Fight Back Friday December 18th

Welcome to yet another Fight Back Friday! Today we’re bringing together a collection of recipes, tips, anecdotes, and testimonies from members of the Real Food Revolution.

Who are they? Why, they’re the Food Renegades. You know who you are — lovers of SOLE (Sustainable, Organic, Local, and Ethical) food, traditional food, primal food, REAL food, the list goes on. I believe that by joining together, our influence can grow, and we can change the way America (and the industrialized world) eats!

So, let’s have some fun.

If you want to participate but aren’t sure how, please read these guidelines for how Fight Back Fridays will work.

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I can’t wait to see what you all share!

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Fight Back Fridays Participants

1. Christy@frugalcrunchychristy(breakfastcasserole)
2. Lindsay Young (The Littlest Bird) Turmeric & Cancer
3. Heidi @ Flicker’s Lair (Soup & chips)
4. Kari @ Eating Simply – Festive Christmas Cookie Wrapping Idea
5. ElizabethG (Dark Chocolate Fondue)
6. THROWBACK AT TRAPPER CREEK (How much water for a # of grassfed beef)
7. Kitchen Stewardship (The Worst Canned Food to Eat That I Thought was the Best)
8. Moms For Safe Food – Organic Chocolate Cupcakes
9. Cake & Commerce (recipe: potato pancakes fried in duck fat)
10. Bonnie (My Food Related Wish List)
11. Charles/Fungus and Cancer
12. Earth Friendly Goodies (Feeding America 1 Click at a Time)
14. Dawn @ Small Footprint Family – All Aboard the Turnip Truck
15. Avivah @ Oceans of Joy (review of King Corn documentary)
16. Agriculture Society – School Lunches Receive an ‘F’
17. Kimberly Hartke
18. Healthy Alfredo???
19. Grassfed pot roast
20. Courtney
21. Whole Spiced Tomatoes
22. mama2tlc (allergy friendly-Christmas cookies)
23. Hallie @ Daily Bites (Warming Weeknight Stew)
24. Collagen Secrets from Japan (Melissa @Cellulite Investigation)
25. Dr. Ayala (What would you change about the Nutrition Facts Panel?)
26. Top Inflammatory Foods to Avoid
27. Amy @ Simply Sugar & Gluten Free (Crispy Sweet Potatoes)
28. Diana@Spain in Iowa – Carrots and Roots – Puree Soup
29. Local Nourishment (think those cage-free Omega 3 eggs are the way to go?)
30. Elizabeth @ the Nourished Life (Local Spotlight and Special Offer!)
31. Millie @ Real Food for Less Money (Grapefruit Marmalade)
32. Emily- what’s for lunch? nourishing and inexpensive lunch ideas
33. The Local Cook (Chicken Juice)
34. Winnie@Healthy Green Kitchen (Coconut Persimmon Smoothie)
35. Shelley @ MAHM (real eggnog!)
36. Dawn @ Small Footprint Family – All Aboard the Turnip Truck
37. Wardeh @ GNOWFGLINS (What’s So Great About Water Kefir?)
38. Ren @ Edible Aria (Wild Mushroom Soup with Green Garlic and Toasted Barley)
39. Augie
40. Anna @ Sacred Appetite (Reaching the Promised Land)
41. Health Home & Happiness (SAD to Real Food, what we’re doing)
42. Alisa (Chicken Barley Soup for the Soul)
43. Greenearth: Rich Food???

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  1. says

    Glad Fight Back Friday is back – I was tired of defending the water use on our farm for grass fed beef. It’s normal to see people quoting statistics of up to 2800 gallons of water per pound of beef. While I understand feedlot beef is an entirely different “animal” literally from our rotationally grazed beef – I decided to see just how much water it takes on our farm to raise a pound of beef. The numbers are surprising :)
    .-= Throwback at Trapper Creek´s last blog post …Putting a damper on the holiday baking =-.

  2. says

    The connection between fungus and cancer — and many other serious conditions — has been one that has intrigued me greatly the past few weeks. Doug Kaufmann is the pioneer of this theory and the post I am sharing today is an introduction to him and his work. If any of you have been unable to solve a long term health issue, the fungal connection is one you may wish to consider. And Kristen — it’s GREAT to see you back!
    .-= Charles´s last blog post …Holiday Depression and Nutrient Deficiency =-.

  3. says

    I got an email from a friend the other day about a local company doing its part to help end hunger in rural America. It struck me as odd and sad to learn that the place our nation gets its food from is often times short on food – a bit ironic. So today’s post shares Land O’Lakes efforts to help local rural communities – in fact they will donate one dollar for everyone who clicks on a banner on their site to local food shelves (The link is on the post if you want to chip in a buck by clicking)
    .-= Earth Friendly Goodies´s last blog post …Feeding Our Communities One Click at a Time =-.

  4. says

    Yay! Thank you for Fight Back Fridays Kristen! My article is about the failing grade school lunches have finally received from the press – and that it’s not even up to the standards of the fast-food chains. Oh, and there’s an important petition to sign from Food Democracy Now! Please sign, and help make everyone aware of what goes on in the lunch room!
    .-= Raine Saunders´s last blog post …High-Traffic “Resource” for Moms is Actually a Source for Big Advertising Campaigns =-.

  5. says

    Yay! I love Fight Back Fridays. Such great content from all these bloggers! Today I’m very pleased to post about a great local health foods store in Ohio that actually offers tons of nourishing foods. They are looking to expand their services to customers throughout the U.S. as well. Plus, readers from my blog get a special offer if they’re quick!
    .-= Elizabeth @ The Nourished Life´s last blog post …Local Spotlight: Find Nourishing Foods at Wholesome Acres Markets in Ohio! =-.

  6. says

    My blog is a bit new so I just found out about your site and this great carnival yesterday!
    I’ve linked to my coconut persimmon smoothie recipe…looking forward to reading the other posts!

  7. says

    Wild shiitake, maitake and porcini mushrooms are simmered in homemade vegetable stock with green garlic, onions, parsley, sherry and toasted barley and seasoned with fresh thyme, sea salt and black pepper. A drizzle of truffle oil seals the deal..

    “medicinal mushrooms have been shown to boost heart health, lower the risk of cancer, promote immune function, ward off viruses, bacteria and fungi, reduce inflammation, combat allergies, help balance blood sugar levels and support the body’s detoxification mechanisms”
    .-= Ren´s last blog post …Wild Mushroom Soup with Green Garlic and Toasted Barley =-.

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