GIVEAWAY: Excalibur Dehydrator — $250 value


This month, I’m giving away a 9-Tray Excalibur Dehydrator to one of you.

I am so grateful for you, my readers! You hang with me through thick and thin as we buck conventional nutritional wisdom and cleave to eating according to our ancestral, traditional food ways. Without you, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

So, as a way of saying thank you and giving something back, I’m hosting monthly giveaways!

These prizes are coming entirely out of my own pocket. I choose them based on your Facebook votes, and I ship the prizes directly to your doorstep.

How to Enter

Entering the contest is as easy as 1-2-3!

1. Click this link: 9-Tray Excalibur Dehydrator

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  1. Sherri Freeman says

    I’ve been looking at this dehydrator for a while. I sold one (not this nice tho’) at a yard sale before I became a real foodie…ah regrets!

    • April says

      I went to a dehydration course and she used these, (great item) and ever since I’ve kicked myself for not buying one, so maybe I could win one!

  2. j.d. says

    ooooh. to me this is like a ticket to candy. other people crave sweets and junk, i dream of dehydrating everything!

  3. Alice Kaspar says

    I hope I win. :-) This dehydrator would be great for some friends of mine with three children! If I win, it’s going to them.

  4. amy says

    I’m hoping to win this for my friend…she could benefit so greatly from this as she has just recently switched to real food as she tries to tackle her current health concerns. Thank you for this opportunity…and for your wonderful blog!

  5. Jen in Oz says

    Is this only open to a certain country? I am in Australia and have drooled over one of those dehydrators for over 15 years. Now I have 4 children I would really find it useful.

    • says

      Hi Jen! The fine print (found inside the Raffelcopter widget) says that winners outside the U.S. will get an Amazon gift card equal to what the prize is selling for on Amazon. If your country has a local Amazon (i.e. AmazonUK), I’ll buy the gift card from there. If not, I’ll buy the gift card. does ship a lot of inventory overseas, but it varies from product to product. So, I use the gift cards as a solution to what would otherwise be weird shipping hassles.

  6. Cherie says

    Oh wow, have wanted one of these for so long! You don’t know how excited I’d be if I won, lol! Thanks for the opportunity!

  7. Regina says

    We have been asking santa for one of these for years! It would be so amazing to win one! Thank you for the opportunity!

  8. Cheryl Stebbins says

    Oooh please please please!!! My husband and I are switching to a 100% real food diet in September and this would be such a big help!!!

  9. Twyla says

    I just found your site through a friend of mine… I’m exploring ways to eat healthier, and eliminate as much “junk” from our diets as possible. I have a toddler who loves dehydrated veggies but won’t eat any regular ones =.= I would be THRILLED to have something like this to use so I don’t have to spend the $8 per package of dehydrated veggies that I have been spending at the store each week. This would make life with my toddler soooo much easier.

  10. Carol Ann says

    It’s one of those things I’d love to have and would make good use of but money is tight, will be a long time before I could buy one!

  11. says

    I am so excited about this contest. When I saw it on your FB page I just had to enter… My round dehydrator died and I’ve been trying to save up money for this one- but something always comes up! Great Contest. Good luck to everyone!

  12. Jenn says

    I have wanted this dehydrator for a couple of years! Would be a dream come true! Thank you for the opportunity!

  13. Heather says

    I have been eying up one of these beauties for a long time! Thank you so much for choosing this for this months giveaway!

  14. Susan says

    I’ve been looking at dehydrators and recipes that use them for a while now – winning would certainly help push me that final step to start making all the yummies I’ve been reading about!

  15. kimberley schulman says

    I have enjoyed all your facebook posts and the time you take to help us enjoy life and be healthier.

    thank you so much for all that you do!

  16. Robert Audet says

    Just found your site from a search for sauerkraut and other fermented food recipes. I have read Lea’s Sauerkraut survivor journey, though in not as much detail as I think would benefit me now as I’m starting my own ferments…
    The link to win the Excalibur dehydrator is right up my alley – have been borrowing a friend’s dehydrator for nuts and other garden veggies for a couple of years and see that the timing is perfect for my own.

    Thanks for the great website and helpful perspectives.

    Food renegade! Love the name!

  17. dan says

    In this crazy socio-political climate where words and intention are often designed to mislead and confuse, it is important to become more aware of the possibilities that come with taking greater control of your physical and spiritual landscape. A good food dehydrator is a good step in that direction. Good one, Kristen.

  18. Charlotte says

    Oh I really hope I win this!
    I want to make fruit roll ups and jerky and I want a yogurt maker too but if I win this dehydrator it’s big enough that I won’t need a separate one. :O
    Hooray for more counter space!!

  19. Shar Sanders says

    What a great contests!! Thanks for sharing it with your readers. Would love to be able to dehydrate items.

  20. Donna Williams says

    I so need a new one! I had to downsize when we moved last year, and now have to repurchase things. This is on my list!

  21. Tara says

    This is a wonderful giveaway! Thank you so much! It would be a blessing to win this and be able to dehydrate my own foods! My husband and I have been wanting one for a while…

  22. says

    Thanks so much for the entry opportunities to win this very covetable dehydrator! If I am lucky enough to win and you only ship to US and Canada, I will gladly pay for postage to South Africa :-) Looking forward to your newsletters too. So glad I found your site when looking for a recipe for homemade Worcester sauce, thanks again.

  23. Amy says

    I could so use this! The dried fruit snacks took forever in the oven.. not looking forward to drying anything that way again :/

  24. Jodi Sevilla says

    Oooooh, I hope it’s me! I first came across the Excalibur at a friend’s house and I’ve had dehydrator envy ever since!

  25. Mary says

    It would be so cool to win this! I hear of all the great things my niece does with her dehydrator. Thanks for the opportunity! (o:

  26. Kathy Horn says

    I would love to win this dehydrator! We still help out our adult children with food stuffs in these hard economic times and to be able to dehydrate for them (and us) would be so great! Kathy

  27. Dena Montgomery says

    I do hope to win the dehydrator but am happy to also find your web site offering a newsletter featuring food, recipes, nutrition and health articles.

  28. Linda Bolanos says

    I recently subscribed to your newsletters and I just want to say thank you for such a wonderful website! I love the variety and the interesting and informative posts! I have learned so much and I’m inspired to make healthier choices! You really go beyond other websites by giving links where to purchase hard to find products at a great price. You are my new favorite and I look forward to reading you everyday!


  29. Janet Winski says

    Sold my old dehydrator at a yard sale 15+ years ago. Way before I cared about what I was eating. It’s be so great to have one back in my life again.

  30. Marcella says

    Wow! What a great prize! I have been looking at this dehydrator for 3 years now but haven’t been able to afford it. I dry jerky and other things in my gas oven right now and it’s a pain. Good luck to everyone and whoever wins, Good on you!

  31. Bethany says

    Thank you for funding these giveaways. I’m just starting my journey and you have really helped. So thanks for that, too!

  32. Sharon McMahan says

    Wow, this is great! Thanks for the chance to win a wonderful product. I have a special needs grand-daughter (rare chromosome micro-deletion) that we are trying to help with a healthier diet. This would be such a blessing. Even if I don’t win, I will save up to buy one.

  33. Juanita Gober says

    Thank you for the chance at this giveaway. I’d love to have this for my mom and I as we continue our journey to better health. Love your posts!

  34. Kathryn Brown says

    I’ve been wanting one of these Excaliburs for soooo long! Perhaps today will be my lucky day? Thanks for the chance and for all your wonderful newsletters, they are always stocked with info I actually WANT to know.

  35. says

    Thanks for this giveaway. I have been wanting a dehydrator for a while. I would love to make crackers, fruit chips, snacks, and more. I love this dehydrator.

  36. Mari says

    Hoping this might break my “losing streak” on all the various giveaways I’ve been entering :) I’m a newbie in the real-food arena and have already pretty much broken the bank. Have been watching for a secondhand dehydrator but it seems like everyone else wants one too! My rental-apartment oven runs way too hot so “dehydrating” has been a series of disasters that would be funny if food weren’t so expensive. No crispy nuts for me. :(

  37. Missie says

    Thanks for hosting giveaways. Awesome knowledge and advice that keeps giving and changes how families eat! LOVE IT!

  38. tara tamayo says

    Great website! I’m a sahm and would love a way to make healthy snacks on the go for my family. Hoping I win this!

  39. Camilla says

    YES PLEASE!!! I have a cheapo little dehydrator that just isn’t up to scratch, an Excalibur is just not in my budget, thank you for the chance!

  40. KimS says

    Thanks for the opportunity to win this. I’ve been wanting to get one for awhile and this is a great opportunity. Thanks again!

  41. Handful says

    Stumbled across this post when a friend suggested your Jalapeno Poppers with Serrano Sour Cream Dip to me. Interesting to use whipped whites for the batter. So glad I found this site as we are about 80% whole foods at our home. Lots of gardening and preserving here and butchering our own meat as we are able.
    Love, love, LOVE the Excalibur. I have an entire Pinterest board devoted to dehydrating.

  42. Iulia B. Ghiran-Ardelean says

    Would loooove to win this! My husband and I have been dreaming of a food dehydrator for a while now!

  43. says

    I have wanted an Excaliber for years and years! I just haven’t made it a priority buy, to win one would be sooo awesome! In the meantime I borrow a different brand from my mom and make all kinds of things from dried fruit to jerky!

  44. Rinn says

    Oooh, so glad I came across this, today. Would honestly be a bit of a dream come true, winning one of these — due to my daughter and husband being on the Autism spectrum, we’ve been having to do a lot of modifications to our diet. But, living on a very strict fixed income, a decent dehydrator has always been pretty much out of the question :'(

    Here’s to hoping this one’s in the cards, for us ^_^

  45. Christie B says

    This is a fabulous product. I would like to dehydrate spices and veggies and make fruit leathers with the Excalibur.

  46. says

    I hope I did all that right?! Did I see Georgetown, TX?! You can save the mailing costs, choose me and I will pick it up!! Hooray…sounds good, right? :)

  47. Patty says

    So excited! I have been wanting to get one but haven’t had the money! Hopefully some luck will come my way!

    Crossing my fingers!!!

    Good luck everybody!

  48. Amanda says

    newsrewards email may not show up on the rafflecopter entry…not sure how it works. :) But that’s me!

    Thanks for running this contest!

  49. GIGI S. says


  50. jennifer hall says

    Thanks for the chance to win this awesome 9-Tray Excalibur Dehydrator. I would be a great addition to kitchen.

  51. Kam says

    I have just started to turn my life around by eating things as close to nature as possible. It is very interesting to me and I am excited. Using a dehydrator makes sense and if I don’t win this one, I will be getting one for myself soon! Glad to be a part of your website.

  52. Maria E Martinez says

    Oh, I will love to win this dehydrator. I grow a lot of vegetables, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, etc. I have to canned them because there are more than I can eat… but that gardening is a hobby that I refuse to give up even with my disability, but canning take a toll on my leg for been standing so long. This dehydrator will be a blessing beside the space saver once the food is done. Thank you for the opportunity

  53. nurturechef says

    Thanx for the chance – very generous of you!! I’ve never used a dehydrator before – never say never. I specialize in Holistic Rejuvination and I just want you to know what a great job you are doing…keep up the great work. Love your web site.

  54. says

    Thanks for the opportunity to win, Kristen! Love your site and from the reviews, this powerhouse of a dehydrator looks great. Not having to turn on the oven (even on low) in the Texas summer to make kale chips or jerky would be AWESOME! Keep up the stellar work, lady!

  55. Beverly Linton says

    I was just telling my husband how much I want one! We live in a dinky RV and rely on bottled propane for cooking so I either can use propane (expensive) or the sun. It would be so much more convenient and less expensive with a real dehydrator. I hope you pick me! Thanks!

  56. Lori Scott says

    So ready for this Fall and Winter and I’ve never had a dehydrator. This would come in so handy and I thank you for this opportunity!

  57. Amanda says

    Oh gosh!
    My real food cooking wishlist is getting pricey. I’m afraid to even add it all up! I want a $500 blender, a $35 slicer, $40 slow cooker, $200 dehydrator, various silicone tools, and all that on top of the already higher cost of organic and grass-fed. I need a 2nd job!
    The dehydrator isn’t high enough on the list to be acquired any time soon…unless I can win it! That would be soo cool! I haven’t won anything since a church event doorprize 8 years ago!

  58. Taya says

    This is definitely on my wish list! Can’t wait to start making snacks and so much more with this beautiful machine! Thanks:)

  59. Riki Juster says

    The oven that came with my rented apartment doesn’t go lower than 230F, which is why I really could use this for making crispy nuts, jerky and dried everything else! Thank you!

  60. Sheila Daniel says

    Thx! I’ve never tried dehydrating food. I’ve read about the health benefits and anticipate all the tasty foods to come.

  61. Alexandra says

    I would be so so so delighted if i were to win this amazing machine! Vegetable patties, bread and fruit bars is on my list and I am sure I will use it daily!

  62. says

    I would love to win this. I just got a small inexpensive one to start with. I love doing all types of fruit. I will keep my fingers crossed that you PICK ME. :)

  63. Brenda says

    Was saving up for one of these and was nearly there but then my stand mixer broke. I would love to give this prize a happy home!

  64. Barbara says

    Never dehydrated anything, but I’ve thought about it in the past and it is a very good idea. So pick me!!!

  65. sharon says

    I love your site, one of the best and this is the dehydrator I want to own thanks for the chance, crossing my fingers and toes =)

  66. Dorlaine Simmons says

    I look forward to opening your emails and entering your contests is a breeze. I have my fingers crossed on winning this dehydrator, I’ve been wanting a good one with lots of trays for fruit and whatever else I might think of

  67. Montie says

    I had a dehydrator years ago but didn’t use it much. Now we are trying to eat healthier and one of my daughters just informed me that her and her husband were very happy to inform us that they are expecting child #6. I believe this will help all of us to learn better food habits. I appreciate the opportunity to get one of these. Very nice of you no matter who receives it.

  68. Kristen says

    I had one of these! In fact, I grew up with it. We had it, and used it a lot until our home burned in one of the Colorado forest fires. My kids loved when I made fruit leather! I loved drying all sorts of things for snacks and for storage. Thanks for the great website, and a chance to win a new Excalibur Dehydrator!

  69. Jenn Crawford says

    Thank you for giving people a chance to win this! I have been checking these out for a while but right now it is out of our price range. Love the fact that you can set different temps.

  70. Lorrie says

    Thank You for the opportunity to win. Interested in learning more about good food. It has been one of my goals to do some dehydrating for my busy family.

  71. Sue Caccavale says

    I really would love to win this we have a garden and grow our own spices, so we would get a lot of use from this hydratrator! Thks

  72. says

    I tried to sign up, but it says that the contest is already over even though it’s way before the contest end – midnight pacific time. I’d love to enter

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