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WARNING: Most of today’s stories involve infuriating government and giant agribusiness over-reach. If you don’t want to be upset, stop reading now.

If, on the other hand, you want to get motivated to keep fighting the good fight for a sustainable, just, and humane food supply, please keep reading.

“Sanitizing American agriculture, aside from being impossible, is foolhardy,” says Michael Pollan in last week’s San Francisco Chronicle story about the latest craze in food safety reform. Amen!

Twilight Earth has posted a copy of the full feature-length documentary The World According to Monsanto. WOW. It is perhaps the most in-depth look at Monsanto’s domination of the world food supply (and their ever-increasing political power) that I’ve ever encountered. A must see!

Augie at the Journal of Whole Food and Nutritional Health shared a breaking news story from an Ohio Farmers’ Market in which the state issued citations to ten vendors for so-called violations like washing the greens before selling them. According to the state, “washing” vegetables before selling them counts as “processing” them — something you need a hundred thousand dollar USDA approved facility to do. Yes, inspectors actually said “the greens must be sold dirty.”

And lastly, Zachary Cohen at Farm to Table asked an incredibly provocative question on his blog this week: “What is Humane?” You may be surprised by his post as well as many of the comments!


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    Food Renegade

    Thanks for the link. It was a provacative post for sure…but I tried really hard to respect the opinions of all of the community members, even conventional ag folks who don’t always play fair. In this instance, I thin FarmerHaley’s comments were really generous and thoughtful. We can disagree and still sit at the same table. Which is what we have to do for the time being.
    Thanks again for the link and I’m looking forward to FBF friday’s and am working on a really cool post for it!


    Zachary Cohen

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    I LOVED the world according to Monsanto- it was EXCELLENT. It is also possible to view it on YouTube in ten or eight parts… but a bit more of a pain. :)


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    Thanks for drawing these to our attention. I look forward to reading What is Humane, because I blog about humane animal husbandry all the time. I want his take on it.

    Kimberly Hartke

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