GIVEAWAY: Wilderness Family Naturals Goody Bag

First, let me thank you all for your prayers and notes during the past couple of weeks surrounding my grandmother’s death. I am so grateful that I’m in a line of work that I can literally drop when grief comes knocking, and instead of being annoyed my “employers” (that’d be you guys!) write me with notes of concern and encouragement!

This week I’m attempting to get back into my normal routines, and I’ve lined up something I am absolutely THRILLED about: an online Treasure Hunt!

This is not your average giveaway, though the prize is certainly mouthwatering — a goody bag from Wilderness Family Naturals that includes a Popcorn making kit (complete with an organic spice mix and THE perfect healthy popcorn popping oil), soaked and dehydrated mixed nuts for snacking, and even a quart of one of my favorite coconut oils!

What You’ll Win

A goody bag valued at $96.84 from Wilderness Family Naturals that includes:

  • 1 quart almond-pecan nut butter (made from soaked & dehydrated nuts!)
  • 1 quart organic centrifuged coconut oil
  • 5.8 oz soaked and dehydrated mixed nuts
  • Popcorn basket: 2 pounds organic popcorn, 5.0 oz savory popcorn seasoning, 16 fl. Oz. organic popcorn oil.

You may not realize what makes each of these foods so special.

First, all the nut products are made from properly soaked and dehydrated nuts. That translates into nuts with reduced anti-nutrient content (like phytic acid), so that the nutrients in the nuts are actually more available and the nuts themselves are easier to digest.

Second, the popcorn oil is the answer to your popcorn dreams. If you’ve been looking for an oil that can handle the higher heat necessary to pop popcorn safely without creating oxidized fats, look no further! That’s because it’s a blend of coconut oil and palm oils. The anti-oxidants in the palm oil help stabilize the coconut oil so it can handle higher heat without smoking or oxidation. And it tastes AMAZING — just like movie popcorn tasted when I was a kid! (You know, before they switched to popping popcorn in trans-fat laden vegetable oils.)

Third, the centrifuged coconut oil is arguably one of the best, most safe ways to low-temperature extract coconut oil on a large scale. You will not be disappointed!

How To Play

So, here’s the deal. This isn’t an ordinary giveaway. It’s a Treasure Hunt.

1) Click on the link below and go to the Wilderness Family Naturals website.

2) Once there, you need to HUNT FOR TREASURE. In this case, you’re looking for a piece of information you didn’t know prior to clicking through to their website. It could be a tidbit about how they make a particular product or an explanation of why they make things the way the do. You get the idea. My real hope here is for you to discover what I already know: this family rocks. They research, research, and research some more in order to provide food and other products that they honestly believe to be among the best on the planet. And, even when a product is less than ideal, you can bet they’re working tirelessly behind the scenes to find a way to make it even better.

3) When you’ve found your treasure, come back here and share it in the comments along with a link back to the webpage where you found the treasured tidbit.

Now, here’s the real catch: you can not share a treasure already shared by a prior comment. If you do, your entry will not count! There are no additional ways to enter (although I’d be thrilled if you would share the giveaway with your friends and family on Facebook or any other social media site). The Treasure Hunt will end one week from today, on Monday April 16th!

More Good News

Because many of you will discover great products you didn’t previously know much about, Wilderness Family Naturals is offering the following coupon to encourage you to go ahead and buy whatever goodies interested you most. The coupon is only good for one use, so make sure you’ve got your order together before you take the plunge. Just click on the link below to use the coupon code SPRING15 to save 15% on your order. The coupon expires two weeks from today, on Monday April 23rd!


  1. says

    I’ve heard of Activated Charcoal, and have recently been turned on to the importance of purified water. However, I had not a clue where to start. This company is not only a fabulous source for great products – but a wealth of knowledge as well! I now have a great intro to this product, how it’s made, and the importance of its use! Thank you!

  2. Christopher says

    What I discovered was how heartfelt their passion and respect for nature truly is. Their soulful care and compassion for mother earth and man alike. It is truthfully inspiring.


  3. Stephanie L. says

    I learned that they sell a rice cooker made out of stainless steel and glass. There is no Teflon or aluminum and they highly recommend it. I love their website and signed up for their newsletter. Thanks for the chance to win!

  4. Kelly in Oregon says

    Boo, the first time I posted a comment I got an error! So take 2….

    I actually didn’t know that Wilderness Family Naturals had popcorn stuff! So I looked for the popcorn items on their page, and you have included every single item in the giveaway. YIPPY!! I have never ordered from them before (although I’ve been to their website many many times), so with this 15% off code, now’s the time!! :) THANKS!

  5. Kelly Hill says

    I don’t know a lot about WFN, but I learned that they make their mayo with an interesting combination of centrifuged olive oil, tahini, and coconut oil. Sounds tasty!

    • Yuliya says

      Trader Joe’s has a good selection of unsweetened and unsulfured dried fruits. Their unsweetened mangoes are DELICIOUS!

  6. Gabreial W. says

    There is such a thing as Raw, Organic Chocolate Syrup! Eureka! Plus ” One that contains antioxidants with an ORAC score of 25,400 μmol TE/100 g (254 μmol TE/g)? How about chocolate syrup that does not contain any preservatives, gums or artificial ingredients?” Yay!

  7. Karen Caruthers says

    I learned that Wilderness Family Naturals sells a whole lot more than coconut oil! I have been buying their coconut oil for a while but I had no idea they sold such a wide variety of products!!

  8. says

    I did not know they sold those fabulous body butters! I had never heard of the company before, but their lavender body butter

    sounds incredible! Can’t wait to get some extra money in to try some! I’m pregnant with our first child and I’ve been wanting to find a high quality body butter to use to prevent stretch marks. I think I’ve found it! I love the vitamin content! Yay!!!

  9. says

    The longer the Yogurt ferments, the more lactic acid is produced and the more intensive the taste will be. I just started making my own yogurt and every batch is different. I need all the hints that I can get. I enjoyed this website especially their organic products and will use their site in the future to keep up my healthy eating habits.

  10. Socorro Gomez says

    i’m trying to reduce my intake of dairy products,but I love the probiotics in yogurt, so having great quality probiotics in cultured veggies it’s a great option!!! I learned:
    Cultured veggies and cultured dairy are easier to digest than their raw or cooked counterparts and it is so easy to turn your favorite vegetables or cream into a probiotic foods!

  11. Pat says

    Oh, and I forgot to add that I learned that their coconut spread products are all made from fresh coconut meat which is dried at low tempertures. Then it is pulvarized in a machine with a cooling jacket! The cooking jacket makes sure the coconut is never heated! How cool is that?! (pun intended!)

  12. says

    Oh my goodness—I am so glad you shared this site!!! My favorite herb shop just closed down, and now I have to drive 2 hours to get my medicinal herbs. WFN has great prices, and I love that they talk about the color, scent, taste, and effect of good herbs.
    Here’s a link to my favorite herb for teas (nettles)—I am also reading about lemon balm and calendula (which I use for soap making).

  13. Candice says

    I’ve been fighting a nasty cold and cough and have been looking for an alternative to vick’s vapor rub (I haven’t been up to making it myself) and WFN has a well-priced chest rub that has ingredients that are not petroleum-based and they are suppose to be clearing, which is what I really need… (and it’s not over $10.00!!!!) I looked all over my natural store and couldn’t find one like this. Sure beats buying these ingredients too and making it yourself or buying “natural” cough drops. I’m pregnant too so I need to watch taking oral herbs that cause uterine contractions!
    Here’s the treasure link!

  14. Jordan D says

    I didn’t know that coconut flour is 4 times higher in fiber than oat bran, 2 times higher in fiber than wheat bran, and 3 times higher in fiber than ground flaxseed. It’s also gluten-free!

  15. michael border says

    Wild Honey-I learned that this raw honey is made by native bees in the Philippine mountains. It is loaded with pollen from the surrounding coconut trees, papaya, mangoes, and other tropical plants. These bees never receive sugar water and are not exposed to chemicals or antibiotics of any kind. They are not susceptible to the pests and bacteria that normal honey bees succumb to. Because the honey comes from wild hives, there is no separation between the different combs they store their food in, therefore, when the honey combs are extracted all their food is expelled. This is as close as most people will ever get to a wild honey fresh from a tree.

  16. says

    I learned that I’m avoiding Coconut sugar for no reason – the reports that it’s bad for the trees are not founded in truth! They had an excellent explanation of how and why they choose the trees to turn to sap trees instead of coconut producing trees here:

    Which is awesome because we loved coconut sugar and I stopped buying it because of what I read about how the process of collecting the sap destroys the trees and the locals suffer for it…now I’ve got a new source to get it from!

  17. Tara says

    Knew there was Himalayan and Brittany salt. But never heard of the Australian, Hawaiian or Indian salts! The Australian one is especially interesting to me. Here is what their website says: “This salt is produced naturally from the underground brines in the Murray Darling Basin. A red pigment, carotene, is secreted from the salt tolerant algae. The underground saline waters have been laying dormant for thousands of years. By utilizing these waters the environment is improved and a beautiful salt is produced.”

  18. says

    I learned that in addition to all the fantastic food products I love from WFN, they have hoodie sweatshirts that look so comfortable that I could live in them all winter long! I was born in Minnesota but haven’t lived there for years, and the colors of the hoodies remind me of home.

    Hmm…. now I’m extra tempted to put in an order…. :-)

  19. Melissa Pratt says

    I discovered that Wilderness Family offer rennet tablets that contain no animal products and “the activity and stability of these tablets with respect to temperature is superior to the activity of animal rennet tablets.” Sweet!

  20. Stephanie Rakic says

    I had never heard of Muscovado Sugar. It is awesome to find another sugar alternative that is Kosher, Organic and unrefined!
    Putting my order for the sample. (BTW, also LOVE that they have smaple sizes so we can try with a huge commitment)

  21. holly may says

    I found some very useful information about coconut sugar. About a year ago I was introduced to the wonders, nay, miracles of all things coconut. And recently I had been reading articles talking about how it was damaging to the coconut product industry to produce and use coconut sugar.

    There was a great article on this website clearing up all the misinformation that is beginning to pop up about the harm that coconut sap sugar harvesting is causing. I am so grateful that I got reliable information that will allow me to keep indulging in coconut sugar without risking the well being of my other coconut product consumption!

    p.s. I love how you did this giveaway. So many other blogs just call for readers to comment or simply enter their email to win a contest. You truly are about enriching people’s knowledge and well-being. Just more proof that you are one of the best in the blogosphere :) thank you for all that you do.

  22. Kari says

    Wow! What a great site packed with info! I found out that they carry Wild Jungle peanuts that are grown in the Amazon River Basin. Would love to do a side by side peanut comparison with my 4 year old.

  23. Ryan Burrill says

    You mean this family rocks that uses Agave ‘nectar’ aka the HFCS of health food, in their products?

    • KristenM says

      Absolutely! Because they don’t use the HFCS industrially produced agave nectar — they use traditionally prepared agave nectar, a sweetener that’s been around for thousands of years. Theirs is produced at very low temperatures and with a natural fermentation process rather than high temperatures with added chemicals or enzymes. Hope that helps!

      (If you’re avoiding fructose for weight loss reasons, then by all means avoid even REAL agave nectar. But, if you want a little sweetener that’s completely raw and natural, naturally fermented, and comes with the naturally occurring minerals in the plant, then a little REAL agave nectar is a nice occasional sweet treat.)

      • Hanna says

        I use real agave nectar too!
        I only feel bad about using it because it is an imported product and I try and buy local.

  24. Kelly in Oregon says

    I cannot get the 15% off coupon code to work. I tried yesterday and it said it was invalid, so I figured it wasn’t working yet. Then I tried again just now and it said it was expired. Any ideas?

  25. Dennis Kimbrough says

    The treasure I found was learning the difference between types of juicers, and what exactly provides the difference in nutrient availability and even colour! =)
    Centrifugal Juicers: The Centrifugal juicers grate up the fruit or vegetables and use centrifugal force (that is why they spin around so fast) to fling the pulp and juice to the outside walls of the juicer where it is filtered and flows out. Centrifugal force is felt when you drive around a corner in your car too fast and everybody is pulled towards the far side. The pulp left by juice-making with a centrifugal juicer is typically moist because not all the juice is extracted.

    Masticating Juicers: The masticating juicers process and reprocess the fruit by chewing and breaking the cell walls of the vegetables and fruits. (It is called masticating when a goat or cow chews their cud.) This masticating process puts more fiber, enzymes, vitamins, and trace minerals into the juice.

    Juice made in a masticating juicer will be more full-bodied and richer in color than juice produced by centrifugal force.

  26. Aleta Davies says

    This is a miracle product: Organic chopped, dried sweet red bell peppers! No one else has them — not Mountain Rose Herbs, not Starwest Botanicals, not Frontier.

    Throw these into ANYTHING — meat, chicken, fish, veggies, salads, eggs — for an instant lift of taste and color and Vitamin C.

    Also, red bell peppers are among the Top 10 Most Pesticided Foods (, so they should only be eaten organic!

    Thanks, Wilderness Family, for this glorious product!

  27. says

    A couple of comments have already been made about black rice, but no one has yet mentioned (which is something new to me!) the history of why it was called “Forbidden” rice — because it was only cultivated for Emperors and forbidden to the rest of its citizens. So interesting. 😀

  28. Jack Konrath says

    What a great web site! If is the college, then is the practice! While I have always associated Kefir culture with the usual liquid milk media, I learned that the Kefir culture starter itself is actually cultivated on a dryer media consisting of milk powder and other milk components. I also highly praise Wilderness Family Naturals for listing potential allergens from the cultivation media in spite of there being no legal requirement to do so. Imagine if we could get our own USDA, FDA and FTC to label food with the actual contents… just because it’s the right thing to do!

  29. says

    I was very excited to see the link for recipes. I’m always looking for new meal ideas. I liked the links available to the product descriptions, I didn’t like the amount of recipes available. I was hoping for more – it seems like a great start, I did notice that it has been up for over 2 years but only has three contributors.

  30. jacquie says

    i did not know that they had nut butters made from dehyradated soaked nuts or even that there was such a thing. nor that they butters made from whole nuts rather than just pieces – silly me that was always the case …

  31. Kristen says

    I did not know that Wilderness Family Naturals’ Virgin Coconut Oil was the highest in Lauric Acid, and contained 75% MCFA’s! That’s amazing – even if I don’t win I am grateful to you for introducing me to this brand.

  32. Maggie says

    I learned their lids for 1 gallon buckets for coconut oil required cuts around the edge & you could buy a Pail Opener for 4.95

  33. Terri Campbell says

    Wow! I didn’t know that Chlorella and Spirulina are sea vegetables! I learned a bunch of stuff on the Wilderness Family site and ordered coconut butter for half the price I get it at my local health food store. I also ordered a bunch of samples of things I haven’t ever tried before. Hope I win more stuff!

  34. says

    I learned that none of the nuts except the cashew nut are heated or roasted. The cashew nut has to be, because the shell is so tough, but the cashew nut itself doesn’t feel the heat!

  35. Elizabeth D. says

    I learned that you can shorten your cooking time and increase the nutrition of your rice, corn, wheat, or buckwheat by soaking it 1 to 24 hours.

  36. Carrie SoVery says

    I learned that scientists have found that berries have some of the highest antioxidant levels of any fruits. Kale and spinach are the only vegetables with oxygen radical absorptive capacity (ORAC) values as high as fresh delicious berries. These tiny mouth-watering fruits contain numerous health-promoting compounds. They are some of the most powerful (and yummy) “good-for-you” foods available. We love berries in our house and I am excited to see so many freeze dried fruits and berries available!

  37. says

    I learned that I should have gotten into the contest earlier to avoid having to read through all these comments. Darn contest stipulations. I’m kidding. I’ve never heard of this company before and am glad to be introduced to it.

    I have recently become interested in supplementing with green foods, and learned that they have a large variety of green supplements and sea veggies.

  38. says

    My bit if treasure is discovering this:
    “Cacao is the bean that chocolate is made from. In its raw state, it contains more antioxidant flavonoids than red wine, green tea and blueberries. Our raw cacao is high in fiber and vitamin C and a good source of iron and protein!”

    I did not know this fact about the antioxidant flavonoids being higher than red wine, green tea, and even blueberries!
    The exciting thing for me is that this company sells samples – you can try the cacao products without investing in a whole huge bag.

  39. says

    “This oil consistently rates number one every time it is taste-tested. However, our Cold-Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil now rivals it. The main difference between the two oils is taste/flavor with the Cold-Pressed Virgin Coconut oil having more of a sweet coconut flavor. Those who eat coconut oil raw or in raw treats may prefer the Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut oil. Those who use coconut oil in a variety of applications for cooking may want a milder coconut flavor and prefer the Centrifuged oil. They are both wonderfully delicious oils.”

  40. says

    I learned that the wild rice is truly wild rice, not brown rice grown in paddies as the “wild rice” grown in grocery stores, but in clear lake water. It is not cultivated, but grown by nature. It has been hand-parched by Ojibwe Indians, which makes it more convenient for cooking. I have tried it before, it is wonderful and I would love to eat it more often. Great to know where I can find it.

  41. Meredith says

    I didn’t know you could buy mayonnaise anywhere that doesn’t contain soybean or canola oil… Awesome! I also didn’t know you could order samples of so many items… I’m off to order some 😉

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