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Wow. So many of you applied for the scholarship to Jenny’s online cooking class! I can’t describe how moving it was for me to read all your entries and hear such diverse and inspired reasons for why your loved ones could use a class on How To Cook Real Food. It was unbelievably hard to narrow down the selection to a round of finalists, and then even harder to wait to hear back from the other judges about the finalists I chose.

Now, I’m prepared to reveal the scholarship winner! As if that isn’t fun enough, Jenny also surprised us all today by revealing a Bonus Mini-Lesson — a small sample of what her class will be like, complete with a short video and materials to download. The Bonus Mini-Lesson isn’t covered in her actual class, and it’s also shorter than a normal class. BUT, it’ll give you a taste of the professional, informative, and high-quality content of her lessons.

First up, check out Jenny’s Bonus Mini Lesson:

Preparing Nuts and Seeds Traditionally

Nuts and seeds can be a powerfully nutritive food: rich in minerals, vitamins and antioxidants.  However, as is the case with many foods, nuts and seeds are also potent sources of antinutrients: particularly food phytate which binds up minerals preventing their full absorption and enzyme inhibitors which makes them difficult to digest.  Fortunately, the simple act of soaking nuts and seeds in slightly salty water overnight improves not only their digestibility but also the availability of minerals naturally found in these foods.

Combining unrefined sea salt with warm, filtered water and pouring this salty mixture over your nuts or seeds provides optimal conditions to help mitigate the effects of these two antinutrients.  Leaving the nuts or seeds to soak overnight in warm, salty water, you’ll not only improve the nutrient profile of these foods, but also their texture.  They become softer and, for this reason, are well-suited to cooking and using in sauces like classic pesto, fruit and nut bars, breads and other dishes.  If you have a food dehydrator, you can even dry the nuts or seeds after soaking to make a delicious snack.

In this Bonus Lesson, you’ll learn:

  • Why nuts and seeds prove valuable additions to a nourishing, healthy and wholesome diet.
  • How to prepare nuts and seeds to maximize nutrition and digestibility.
  • How to make a basic pesto using nuts or seeds, herbs and greens and an unrefined oil.
  • How to save money making a basic dried fruit and nut bar featuring dates, dried fruit and soaked nuts.

Bonus Class Materials!

  • Download the recipes & worksheets!
  • Watch the video clip! Please note that videos in the online cooking class will be more comprehensive than the brief look at nuts and seeds you see below here:


The winner is Rich Ralph, nominating Wendy Smith! Rich, I’ll be putting you in touch with Jenny shortly in order to help you both sign up for your completely free enrollments in Jenny’s How To Cook Real Food Online Cooking Class.

Rich wrote a compassionate and wonderful essay about Wendy, finishing with these thoughts:

Wendy is now at the point where she is ready to move forward again, but struggles with cooking wholesome, nutritious foods. Her ambition is there, but she desperately needs some guidance and support to show her the path to wellness.

If Wendy could afford to participate in the e-course, I know she would sign up immediately. But her health concerns have left her in a place where she is unable to work and now depends on financial support from the government just to pay her rent. Allowing Wendy to take part in the e-course would not only change her life, but it would also help to set her 2 young boys up for a successful, healthy life.

Congratulations Rich & Wendy!

For the rest of you, be sure to check out Jenny’s How To Cook Real Food Online Cooking Class today. Remember, enrollment ends May 31st, so time is limited and spaces are filling up fast.

  • The entire course is only $120 (just $10/class!), and a monthly installment plan is available for those of you who can’t come up with $120 today.
  • Furthermore, once enrolled in the course, you’ll have LIFETIME ACCESS to all the course materials & forums!
  • You’ll even be able to participate in a couple of live webinars to touch base with Jenny and your fellow students face-to-face.

To find out more details about Jenny’s course, click here.



  1. Terri says

    I am so happy for the winners of this contest. I did just noticed through another blog post that Jenny is offering a free gift to all that did not win. Is this only being offered through certain sites or to anyone who entered. I see that several blogs were offering people to submit essays and that there were mulitiple winners.

    • says

      Terri — Everyone who entered is getting a discount on Jenny’s course, yes. Only the winners are getting a *free* course, though! If you submitted an essay, you should be getting an email from me shortly with the details of how to take advantage of Jenny’s offer.

  2. says

    Thanks for the nut and seed tip. I currently do not soak my nuts and seeds and digest them fine since I do not eat many at once. But if it will make the vitamins and minerals more readily available because of the phytate content then I guess I shall start soaking them!

    I am surprised Mark does not mention anything about anti-nutrients in nuts/seeds in his book. He has all positives about them.
    .-= Primal Toad´s last blog post …Toad’s Primal Lifestyle Audio =-.

    • says

      I’m pretty sure Mark has information about it on his site, even if it’s not in his book!

      If you’ve never soaked nuts before & dried them, you’ll be amazed. They taste a lot more buttery, and have a much more pleasurable texture, too.

  3. Wendy Smith says

    Thank-you so much to my Son In-law for writing the winning essay!! I am so excited to start the class, “How to Cook Real Food” online cooking class, this will be life changing for me! Again thank you to all for this opportunity!

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