Earthing on Dr. Oz

I’ve been sleeping on my new Earthing Sheets for a couple of weeks now. According to the video below, Dr. Mercola’s been sleeping on his for 7 years! This week, Dr. Oz had Dr. Mercola on his show again. Their topic? “All Natural Cures Your Doctor Thinks Are Crazy.”

They did a whole little segment on Earthing, so I thought I’d share it with you. In it, Dr. Mercola argues that earthing can give you more energy, thin your blood, and help you lose weight. By the end, Dr. Oz seems to agree that there’s probably something to the theory behind grounding ourselves.

Watch the video!

I think it’s neat that something that just a few years ago was relatively unknown and “out there” is now being embraced by normal folks and even getting time on Dr. Oz!

What about my own experience?

Thus far, I haven’t noticed anything hugely different in my sleep patterns. It still takes me 30 minutes to fall asleep unless I’m super-exhausted. I still wake up to nurse my littlest one during the night, although I guess I *may* be falling back asleep more quickly. It’s hard to tell.

But I have noticed that I feel unjustifiably energetic given my interrupted sleep, especially on days when I’ve gone to bed late and gotten far too little actual sleep. Based on that alone, I could make a case that the quality of my sleep is improving.

At the same time I bought my own earthing sheets, I bought one for my parents. My mom, who is a classic insomniac, reports that she is going to sleep more quickly, waking up feeling rested, and doesn’t wake up with arthritis aches anymore. Her pains still return later in the day, but they’re not there when she wakes up! She also swears that it is helping my dad snore less, although I’m not exactly sure how that would be explained….

I’m hopeful that as she keeps using the earthing sheets, her aches and pains will become non-existent. It seems to be a common thread among users that the worse their condition, the longer it takes for them to see dramatic improvements.

One Amazon reviewer who has Lupus shared that she started seeing improvements after 6 weeks:

When I started sleeping on the grounding sheet I was hopeful both because of the clinical research studies and because of the logical explanation of how it can reduce inflammation by neutralizing the positive charge stuck in an ungrounded body. After 6 weeks I noticed I was feeling quite a bit better and finally was scheduled to go to my doctor for a checkup. When he looked at the report he said “Very Good! This is the first time I have seen your blood work come out normal. You no longer have any signs of Lupus.” That confirmed my inner felling that the grounding therapy was indeed having a profound effect, way out of proportion to the simplicity of grounding and the relatively negligible cost for the sheet. (source)

Want to start earthing?

Like Dr. Mercola shared above, it can be as simple as walking on the ground barefoot. I’ve started sitting outside barefoot to read and soak up the sun. I’ve even done a couple homeschooling lessons that weren’t classroom dependent with us all sitting outside barefoot. Today the kids and I walked a mile and a half from our house and down along the San Gabriel river, then we splashed in the water and ran around (all barefoot, of course!).

If you’re interested in a more intensive approach to earthing because you’ve got significant sleep, hormonal, or inflammation issues, I recommend using earthing sheets.

(Where to find earthing sheets and other earthing products.)

Want to learn more?

Check out my post from last week: Can Earthing Help Adrenal Fatigue?

You can also buy the book Earthing: The Greatest Health Discovery Ever? and read up on the theory. It’s available online at Amazon, or you can buy it from Radiant Life for even less.

(photo by Van Gal Linh)


  1. says

    Great information. I enjoy being barefoot and I can really see how it can help you connect to our beautiful earth. I am going to blog about this and connect to your site. Thanks so much for the great post. Love your site!

  2. Kathleen K says

    It sounds crazy. At first. But then think. Since the beginning, humans walked barefoot. We aren’t being told to take some strange medication or eat some strange food or invest $$$. Just take off your shoes and walk barefoot. Won’t hurt anything. Might help. Worth a try!

  3. Mary Alice Baldwin via Facebook says

    Even beyond the ionic science of walking barefoot, there is a profound connection of human and Earth whilst walking barefoot; when one can feel the cool ground below them fills a sort of spiritual void as well.

  4. Anna Abbott via Facebook says

    This topic is very interesting to me. Perhaps quality of life and health will be improved for all if only we reconnect to the earth in some way during the day.

  5. Trinity Hylton via Facebook says

    I didn’t know if it would have the same effect but I was trying to think of other ways to ground
    myself that would cost so much as the sheets I’ve seen. Came up with using a grounding wrist band that my husband would use when doing electrical work with his last job. Been using it at night and noticed a little difference but I want to get a connection that I know for sure is grounded (have it attached to the heating vent in our room that touches the ground)and then have a more accurate finding.

    • Tom says

      I tried using my grounding wrist band as well but it had no effect. I tested it the day after I tried it and confirmed that it has a very large resistance built into it so it doesn’t work for earthing.

      I had some 14 gauge stranded wire around the house so I stripped off a foot of the insulation and then used electrical tape to cover the end so I wouldn’t get poked. I then attached a connector to the other end so I could screw it to the outlet cover. I then confirmed that there was no resistance between the stripped wire and the ground of the outlet.

      At night I lay across the stranded wire. It contacts directly to my body near my chest and I don’t even notice that it is there.

      I have slept on it for the last four nights and have noticed that I am now getting about an extra hour of sleep and I don’t appear to get restless at night. My sheets are now covering me in the morning where in the past they usually ended up in the middle of the bed and the top sheet was partially slipped off the mattress.

  6. says

    Trinity Hylton — It’s my understanding that if you find grounding therapeutic, the more of you that’s grounded, the better. That’s because of the natural resistance of our skin. We’re only so conductive. All that’s to say that people who do well treating aches directly with grounding wrist bands feel better sleeping on a half sheet, and people who feel better sleeping on a half sheet feel even better sleeping on a full sheet. It’s up to us to determine if the price is worth it. My husband thought he could make his own grounding sheet by buying the conductive material and sewing his own.

  7. says

    How did you embed those?! When I posted these videos yesterday (great minds and all that, LOL!) I tried to figure that out and couldn’t do it!!! Seriously, if you don’t mind telling me, I gotta know! :)


  8. says

    Your observations about sleep are on the mark. Very common. Many people sleep less and feel more rested in the morning. Has to do, we believe, with deeper, more restful sleep…a result of contact with the Earth’s energy. Less snoring, or even snoring eliminated altogether…we hear that frequently as well. We suspect it may have to do with reduced inflammation in the nose and throat. Earthing reduces inflammation in the body. There is a lot of the nitty-gritty we still don’t know about Earthing effects in the body, however the research to date indicates there are many changes in the physiology when you connect to the Earth…changes that manifest as better sleep, less pain, more energy, improved circulation. To learn more about the remarkable story of Earthing, I suggest your readers check out the Earthing book and the reports and science we have posted at
    Thank you for reporting on this very important and remarkably beneficial discovery.
    Martin Zucker, co-author of the Earthing book

  9. Tracy Caraker via Facebook says

    I don’t believe in the “earthing” thing, but I do go barefoot most of the time. Except in the winter….it’s cold up here in the High Country!

  10. Laurie V says

    Interesting. This reminds me- there are many barefoot walking parks in Europe. Although I’m not sure they think about it the same as the Dr on the show (about ions and all that), but it’s apparent they see the health benefits as well. Would be great to see some in the US.

  11. Loki says

    This is fascinating! I could not go barefoot unless I could just sit in a chair w/ my feet on the ground as I have plantar fascitis…I miss being barefoot all the time! I would love to try out the sheets.

    • Steve says


      There are a lot or people who have healed their plantar fascitis by going barefoot! Im one of those people. Modern shoes restrict the natural movement of our feet, thereby causing them to atrophy.

  12. Lou says

    I love sleeping grounded! I had back surgery 10 years ago and have always needed to see the chiropractor weekly and took ibuprofen often. After grounding for 1.5 years, I maybe go to the chiro once every 6 months and it’s just to basically say hi to the chiropractor. I feel great! If this is all in my head, then so be it. Regardless I have increased the quality of my life.

  13. says

    this summer I started a project in back yard. paver brick patio and paver border around the house. well I really felt bad at the start,I couldn’t shove a shove in the ground, too much back pain and was taking 8-10 advils a day just to function.I was taking vicoden as well, but that didn’t help much. Well it took two weeks to finish, with a hired man.
    Just after finishing the project I and was starting to feel better also,not having to take the advill.

    I got a chance to go visit my cousin mike, who lives in reno, nv. He picked me up at the airport and told me he picked up a grounding starter kit at a conference and waqnted me to check it out I read parts of the book that came with it and discovered I healed my back and didn,t even know it. I got home and bought the book on e bay, and purchased the premium starter kit along with the band kit.

    the grounding I got from kneeling on grass,ground and pavers, gave me a new outlook on life, I talked with my surgeon, about my back condition and told him I was getting better though, he said what ever I,m doing keep it up, that I had arthritis in spinal colum and that he could fix it, they gave another appointment in two months and if the pain was back, they would proceed further. well that appointment was last monday and it was canceled.

    so I,m telling everyone I know to check out grounding. It worked wonders for me! I sleep on the half sheet and wear the waist band also. my wife has noticed so help too.

  14. says

    The best thing in this case is that my grandpa 17 years ago created this word (Earthing) for explain electromagnetohydrodynamic potential, that is influencing positively for our bodies.

  15. RickB says

    I was hoping Dr. Oz was negative toward Earthing. If he likes it, I have to wonder about it. He’s such a goofball and panders to anything that will get him a kickback.
    Oh well.

  16. virg says

    Read an account in a magazine circa 1880. An 18 year old kid with consumption was advised to dig a hole in the ground and sleep in it overnite. He reports his consumption immediately was cured and never came back. Earthing has been known for quite some time.

  17. Brenda says

    The only time in my life I ever got to a lean healthy weight was when I lived for 2 yrs on an island, where I walked barefoot, climbed on rocks, swam in the sea almost daily… when I moved from the island, my weight crept back up and now I am huge. I always wondered why I got so skinny on Waiheke. I think I now know. I was thoroughly grounded! And the moment I found out about this, I began getting grounded again. Here’s hoping I can get fit again :-)

  18. Jessie says

    Just want to share with everyone that I bought a pair of slip-on sandals that have a fully grounded footbed from The sandals are called Groundals. Now whenever I cannot go barefoot, I slip them on and still get grounded while on the go.

  19. jennifer says

    Does it have to be bare feet, or can I just put my hands in the dirt, like when I’m gardening? And does it have to be dirt, or can it be handling plants that are rooted in the Earth? I used to love being bare foot, but then I learned about parasites. At least if my hands get dirty, I just wash them and I don’t track things into my home on my hands, like I would on my feet.
    Basically, I want to touch the Earth and connect, but not get dirty. lol

  20. Larry Good says

    I’m surprised not to have seen even one mention, online or in the Earthing book about the tremendous positive stimulatlion that walking barefoot gives to the brain. It’s claimed that the activity of the hands contributed greatly to developing the brain. If that’s true, and it’s extremely reasonable, then the stimulation from walking barefoot must be exceptionally beneficial to the brain, proabably in a number of ways including memory retention.

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