Fight Back Fridays August 7th

Welcome to another Fight Back Friday, everyone! Today we’re bringing together a collection of recipes, tips, anecdotes, and testimonies from members of the Real Food Revolution.

Who are they? Why, they’re the Food Renegades. You know who you are — lovers of SOLE (Sustainable, Organic, Local, and Ethical) food, traditional food, primal food, REAL food, the list goes on. I believe that by joining together, our influence can grow, and we can change the way America (and the industrialized world) eats!

So, let’s have some fun.

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Fight Back Fridays Participants

1. Every Kitchen Table – Evolution of Pro Food
2. Whole Foods Market: less junk, more health.
3. Hugging the Coast : Julia Child Recipes
4. Moms For Safe Food – Book review of Mom, Will This Chicken…
5. ElizabethG (lunchbox recipe)
6. Lindsay @ Passionate Homemaking (Superfoods)
7. @marciamarcia (St. Louis Zucchini Bread)
8. Daily Diner: Beer Bread with freshly milled wheat
9. Local Nourishment – Start a CLO buying club
10. ORGANIC & THRIFTY (Kellogg’s Propaganda on Children’s Nutrition)
11. THROWBACK AT TRAPPER CREEK (Cilantro Hazelnut Pesto)
12. Dawn @ Small Footprint Family – Reason No. 4,298 to Go Organic
13. GUT HEALTH 101 – 6 Q&A ON IMMUNE SYSTEM HEALTH- Kelly the Kitchen Kop
14. Michelle (Chocolate Jaffa Cake)
15. Prudent and Practical (Homemade Dog Food)
16. Sarah (voting with your wallet)
17. Musings of a Housewife (more than just organic)
18. Simple, Good, and Tasty (local food discussion at the MN governor’s residence)
19. HartkeisOnline! Soybeans Poisoning S. America
20. Shannon (do you have adrenal fatigue?)
21. Karen (Economics of local eating) (first post)
22. Mindful Eats (study says organic not healthier)
23. Jen(baking for a good cause with summer fruit)
24. emily- Delcious Duck Fat
25. Real Food Mama (Nourishing Traditions Book Review)
26. Katie @ Kitchen Stewardship (Fight Back against Antibacterial Soap!)
27. Mom2my9 @ 11th Heaven (Strawberry Ironman Shake)
28. Cooking Julia with Kids (FoodieTots)
29. Known By Name (Yellow Angel Food Cake)
30. Earth Friendly Goodies (My Lactose Intolerant Love Affair)
31. Wardeh @ GNOWFGLINS (Seven Yummy Ways to Eat Kefir)
32. Beef Tallow French Fries (CHEESESLAVE)
33. Agriculture Society – Should Our Right to Eat Real Food Be Taken Away?
34. Amy – Paella made with brown rice and beans
35. Michelle @ Find Your Balance (Scream for Chia Cream!)
36. Ediable Aria – Roasted, Raw and Fermented: Heirloom Salsa
37. Melody Joy – FED UP WITH MSG
38. Erica ~ Fermented Dilly Beans

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  1. says

    For those of you who have been following Every Kitchen Table on Fight Back Fridays, you have read a number of posts that have built the foundational thinking underneath Pro Food.

    This week’s submission on FoodRenegade represents the complete list of those posts with a short description. And while you won’t likely have time to read all of them, I hope it serves as a resource that allows you and others to better understand Pro Food, its core values and how it will help food entrepreneurs develop alternative food systems focused on sustainable food.


    Rob Smart
    .-= Rob Smart

  2. says

    My wife and I have found it frustrating to walk into Whole Foods Market and almost immediately see an enormous candy display, and then go over to their prepared foods and find that most include canola oil. According to a newspaper story yesterday, WFM has gotten the message about the “junk” in their stores and they intend to clean up their act and become healthier, so to speak. My post this week quotes their CEO on the changes they intend to usher in and I include some thoughts of my own from our local Whole Foods store.
    .-= Charles

  3. says

    In true “Fight Back” spirit, I submit this week’s post. It was by a circular that came in the Sunday paper advertising how “healthy and nutritious Kellogg’s breakfast’s are for kids!”. My article is an expose (read: rant) against the misinformation painted in bright colored, cartooned marketing and uncovering the lies spewed forth by big business at the expense of our kids’ health. Warning: Post is a bit snarky.
    .-= Organic and Thrifty

  4. says

    With tons of cilantro and garlic, it is time to make pesto for winter time stocking up!

    We are finding the Cilantro Hazelnut Pesto more to our liking, and not as heavy as the traditional Basil, Pine Nut version. Plus it is a great herb for detoxing!

    Thanks Kristen, for doing Fight Back Fridays :)
    .-= Throwback at Trapper Creek

  5. says

    This Friday, I posted on Reason No. 4,298 to Go Organic. Not that there are a given number of reasons, but rather, there are too many to count. This week in response to all the mainstream maligning of organic food vs. convention, I discuss a little-known reason to eat organic that may convince even the greatest organic skeptic.
    .-= Dawn @

  6. says

    my submission this week is about my meeting the mn governor tim pawlenty’s residence manager and communications director about what the governor eats, why – and how – he’s turning to local food, and what it says about their food policy.

    thanks for the opportunity to submit this, kristen!
    .-= Lee

  7. says

    This article is a must read, about how soy monocropping in the third world is destroying, despoiling and poisoning. Send it to everyone you know who thinks soy is a health food. It may change their mind!
    .-= Kimberly

  8. peg says

    Do you mean that you do not have to wait for it to rise?!!!! Now that is something that I would love to try. Thanks for this!

    This comment was originally posted on Daily Diner

  9. says

    This week I wrote about my contribution to Dessert Corps, a wonderful initiative of my local soup kitchen to get volunteers to bring homebaked, fresh desserts for the diners, rather than the food “product” of store packaged desserts that sit on the shelf for years and are the only cheap alternative. It is a great idea that other towns and cities should consider as well. This helps cut the reliance on unhealthy alternatives even for those cooking for those who eat their meals at a soup kitchen. A bit of food justice for those who often don’t even have the funds to consider these types of issues.
    .-= Jen

  10. says

    My post is about using duck fat for the most delicous potatoes ever. Don’t be shy, duck fat is a traditional fat is yum, yum, yummy!
    .-= emily

  11. says

    I finally picked up Nourishing Traditions and wrote a review of it on my blog this week. What a fabulous book! I am still working through the recipe section, but I was completely enthralled by the intro.

    Looking forward to reading everyone’s posts!

    – RFM
    .-= Real Food Mama

  12. says

    My post is (gasp) not about food, but it’s so “Fight Back!” that I couldn’t help linking up. Perhaps you use antibacterial soap in your kitchen…hopefully not. Are you sick of the world causing bacterial resistance and other issues by our rampant overuse of antibacterial products that we DON’T NEED? Visit for a letter you can dash to Bath and Body Works venting a little. It will take 60 seconds and make you feel gooooooood! Thanks!
    .-= Katie @ Kitchen Stewardship

  13. Lynn says

    Was wondering if anyone else had read the reviews of Nourishing Traditions on Amazon? There was a lot of positive feedback about the book, but the negative feedback was an interesting read, too. Among the many comments, one said the author herself is very overweight and that the author believes it is natural to gain that much weight as she aged. Is she following the advice of her boook, and if I follow it will I, too, gain even more weight instead of losing it and my health problems?

  14. says

    Inspired by Julia Child (and the film Julie & Julia), my son and I made a blueberry clafoutis. If only I could express in words the cuteness of my 3-yr-old learning to say “cla-FOO-tee!”
    .-= Colleen/FoodieTots

  15. says

    In baking school they taught us all of the DO’s and DON’Ts of baking an angel food cake. It was a big deal. Stressed to follow these rules – always!

    Some time ago I found my Great Grandmother’s recipe for Yellow Angel Food Cake. YELLOW? Who ever heard of such a thing?! But she was a professional cook – a fabulous cook – and this was her recipe, in her script – and it works. Not only that – it’s amazing. And relatively easy! My baking school instructors would faint dead away!
    .-= dina

  16. says

    I’m supposed to be on vacation this weekend, but I had to sneak away and share a fun post about, well it is more fun if you just take a peek at “my illicit lactose intolerant love affair” and see for yourself. :)

    One of the fun things about vacations is that you discover new things – we tried a new probiotic drink so next friday I’ll have to share that story as well…
    Have a wonderful weekend!
    .-= Earth Friendly Goodies

  17. says

    We started making our own kefir a few months ago – and since then, I’ve been trying to come up with fun ways to eat it. Not all my family members like it as is, but I want them to eat it regularly. Would love for others to add their uses for kefir. Thanks, Kristen!
    .-= Wardeh @ GNOWFGLINS

  18. says

    Hi Kristen, my post today is about our right to be able to procure and eat real food and the jeopardy that right is now under. Thanks for Fight Back Fridays!
    .-= Raine Saunders

  19. says

    Ah, the bounty of a Texas summer!

    This homemade salsa combines the dark smokiness of roasted heirloom tomatoes, garlic, sweet onions and peppers with the freshness of raw tomatoes, cilantro and lime.

    As good as this is, it is even better if allowed to ferment into a pro-biotic riot of Southwest flavor..

    Fight back against boring, unhealthy food!

    Thanks, Kristen :)
    .-= Ren

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