GIVEAWAY: Enrollment in Go Grain Free E-Course

Have you been wanting to experiment with going grain-free, but found yourself worried about how you’ll get by without waffles, biscuits, sandwich bread, or pizza? (Here’s a hint: You don’t have to! Instead, you can make a slew of healthy alternatives like the carrot muffins pictured above.)

Maybe your or someone in your family has foresworn gluten, but you want to know if going fully grain-free could help. Or, maybe you’re trying to lose weight or find optimal health, and you’re convinced a grain-free ancestral diet like Paleo or Primal eating could be the key to melting those pounds away.

If you’ve been waiting for a little push, a little motivation, a little HELP in going grain-free, then the upcoming Go Grain-Free! online class may be for you. My friend Jill from Real Food Forager is teaching the e-course, and she’s generously offered to give away a free enrollment to one of you!

Think phytic acid is the enemy?

People often choose to avoid grains because they contain phytic acid, an enzyme-inhibitor that blocks your body’s absorption of important minerals like calcium, magnesium, copper and zinc. But this anti-nutrient is just as prevalent in the nuts & seeds used to replace grains in many grain-free diets.

Don’t make the same mistake!

In this online course, Jill is going to teach you how to cook with alternative grain-free flours. You’ll learn how to properly prepare nuts, seeds, and nut flours to make them as nutrient-dense as possible and harness all their minerals and vitamins.

Watch the video

How to Enter

Use the Raffelcopter widget below to enter. The giveaway will end on Wednesday, September 26th at midnight EST, and the winner will be announced shortly thereafter.

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(photo by realfoodforager)


  1. Carolyn b says

    I’ve recently suspected that me and my kids are sensitive to gluten and I am Considering going totally grain free but don’t have enough resources yet. I would love some extra know how and of course some recipes!!

  2. Erin says

    I struggle with just going gluten free so I would love to have access to recipes that work (and learn to give up rice and oats too).

  3. says

    I am a Celiac who also appears to have a wheat allergy ( break out in hives) and have been GF for about a year. Although I have lost weight and my gut usually feels better, I still have fatigue, breakouts, “irritable” gut symptoms and my energy levels are all over the map. I’ve looked into Paleo but would really like more hands on guidance to get rid of the remaining grains that we consume. They seem to be filled with empty calories anyway and now I am reading about arsenic in rice! Ack! Rice is a staple for many Celiacs. This sounds just like what I need!

  4. Elizabeth Randles says

    I would love to go grain free along with dairy and sugar free … I just need a little extra push to get me going …

  5. Denise says

    We’ve been slowly cutting back on grains, and I do worry about nut flours and the like. I would love to learn more. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  6. Mary Kathryn Martin says

    My husband has RA, and I feel that a grain free diet will be very helpful. But in order for him to stick to it, he needs to not miss his favorite – pizza.

  7. Dave says

    I’d like to take this course as we are looking for alternatives to grains, but don’t want to totally give up muffins, bread, or even pizza.

    I’m the primary cook in our house and want to provide healthier alternatives to our family–especially since we have someone in the house with a significant illness right now.

  8. says

    Very interested in this course as I have just made the switch to eating gluten-free and need to learn more. Would like to transition the family to being grain free, though that will take more time and LOADS more expertise than I currently have. ūüėČ

  9. Dina says

    I am in dire need of learning how to make foods that cut out all the gluten, grains, soy, and other allergens from my diet. I suffer from multiple symptoms if I eat foods with those ingredients and any ailments I already had become ten times worse. It is also challenging to eat right on a limited budget. I need some guidance really bad!

  10. Kathy Berrey says

    I have struggled with back pain for along time. My Doctor took me off all grains and sugar and this seams to be helping. I am needing this class to help me learn to cook and be able to cook for my family the nutrious meals we both need.

  11. Tammy R. says

    After reading about Jill’s experience with sinus headaches, I am wondering if maybe I am grain intolerant too! Would love to check this out.

  12. Jessica says

    Jill’s story about dealing with sinus problems has me wondering if that isn’t the cause of all my sinus issues. Would love to give it a try!

  13. elena marshall says

    I REALLY, REALLY want to learn how to bake with nut flours and coconut flour without the expensive ‘mistakes’ through my own trial and error.

  14. Janice says

    Have been gluten-free for 5 years, but now doc says to stop grains altogether. Glad to know that comfort food is still on the menu!

  15. Laurin Plummer says

    I would love some additional information on going grain free. I have been playing with this way of eating for about 5 weeks, but keep “falling off the wagon” every 6-7 days. I need to figure out how to stay steady and not crave carbs…

  16. Alida Rodriguez says

    We have several dyslexic and ADD, ADHD kids who would REALLY benefit from going grain free. I and my husband also have many allergies, intestinal issues, asthma issues, headaches thyroid malfunction and adrenal and mood swing problems and I would LVOE to find out if this would work for me. It sounds overwhelming switching but I am more than willing to give it a try. This would bless us immensely. Thanks for your consideration.

  17. Marcia says

    Your course description fits our situation perfectly! We are gluten free, but still have health issues. We need to take the next step but I am so worried my family will starve with my inability to make good tasting grain free foods.

  18. Heather K says

    I’m very intrigued by the number of posts and blogs saying the same thing (or similar) about wheat & other grains… I do have things in my family: food allergies, eczema, belly fat, etc, that make me want to try to go grain free. I’d be interested in learning more!

  19. Emma B says

    My husband has recently found out he is gluten intolerant and we also have been advised to go grain free for fertility issues, so this course would help two bread, pancake and waffle loving people improve their health and still eat the things we love! Thank you for the chance of improving our lifestyles

  20. Marie says

    Currently on my second stint of the Whole 30. Very excited to learn more! I’d love to learn how work with other grain-free flours so I can make things for others who, while not being on the Whole 30, would still be able to adhere to a grain-free diet.

  21. Alycia A. says

    i would love to learn how to go grain free. i have multiple health issues, and most of it is from diet, i think. The worst one is the chronic fatigue. i would dearly love to take this course.
    Thank you!

  22. Amy says

    I have been trying to go grain free for a while due to some health issues. I went glutn free and that helped but i still cant seem to get better. Seems like the ecourse is the answer! thanks!

  23. Nicole says

    I have tried to do a grain free diet for my family in the past and felt that I was not providing my family with enough variety. I would love to do this course to learn more about the grain free diet and to feel confident that I am looking after the health of my children.

  24. Natasha says

    I want to reclaim my health…and break free of my lingering eating disorder – I would love to have additional tools in place to set myself up for success.
    :) Natasha

  25. SteRhymesWithTree says

    We were vegan for a long time and now have a lot of health problems. I want to try GAPs but think I should try this first!

  26. says

    I am part of an association that was formed due to the need for awareness of fat disorders. Lipoedema is only one (which I have) and many people with this condition are convinced grains are the problem. I would love to have recipes that are grain, sugar and dairy free to share with the members of our group and our association.
    Regards and thanks :)

  27. Gwen B. says

    This knowledge would save our lives. We struggle with allergies, excema, ADD, and major digestive issues. I have always struggled with my weight but am afraid that without any grains our dopamine and seratonin levels would suffer. Plus, I work full time, commute, help with homework, sports, housework and have to travel to 3 stores each weekend to find affordable whole foods. I spend hours cooking each weekend so i don’t feed my family last minute junk. On top of this, I’m married to a professional chef who can be critical about meals and needs some convincing about grain free. I NEED GUIDANCE. HELP!

  28. Jennifer Smith says

    My family and I are starting the GAPS diet next month and I would love to get some great ideas about grain-free alternatives and just some really good GAPS legal food.

  29. vanessa says

    currently i am enrolled in my own experimenting school in my kitchen with me as my teacher. it’s pretty scary some days :-) but so much fun! i found out i have a wheat allergy (which is horrible because i love to bake fresh bread – it’s my therapy) and now i gotta cook around that to make everyone happy (who doesn’t love to make their family happy??) – i mean,really, who wants to make several different dishes for one meal? this class would be a happy maker.

  30. BillB says

    This would be great. I’ve had terrible luck trying to bake with coconut and almond flour. I feel I must be doing something wrong. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  31. Dori says

    WOW! Thanks for the awesome giveaway chance! I have been gluten free for a year now, but am noticing not so subtle changes in my gut with the carb situation; ie, potatoes,corn, etc, so I am sure I need to modify my diet some more:(

  32. CRB says

    I’ve already been grain-free for about two months now and have been just astonished with the difference it’s made in my health and well-being. But I still have massive cravings for baked goods and many of the old standby recipes I used to eat that I’ve completely cut out from my dinner plate. The rest of my family refuses to go “cold-turkey”, but I know they would *all* benefit from at least reducing their grain intake. I’m sure they would all be more willing if I could offer delicious alternatives to their grain-laden dishes. Thanks!

  33. Karen says

    I can’t wait to learn more about grain free! This is so interesting and as I make this journey, I’m learning so much about food’s effects on my body!

  34. says

    I so need this e-course right now! I am in a very weird relationship with food right now to where I barely want to eat ANYTHING because I have no idea what to eat. And I have a family to feed so I really need to find a happy medium :-)

  35. says

    We have been wheat free for the past month, for several health reasons amoung my six children, and I would love to know more about being grain free. I would love to know how to make breads and pizza doughs etc… pasta.. :) All our favorite meals have been taken off the menu board…

  36. says

    I’d love to enroll because despite being a WAPF-loving healthcare practitioner and herbalist myself, Da Grainz are always my weak point.

    It’s not that I don’t know how to avoid them, it’s just that alternatives never seem to be ‘just as easy’ as using them. That has got to change, because I’d love to lead by example to my clients.

    In addition, if I win, I promise to refer my clients to the course and do an intensive blog post about it for my Dutch readers. I love to spread the love! :-)

  37. Lisa says

    This e-course looks like it would be a big help in going grain-free, and staying that way. I would love to learn how to cook for my entire family this way.

  38. Mallory S says

    I would love to enroll because my friend and I are trying to commit to a healthy lifestyle change and would like to learn more about nourishing our bodies without relying on grains–we eat a lot of bread and want to find a better way of eating that satisfies both our stomachs and our health needs.

  39. Linsey says

    This is going to sound stupid, but I think finding this site was an answer to an unspoken prayer!! Just today, after eating French toast for breakfast and feeling like crapola the rest of the day, I thought “I’ve got to finally give up gluten”. I’ve been putting it off for so long, always full of excuses!! Im tired of the terrible symptoms from eating grain!

  40. Karen says

    I believe learning more about going grain free is essential for the health of individuals ,especially those already suffering with health complaints. Thanks for the info!

  41. Amy says

    My mom and I have been talking about all the effects of how sugar keeps causing all different reactions with my sons constant ear infections and her MRSA. We are self learning everything and trying to make up for years of “knowledge” we missed out on… my mother did a great job raising us… just more information out there and a lot of “hidden” things that you want to find out and learn about! We have done good switching to local, organic foods (when we can) but with the “sugar” issues in the family we also know that flours (grains) are almost more of an enemy to our systems than actual sugar! My mom and I are on the hunt for more information and of course healthy delicious recipes that even our “men” (and boys) will accept!!!!!
    So excited I stumbled on your site and am excited to try stuff and learn more!!!
    God Bless you for all your hard work so far!

  42. moses says

    From what I’ve read, grain-free would really help with a couple of conditions. This course would be so helpful in getting me started.

  43. Heather says

    I want to go grain free!!! It is NOT easy!!! I am so accustomed to cooking with grains that I have absolutely NO IDEA what to make for lunch without it! I NEED HELP!!!!

  44. Anne W. says

    My husband and I have both been diagnosed with a gluten sensitivity. Between the various health issues in our family, the research I have done indicates that going grain-free may be beneficial for us. We have had some difficulty making the transition to giving up grains, and this course seems like it would help me figure out how to overcome the difficulties we have faced.

  45. Mary Bright says

    I have been thinking about eliminating grains, but I’ve been paralyzed to make the change because I’m not sure where to start. I’d love to take this course.

  46. Lola says

    This would be so helpful! I’ve been GF for two weeks now and have seen few improvements. I’m thinking that going entirely grain free will help me see the benefits.

  47. Myra says

    We just started going grain-free in the past 2 months, and I can already see a big difference. Now that I know it’s working, I’m ready to really get into it and figure out how to replace our favorite grain-based foods like pancakes, wraps, etc.

  48. K. Dana says

    I have been wanting to eliminate grains because my husband has been getting food allergies over the past year and I’m concerned about leaky gut. I keep reading that they could be related. I would love a course that could set me on the right path!

  49. Thu Sarah says

    So interested in this coarse! The ‘how to’ of something is always the most diffcult step when making a lifestyle change so this would be a great way to learn! Thanks for the opportunity!

  50. Leilani says

    I would really like to learn more grain free breakfast ideas. We eat eggs, bacon, sausage, and smoothies a lot, which we enjoy…but it would be nice to have a few more options.

  51. Coleman Senecal says

    Would love this as our family has been trying to go somewhat grain-free recently, but still sneak some now and again because it’s more convenient and we miss certain things! Would love to completely cut it out!

  52. Becky says

    I’m just starting to learn about the unhealthy effects of eating grains and have begin to transition my family to a gain free diet. I’m looking to gain as much information as I can at this point!

  53. Heidi says

    Over the past six or so months, I’ve doing a lot of reading and research with the goal of educating myself on paleo/primal/traditional/grain free/sustainable foods and cooking methods, in a quest to take better care of myself (all of this started when I asked a co-worker about her “unusual”-to me, at the time-lunches). I’m finally at the point where I am starting to make truly significant changes in my eating habits as a result of all that I’ve learned; getting more information on cooking/baking without grains via this online class would be AWESOME! (and great timing!)

  54. Rebecca says

    I’ve been trying to eat this way for a while, but it has been so hard to stick with. I’m hoping this course can give me the final push!

  55. Shari W says

    I’ve been working on gluten-free, but am still not feeling back to ‘myself’. I’ve been fighting ‘gut’ issues for nearly 2 years now. Exploring Grain-free – so this would be an awesome opportunity for me. I’d love to learn more!

  56. Julie says

    Our family has gone grain free, sugar free, wheat free for the past 3 weeks. I need help! Running out of ideas for what my kiddos will eat. Hubby and I are doing better, but I know I could do WAY better. Hoping this class would help me to learn how to do it all more simply!

  57. Judy M says

    I am dealing with some digestive difficulties which I suspect are due to grains and I would love to learn more about how to cook without them. I think this would also help my whole family.

  58. Elise says

    i’m really interested in this course because there are so many little things that make a difference in preparing foods thats invaluable to have someone leading the way!

  59. Kayleen says

    I would love to win an entry for this course as I am trying to find ways to go grain/wheat free for optimal health. We need a variety of food in our diet and try to find ways to incorporate new foods.

  60. Liz says

    I was excited to find out about the Go Grain-Free course while reading my weekly edition of the Food Renegade newsletter! I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease in 2000 and then additionally as gluten intolerant the following year. Those diagnoses changed my life forever and I learned through trial and error what works for me nutritionally and what hurts. Fast forward a dozen years and I have not had a Crohn’s flareup since going gluten-free and eliminating processed foods, fried foods, GMO’s and refined sugar. I have been off pharmaceutical meds for over a decade. (A real accomplishment as I was told by a doctor in 2001 that I would need to continue taking anti-inflammatory pills and immune suppressant drugs- a 45-pill-a-day regimen- for the rest of my life.

    I am now part of a larger community of Crohnies and Celiacs who look to me for advice because of my great health and success at healing myself with diet, exercise, rest and probiotics. I have a lot more to learn, however, and this course looks like my ideal next step! I would absolutely love to participate. I know I’d get so much out of it. The catch is, since I started a small business this year (a lifelong dream!) I just don’t have the money.

    Winning the giveaway would be amazing and is my best shot at getting the opportunity to learn the skills you’ve developed to further help myself and my community! I appreciate the chance to win the course.

    Good luck, everyone, in your continued learning and may you all be well!

  61. Morgana says

    I’d love to see if a grain-free diet would free me from multiple auotimmune diseases. Also, my husband has diabetes 2 and would most definitely benefit from it!

  62. Lisa N. says

    I honestly would love to go grain free, I just don’t have a clue how. It is hard to figure out what is what on all these blogs. How to tell what will work and what wont. This would be fantastic!

  63. Janet says

    I was diagnosed with non-celiac gluten sensitivity and while going gluten free helped with a number of health issues, including migraines, I found I was having problems with weight gain, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and elevated cholesterol. I started reading about the problems that grains and starches have on health and thought this might be the way to go. There’s so much information out there that it can be hard to weed through it all. A class like this would be an ideal way to learn how to incorporate grain free living into my diet.

  64. Julie says

    I have been struggling for months to go grain-free and not feel completely deprived of food and hungry constantly! I would love for someone to show me the tricks to it all!

  65. Diana says

    Yes I have already begun my grain free journey, but I would definitely lessons I still need to learn about maintaining a grain free lifestyle. It’s definitely had it’s ups and downs.

  66. Debbie Hoffele says

    I have been trying to cook grain – free to see if it will help my sons excema. So far I have lost 10 pounds but his excema has gotten worse. I would love to take this course to see increase my gluten free repertoire.

  67. nalani says

    I am so interested in this course since I am pretty much grain-free but I would like even more details about my choices and what else can I prepare that is good for health.

  68. Jessica says

    My family is trying to go grain free all together for a healthier lifestyle & to feel better & have more energy! This course sounds like a great way to help understand & get going towards our goal!!

  69. Kim Kelsey says

    I am very interested in nutrition for all my family. My Mom died of pancreas cancer at the age of 53, 20 years ago. I don’t want another member of my family to die from cancer – especially when we know how to advoid it and cure it through proper nutrition. It is truly up to each individual to learn about this life saving subject. Thank you for the opportunity to learn more.

  70. Brandi says

    For years I’ve felt that reducing or eliminating grains in my own and family members’ diets would be beneficial to our health. Simultaneously, I have always been proud of my self-taught baking skills, and been busy with work and school, and raising kids. This is what has scared me away from grain free- giving up baking, along with the complexities of learning another new way of cooking and the time & money required! A class like this could help me learn to embrace grain-free without having to give up my love of baking or sacrifice my already thin time for learning.

  71. Kathryn Brown says

    wow, this course looks fantastic! I was just talking with a friend the other day about how hard it is to avoid certain grains and still feel like you’re eating delicious food. I’d love to be able to share the knowledge with them!

  72. Hilary says

    Been wheat-free for 11 months, but still feel some symptoms when I eat other grains, so looking for some healthier options and cookign methods.

  73. Melisa says

    I am grain free for a month now and I am so tired of what I am eating. I would love to know how to make new things!!thanks

  74. Carol says

    I’ve been thinking about going grain-free, but I’ve worried about getting all the nutrients right. This sounds like it would help a lot!

  75. Tamara Bell says

    I am so very interested in going grain free. I cannot believe all the important stuff I am reading and learning about eating healthy!

  76. Christine Trafelet says

    I’m working at enhancing my husband’s and my health. We both have been primal/paleo for a short time and we both feel so much better. My husband joined me when I started to lose weight without trying. Sometimes I feel like I’m cheating when I eat, food tastes so much better now.

  77. Canice says

    I have a long list of things that ail me. Last fall I was told that I need to switch to a eating a Gluten-Free and Sugar-Free Diet, and that I might have to also give up all Dairy. I found that it made a Huge difference giving up Gluten and Sugar, but also found that every time I eat grains I have an adverse reaction. I find the timing of this course to be an answer to prayer.

  78. Michaela says

    I have battled with eczema for years and am thinking that part of the reason it keeps flaring up is due to gluten in my diet. I would love to learn more about how to lead a gluten free life!

  79. Jackie M. says

    Would love to learn about cooking with grains. Trying to eat less grains and dairy. I love grains and dairy and not sure how to reduce the amount I eat.

  80. Cathy says

    I am attempting a major lifestyle change and would love the knowledge this class can provide. I currently have in excess of 200 lb s that I must lose and I am hoping to incorporate a grain free aspect to what I want to be a whole foods diet.

  81. JML says

    I have read that going grain free has the potential to help me with my Menier’s disease. I would love to learn more from an experienced source on grain free options.

  82. Rachel says

    I would like to try the grain free diet. I have tried to go gluten free and that lasted about a week. I need new alternatives to our gluten light but heavy grain diet.

  83. says

    Just went to a doctor last week that specializes in allergies and nutrition. He told me what I suspected, I’m allergic to grains. Yikes. So I need recipes and ideas on what to cook. Thanks!

  84. Kim says

    My daughter has a potentially fatal autoimmune bone marrow disease. I am very interested in trying a grain-free diet to strengthen her immune system.

  85. Joanne Gedeon says

    As a graduate student, busy with tons of work while trying to juggle a healthy lifestyle, I find it very difficult to make healthy food options. I am aware of why a grain-free diet is healthy for me, but while out and about I find that there are few snack options that don’t include some sort of grain (or perhaps I’ve become too accustomed to grains). I also have been following (or attempting to follow) a Paleo lifestyle. I think that this course will give me the autonomy to make my own grain-free meals and snacks, and ultimately further educate me on what foods are best to implement in my diet.

  86. Sheri says

    I am new at real food eating and can use all the help I can get. The course would be beneficial because I’ve never done any kind of soaking before.

  87. says

    I’d love your grain-free course! I’ve been experimenting this last year due to the discovery of my gluten allergy and my sister’s celiac diagnosis. We would love to benefit from learning through your course and blending it into our journey. Thank you for this opportunity! ~Audrey

  88. Claudia Herlein says

    Am wondering why the contest for the free e-course ended before the announced ending time? I tried to submit my entry at approximately 7:15 p.m. EST on Wednesday, September 26. At that time, Rafflecopter announced the contest was over, even though it also indicated it would be open through midnight EST. Not sure if I am more disappointed or annoyed. Certainly does not make a good impression.

  89. Amy says

    I find it hard to.stick to being grain free because I’m not equipped with enough recipes to keep my family happy. This class would be a blessing!!!

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