Videos Monsanto Doesn’t Want You To See

Tomorrow is election day across the U.S., and the fight to label GMOs in California is nearing its end. Proposition 37 is the first of its kind, a ballot initiative requiring the labeling of GMO foods in the state. Why is that important? Because it means that it was created by people like you and me, and that it was actually voted onto the ballot by the public in an earlier election! It means that this is a law that the people want.

In California, biotech companies and their allies in Big Food are spending more than $1 MILLION per day in an ad campaign to try to sway the public to vote against Prop 37. This is the same public that wants GMOs labeled! In poll after poll, an average of 91% of us think it’s a good idea to label GMOs.

And yet despite this vast majority, the huge amounts of money being poured into the Vote No on Prop 37 campaign have meant that the public is getting a very one-sided look at this proposition. Most of it? Lies. (For a breakdown of the major arguments against Prop 37, along with sound rebuttals, please read Objections to Prop 37? Read This. And, if you’ve got friends and family in California, maybe share it with them, too?)

But first, I think you should see something.

The Video Monsanto Doesn’t Want You To See

Being billed as a video that’s too dangerous for you to see, this two and a half minute spot attempts to concisely make a case against GMOs.

Thoughts? I, for one, thought it very well-edited, and loved how they made the points they chose to make. There is just soooo much that can be said in this discussion, but I think they tried to touch on things that wouldn’t need too much explanation and which would easily put enough doubt in people’s minds about GMOs that they’ll Vote Yes on Prop 37.

Sh*t GMO Companies Say

Are you familiar with this video meme? I’ve watched quite a few and found them hilarious. (If you haven’t seen one, search out a few on YouTube. You’ll get a chuckle.)

This one is just as funny, but with a sharp edge to the humor. Enjoy!

Winners of This Month’s Yes on 37 Giveaways

Earlier this month, I hosted two giveaways to try to raise funds for the Yes on 37 Campaign. Vital Choice seafood gave away a $500 gift certificate, and Ayala’s Herbal Water gave away $200 in prizes.

Now, for the winners!

Vital Choice $500 Gift CertificateMeredith Ricketts
Ayala’s Herbal Water Grand PrizeMeredith Thompson
Ayala’s Herbal Water 2nd PrizeMartine Bracke

Congratulations! If you won a prize, please contact me with your mailing address and contact information so I can help get your prize to you!

Don’t forget to vote!

If you haven’t taken advantage of early voting, please be sure to go vote tomorrow!


  1. Megan says

    Great videos. They hit home for me, my dad was one of those veterans that developed a rare form of brain cancer caused by agent orange. I have from the beginning been a supporter of Yes on 37 but the videos you posted made it really sink in. I’m passing these along to everyone I know.

    • KristenM says

      So glad! Thank you. I just love how easy it is to make and post and share videos these days, since video is such a powerful way to communicate ideas!

  2. Dogsladysue says

    Scares me!! I know I cannot consume Aspartame as it causes me violent migraine headaches. If anyone has ever viewed the film “Sweet Misery” about the documented effects it has on many people they probably don’t consume it either.

    Keep up the good work!!!

    And THANKS!!

  3. says

    I am lucky enough to live in Australia. I wish I could throw my vote over there for you guys. I really hope that you win and your right to know what you’re eating is put into practice.

  4. Liz oke says

    Go for the win California, trail blazing for the rest of america ( and the world!) this rubbish ends up in nearly all of our food diguised as high fructose corn syrup etc. one of the previous comments mentions the video aspartame sweet misery – another must watch video. We must bring these companies to account, this surely is the crime against humanity of the millennium!! Wish I could move to California to vote, this is more important than Obama v Romney, cause lets face it big business really runs America.

  5. john cheshier says

    Everyone I talked to yesterday believes that GMO foods should have warning labels on them. We are nothing more than lab rats for consuming them in our diet. This needs to be a federal law but because of the economic power of the biopharms it is unlikely going to get put in front of the American public.

    Our bodies (even our blood types) evolved partially in alignment with the foods we ate. Eating GMO food products ultimately could leave each of us genetically modified as well.

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