FREE Inspirational Weekend for Women

Hello, ladies. This post is for you. Do you ever feel overwhelmed? Under appreciated? Like you’ve got no real time for yourself? Do your commitments to your children, your spouse, your church, your work, or your community leave you stretched thin? Do you feel like something’s got to change soon? Like you just need a little push, a little inspiration in the right direction?

If you do, then I’m pleased to announce a completely FREE online event geared towards you. It’s called Renew You 2010.

The virtual event began as the vision of Andrea Ramirez, a WAPF nutritionist and holistic health coach. She wanted to interview everyone from New York Times best-selling authors on health and beauty to Martha Stewart’s personal trainer. So, she hand-picked women who are the foremost experts on leading healthier, more successful and more passionate lives and set about recording her conversations with them. The result? Renew You 2010.

These recorded interviews will be streaming live this weekend from June 23th at 9pm until June 28th at Midnight, EST. You can access the recordings here.

I’m personally hoping to catch several of these interviews, including the ones titled “Hot, Sexy Hormones,” and “Ending the Pain of Perfectionism.” Here’s the full list of speakers and topics:

  • Karly Randolph Pitman: The Self-Care Pathway: Four Practices to End Emotional and Overeating
  • JJ Virgin: Five Insider Secrets to Boost Your Energy, Shrink Your Waistline and Feel Your Best
  • Brenda Kinsel: Defining Your Personal Style from the Inside Out
  • Christine Arylo: Dare to be loved: Get the Love You Want by Loving Yourself First
  • Connie Bennett: Break Free of Your Sugar Addiction with the Author of Sugar Shock!
  • Rose Cole: The 3-Day Beautiful Skin Diet: Food for a Clearer, Younger & More Radiant Complexion
  • Karen Russo: Discover a New Money Reality: The Love Path to Abundance
  • Leanne Ely: Nurture, Nourishment and Nutrition: Saving You and Your Family One Meal at a Time
  • Mary Tedesco: Inspired to Exercise: Get Active and Fit in 5 Fun Steps
  • Laura Klein: The Smart Pantry: Time- and Money-Saving Foods for Health and Flavor
  • Stephanie McWilliams: Your Space for Success: Designing Your Dream Environment for Greater Purpose, Passion and Profits
  • LiYana Silver: Bringing Sexy Back: Decoding Desire, Attraction and Connection
  • Melanie Dodaro: The Psychology of Permanent Weight Loss
  • Alisa Vitti: Hot Sexy Hormones
  • Jennifer Louden: Ending the Pain of Perfectionism

To kick-off the 5-day weekend, Andrea is doing a free call tonight, Wednesday June 23, 8pm EST on 5 Very Simple Strategies to Jump-Start Your Transformation.

In the call you’ll learn how to tackle new habits without feeling overwhelmed or disappointed, as well as the 5 key habits that Andrea’s seen create the most profound changes for her clients. I can’t think of a more perfect way to jump-start listening to these life-changing conversations!

I’ve already registered for the event, and I’m posting about in the hopes that you will, too. Seriously, even if you only catch ONE interview, it could be the interview that gets you inspired in all the right ways.

The 15 powerful teleseminars will be available 24 hours a day to enjoy at your convenience for 5 days, June 24-28.

So take a moment to register at this link right now to be notified the moment the series becomes available. You’ll thank me for it.

Can’t catch all the interviews you want? Don’t have the time to listen to streaming interviews on the internet in front of your computer? Wish you could maybe download the MP3s to your iPod or iPhone and listen in your car, or while making dinner, or while taking a walk? Thankfully, Andrea will also be making the MP3s of the complete event available for sale when the weekend’s over.

In the meantime, why not tune in when you can over the next 5 days to catch the interviews for FREE?



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