3 Winners & Coupon for Primal Pit Paste Store

primal pit paste

Did you know that every year, your body absorbs an average of 5 pounds of toxic chemicals through your skin? Think of all the personal care products you use — everything from shampoo to lotions, deodorant to lip balm. We are literally inundating ourselves with toxins in the name of good hygiene.

That’s why I made a promise to myself a few years back. I told myself I wouldn’t put anything on my skin that I wouldn’t also feel safe eating.

To help bring in the New Year, one of my sponsors, Primal Pit Paste, has introduced a new line of personal care products that are so non-toxic your two year old could eat them.

And today, 3 of you will receive a $50 gift card to their store. The rest of you? Will get a fabulous coupon so you can try out their new products.

The Winners

First, let’s offer up a hearty congratulations to our winners:

  • Ryan G (bluefakeplastic@….)
  • Katharine G (kategohring@….)
  • Jacqueline Y (pappi.public@….)

I’ve emailed you each. Please respond within 48 hours to claim your prize.

What would you spend your prize $$$ on?

I’ve personally tried all their products, and by far my favorites are the Thyme Lemongrass Pit Paste (a wonderfully scented deodorant) and their Lavendar PoPo Powder (an herbal body powder for down under).

But don’t be limited by my choices!

They also carry deodorants for children (with scents like Orange Creamsicle), “Happy Pits” deodorants for sensitive skin, a perfectly luxurious body whip, and a line of lip balms.

Use coupon code PRIMALRENEGADE and save 25% at Primal Pit Paste.

HURRY! The coupon expires January 20th. That gives you one week, max, to take advantage of these savings.

(Click here to use coupon code PRIMALRENEGADE to save 25% at Primal Pit Paste.)

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  1. Katherine says

    The Primal Pit Paste Coupon expired on 1/18 not 1/20 according to their site.

    “The coupon code you entered expired on 18th Jan 2014 so it can’t be used. “

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