. I looked at a recipe for making sauerkraut this fall and it just scared me. This would take the guess work out of making it.

  332. Sharon says

    Ok Alex I’m salivating looking at the pictures….. I love fermented foods but I’m afraid to try it myself without proper guidence, don’t want to poison myself, why can’t you live next door….
    The book looks great, am I excited? Yes I am.

  333. Julia says

    I am so excited to win this book! I have a family of 4 boys and a husband who has type one diabetes. We eat whole, natural and about 85% raw! This is our next step in our health journey! We would love it :)

  334. Susan L E says

    I would love this book. I just went to a meeting with my friend who is a Nutritionist and she let us sample sauerkraut and I would love to make it and other recipes that are in this book. :)

  335. Charles Bumgardner says

    It seems the author goes into detail about fermenting foods step by step and give lots of information on the scientific process of fermenting foods. It seems to be recommend for beginners.

  336. says

    I’ve just done my first ever fermentation experiment. It didn’t go too well, so I’ve been searching for books on the subject. Unfortunately I have to order these books online, and pay often expensive shippeing costs, because they’re not available in my country. So winning this book would really be a luxury. So my fingers are crossed :)
    Merry christmas :)

  337. Brenda Royer says

    Having grown too heavy to be healthy and wanting to change that, I have begun looking into how what I eat affects my health. My daughter turned me on to first, real food, and then kambucha, and then Paleo. I have been eating better since August 1 and have lost 45 lbs, gotten off 2 of my meds, and just plain feel better with more energy. I’m interested in continuing my journey of real food discovery and would be very interested in Mr. Lewin’s book.

  338. Carol Cook says

    Have been making some fantastic sauerkraut and kefir, but I am ready to branch out and think this book would be a good starter,

  339. Kari says

    This looks like the perfect beginner book, I have been reading about how good fermented food is for you but I’ve been too scared to try making any of it. I have to get a copy of this book!

  340. Karen D says

    To quote one review, “Instead, Lewin has presented a small number of very well tested recipes in such a way that even the most inexperienced and conservative in the kitchen might be enticed to try them out.”

    Sounds good!

  341. Leslie says

    Fermented Foods! I never knew there could be benefits of fermenting your own foods. Recently we’ve been dealing with cancer along with other health issues at our home. My husband and I stumbled upon a way to preserve our cabbage (make sauerkraut) in a crock! How? well not as easy as it sounds. I can’t wait to find more recipes to help us learn to help ourselves ferment our own vegetables for the health of it.

  342. Hamsa Vicerra says

    I’d so love to receive this book! I’m fascinated by how so many places have fermentation traditions, & I really like how this book samples from so many of them. I just got off eating a very restricted diet for a year (only meat, poultry, salmon, lightly steamed vegetables incl. sea vegetables, brown rice, seeds, a small amount of nuts, olive or coconut oil, no gluten, no fruit, nothing raw, etc., etc., ) & I’m so excited that I can have fermented foods once more! I’ll hardly know where to start.

  343. Hamsa Vicerra says

    There are so many things in here that I’d love to try & add to my/our diet, both those we already eat, like sauerkraut, milk kefir, kimchi, preserved lemons, & those we don’t, like pickled peaches & water kefir (water? Who knew!) This would be a great addition to our small preserving & pickling library, & a great excuse to buy another crock or two-I think they’re beautiful :-) !

  344. Hannah says

    Im sick of our familys health issues all my research keeps leading me to fermentation as a key element in a healthy diet. I really want to get started right, my new years resolution is to change what is normal for our family. I always had a vision of how my life would be and im not there, im just meandering thru like the rest. But what we do or dont so impacts others around us, like this year my goal was to quit smoking and we all sucedded and it has influenced other to quit just by doing it ourselves. Little leap by big jump i want to be satified with my life satified in knowing i didwhat i thought was best for me and my family. This book looks like it would be an awsome kick start for our new life.

  345. Bonnie says

    I would *love* to have a resource like this. I’ve only recently discovered kombucha, and can see the benefit of other home “brewed” products, but have been afraid to try them.

  346. Emily says

    I am so ignorant about fermentation! Every time I think that I have learned another way to restore my body back to health I learn about another area of my diet that I can drastically change. I hope that this book helps me learn to prepare fermented foods for me and my family and increase my knowledge of wholesome foods not only to share with my immediate family but to encourage others I know as well!

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